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  1. The reason they said that is because people thought you were me... Since you used the same call sign on the vid as I use here. I am the pilot guy, so you remember correctly. :)
  2. Well that was interesting :) No I never posted or edited that video, in fact when rugbutt sent me the link it was the first time I had seen it :)
  3. It is funny that Chunx who has tons of time in the F-14 and was involved in testing the F-18F says that if he was flying back into a fight he would do it in the F-18F over the F-14 with no doubt. I also recall him saying that there is more classified stuff about the E/F then what is known. So I guess when the guys who have flown both choose the E/F then someone knew what they were doing.
  4. Hmmm, I have a spare X-45 sitting here, I may just give that a go :)
  5. That isn't the case with the counter rotating main rotors IIRC. One of the big helps of those blades is that they counter out the torque from each other so there is no need for countering the torque changes from collective movement. Plus most modern military helos do this automaticly anyway, with or without the counter rotating main rotors.
  6. at the same time the throttle is very important part of start up etc... Even in new helos the throttle is a seperate control. It is normally only used during start up and shut down these days. :)
  7. Not to start a fight but Vortex Ring State and settling with power are two very different problems. Many of us helo pilots still get that wrong for some reason, but it isn't the same problem and requires different actions on the part of the pilot. VRS happens when your downward vertical speed is too high when you have very little forward speed. You get sucked into the downwash, adding power in this case will only make the problem worse and you will fall faster. The answer for the pilot is to lower power and gain airspeed ASAP to get lift back. Settling with power can lead to VRS but it is very different at first. In this case you do not have enough power to keep the helo in a hover. Power is on but you will sink anyway, if there is any reserve power that you can pull, doing it may solve the problem and stop the settling. If you are already at max power then do not drop power but try gain airspeed as quickly as you can. Dropping power in this case will just cause you to fall faster and put you in more danger then is needed. Knowing the problem is very important to keeping your helo airborn :)
  8. Those of us who ended up having to order this from outside of the US got screwed big time. It cost me about 70$ to get the CD version shipped to me and now I can buy it in store for about 35$ That is crap.
  9. Why wouldn't they, my MSI card shipped from them with a part of their driver that overclocks the card for me. If they tell me to use their divers to overlcock their card I would assume they will replace it when I use it.
  10. I recall the same argument from the original beta testing time. Who fought to get it knocked back to 2.5 miles? As it is, they left the mixed version of the AGM-65 and called it the K. I almost miss those arguments. ;) Soon enough I guess. :)
  11. Sorry if this has been brought up in the past but I just got 1.1 in the past few days. Why is it that my AGM-65K has a max lock range of about 2.5 miles? Sure if the target is hidden in trees or bad terrain that may be the case but in an open field where I can clearly see the target mid camera why can I not get a lock? Was this a nerf done to even things out with the workload of the 25T? BTW the 25T is a sweet ride, maybe it is just because I had spent so much time in the 25 in 1.02 but I am having no issues with flying, landing or using its weapon systems.
  12. well it isn't 50% better all the time.. Only 50% better when there is the full overcast cloud layer. So when you lose the frames from flying around the heavy cloud layers they say that shouldn't happen any more. If it works out it will be great news for ATI owners for sure.
  13. BTW mine got here today.. Now if I can get away from Guild Wars long enough to install it and try it I will see if I can remember how to fly.
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