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  1. Hello Sonic- Yes, I ran the repair and no luck- on the first go around. I ran repair again and all is well and right with the world. Thank You KIndly- Eddy
  2. Moved DCS to a new SSD... Made an edit in the Windows Registry to recognize new drive letter- Now when I launch DCS I get "Error Code 500" and DCS disables all of my modules. And Now its asking for my user name and password, which is on a totally seperate drive not on the system. 21 Modules and 5 Theatres and I can't access them. Please Help.
  3. Good Morning Nine- Art helped me pin down the issue. I normally set the system to 'Game' mode when trying a new module for a few times before I go into 'Simulation' mode. In this particular case, it was the 'Game' mode that created such a fuss. Art suggested that the game mode was the issue. Indeed, it was. After switching back over to 'Simulation' mode, the Mosquito flew like a feather and take-off was a breeze. Thank You Kindly for Your Attention- Eddy
  4. Ugh...that's not the news I had hoped to read, but I'll take it as gospel just the same. After merely switching from 'Game' play to Simulation play...the Mossie took off like a feather with no other alterations on my part. My only small dilemma is that I have a Logitech 3D Extreme (ten+ years now) and it takes some getting used to using the keyboard as a throttle setting. But now that I can take off from a strip of air field (thanks to you), I will make the best of getting to know this plane on a keener level. Thank You Most Kindly- Eddy Mosquito Lift- Off.trk
  5. Thank You Art- I failed to mention that in my bewilderness, I had attempted to set things up in 'game' mode, hoping that might cure some of the illnesses I've experienced , including 'Auto Rudder' at 100%. I'll proceed to wait on further developement. Thank You Again- Eddy
  6. Thank You Kindly Art-J.....I quite sure you will see that Im doing something wrong. I can't tell if my flaps are down, if my propellers need more pitch. Fuel is above 50%, full ammo rounds. End of runway speeds barely top 100 knots- Have a Good Day- Eddy Mosquito Lift- Off Fail.trk
  7. Greetings Nine.... Thank You Kindly for your request. Please reply tomorrow if you need me to simply record a video and upload it to YouTube regarding my issue. I'm sure its something that I am failing to do either correctly or in a specific order, as others seem to be doing fine. I don't know if I have a propeller pitch issue or what. And I do feel that things will eventually get worked out, as this is my first 'Early Release" purchase. All My Best- Eddy
  8. Well, against my better judgement to purchase an early release, I decided it was time to help the team. Even with 'Assist On', I'm unable to get a lift off from the runway. By the time I reach the opposite threshold, my speed is a mere 98 knots. So I will assume it is something that I'm doing wrong or something that I am not doing correctly. This was a simple mission editor take off assignment where I gave the Mossie 16% fuel and no ammo for the guns...and I still couldn't get a proper take-off. By the end of the runway, I had pulled a mere 40 feet off the ground, left engine smoking and was forced to land her in a nearby field not far from the runway. So to reiterate, 16% fuel, no ammo, full flaps....no take off. If there is a step in the take off procedure, I am all ears with pencil in hand. Unable to solve this hickup via Youtube to date. Greetings to All Eddy
  9. Well, here's an example of the VSN-F14 as I attempted to bring the wings out before taking a stroll through the mountains- the bird never lost control, I was able to climb and roll with ease- However--
  10. In my testing and reading, the VSN version of the F-14 is using the SFM...thusly, its not going to 'act' accordingly atop a carrier's deck and carrier ops in general. In my test, I was never able to 'hook up' with the launch bar. Instead, I found the only way to launch from the deck was to literally drive down to the 'Ready Five' station, point my nose at the bow, and simply let'er rip- regardless of anyone standing in the way. I doubt seriously that the modder will be able to script the needed code for accurate carrier ops with any of the VSN models. So, iits a swim at your own risk deal. And landing the VSN variants onto the carrier has to be dead on precise, otherwise, I've found myself catching the wire and my nose is under the deck, doing doughnuts and ending up over the side as I witness the code trying to interpret what the module is supposed to do. Ive had excellent landing with Eurofighter and Rafell, but since then and since the update, I'm not able to repeat a proper landing. I've been far too busy with house work and health issues to get a firm grip on the Heatblur's release, albeit I can land it on the carrier w no problems, and I bought the Super Carrier for fun, but alas, VSN modules are best enjoyed from a land base. The F-105 did indeed have a timeless profile. Not exactly the sexiest plane from a bird's eye view, but viewing it from any other angle gives the impression of a great all around aerial design.
  11. Thought I'd have fun with the theme's loading graphics. Just to see if I would get any applause esp for those of us born before 1960- If I get requests, I'll upload a theme package that will update the entire user interface with a Revell focus.
  12. I'm testing VSN one by one...following the installments of Flaming Cliffs 3 and using the 'Saved Games' folder. At this hour, all VSN modules are working with v2.7 and I do note that Rafale, Eurofighter, Mirage lll, and the VSN-F-18 variants can land on the regular and super carrier. But hookup for cat launch code is absent and will probably remain this way due to the SFM limitations.
  13. I discovered the VSN series just recently, since its only been of late that I was able to upgrade my system with a good GPU and PS. Sadly, the VSN team ignores version 1.58, as it is still a very good platform to alot of us. If I may, I have a question about the VSN-F14 series A/B- Can the VSN_F14 mods perform carrier ops..that is, are they able to land using the trip wires and take off using the catapults? I've only had one landing and the display showed the nose buried under the main deck. And the only way I could take off using the vsn variant was if I taxied down to the 4th wire of the deck and simply full-throttled with flaps and Afterburners. But attempting to take off from the catapult area forward deck results in an explosion the moment the front wheel exits the bow. I have DCS 2.56 along with the following- F5, F14B, Mirage, MiG-19, MiG-15/Sabre, Flaming Cliffs 3, and MiG-29. And I have followed this forum in directing me to the german website where all of the VSN mods are being published for users to download into DCS current worlds. Thank You Kindly for Your Attention- Eddy
  14. Standard Flight Model....less focus on coding the cockpits to be fully 'clickable'...must use keyboard commands. But the 'Flight Modeling' in and of itself is up to ED standards
  15. Your 'Super-Sabre' has arrived. Include duo-chambering of 20mm for the gun rack, as well as the option to load duo pylons for two Aim 9-B on each pylon. Includes new themes and ME updates. Simply Drag the SuperSabre folder contents into your DCS Main directory. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315641/
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