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  1. I don't have a problem beating the Hornet now in PvP BFM. The new Viper is truly a beast. I actually prefer it to the Hornet. I also have a RealSimulator FSSB R3L, which is a big help too. You're probably using 1-circle tactics better suited for the Mirage and Hornet. With the Viper, you need to focus on 2-circle tactics and rely on the vertical and rate fight. I do concur that fuel is working against you, though. You can't stay in AB as long as the Hornet or Mirage, so you have to be aggressive and get the job done quickly.
  2. Just out of curiosity, does TMS down (pressed twice) provide the same CZ functionality, or do we have to press the CZ PB for the indicated SOI? Thanks!
  3. Just following up due to a lack of engagement. I've noticed some newer reports received responses from the team. Did I make a mistake with my bug report?
  4. I believe I have found a bug associated with selecting steerpoints with the HSD cursor and the TMS-up action. It appears this can only be done in EXP1 mode; this feature does not work in the EXP2 mode, as demonstrated in the attached track file. In this simple mission, there is a single steerpoint (#1) near the airfield. I create a markpoint using the TGP, which becomes steerpoint #26. I then switch the HSD to view both steerpoints and subsequently attempt to select them in EXP2 mode. Note that the active steerpoint on the DED does not change while I use the HOTAS TMS-up action. If I switch to EXP1 and attempt to select them with TMS-up action, I am able to cycle between them as intended (i.e., the active steerpoint changes on the DED). This does not work in EXP2. Is this behavior correct or intended? Thanks in advance! hsd_exp_bug.trk
  5. Absolutely love the FM tuning and recent FLCS updates. Please keep up the great work, ED!
  6. My R3L doesn't make that noise. I would email RS support and ask for their assistance.
  7. I'm having this issue too. The task bar/communications/do nothing trick did not work for me. I would prefer to use Voice Chat, but the volume reduction bug is sending me back to SRS until this is fixed.
  8. I've been testing OpenXR for about a week now based on the settings in this guide. I'm extremely pleased with results. I'm now able to run full high settings in DCS with msaa x2 enabled, the exact same as in 2D pancake mode. With the increased graphics presets, my visuals are also better and sharper thanks to NIS upscaling (77%) and sharpening (70%)--the default settings I was previously using from vrperfkit. I started with a custom render resolution of 100% at first, but I'm finding I can run 150% with NIS enabled and still maintain smooth frames. Given the number of DCS players using WMR headsets via the G2 and legacy G1, DCS would benefit tremendously from native OpenXR support.
  9. Thanks for keeping the Hornet faithful updated, BN. We appreciate your help!
  10. I would love a mini-update on the Hornet! However, they mentioned some good stuff in the November update. I think I can be patient while they focus on Viper and Apache.
  11. tl;dr: Hornet has better SA tools, better avionics, and a more capable radar. Much easier to fight smarter in the F/A-18C. Also, the kinematic advantages of the Viper don't have as big of an effect in BVR against skilled pilots. Most fights will drift into WVR ranges after both pilots have notched the first missile. Inside 20nm, the Hornet is a stone cold killer--especially with best-in-class nose/AOA authority. The Hornet also typically has better endurance (but not range), which is often more useful in DCS multiplayer servers. Finally, the payload options are just better with the Hornet--and it gets the SLAM-ER (which is amazing).
  12. I only have a few hours in the Hornet after the last patch, but my subjective qualitative assessment is that the jet feels less draggy than before. More data needed, so take that with a healthy bit of skepticism. So far I like this Hornet better. It definitely sounds better, that much is certain.
  13. What's the latest on the SLAM-ER? I think it was previously mentioned as coming with the big 2.7.0 patch, but the latest information suggests it's simply WIP and not necessarily coming soon. No worries if it's delayed. Just curious where it stands. Thanks!
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