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  1. I liked the free Mirage 2000 campaign so much that I bought the Nevada one afterwards, you have my full confidence and I can't wait to do this campaign, I will buy with my eyes closed
  2. I flew with a huge crosswind and the f16 indicates me a wind of 1 kt and on the ground it indicates me 0 whereas there was at least 20 knots of wind. This indicator is wrong
  3. Hello, for some time, nobody can find me in the multiplayer games when I create a game. I have opened all ports on my firewall TCP AND UDP 10308 and 10309, on my box too. I have disabled my windows firewall I tried everything, nothing changes, please help me, I can't take it anymore, everything was working fine before
  4. Hello, Little idea to increase the FPS without losing too much quality. I see that on many maps, the biggest resource is the ground textures. On mariana and south of atlantic, I can gain 20 to 30 fps just with the textures in low... If I go up in altitude, the low textures are not beautiful while with the high ground textures, my fps and the beauty are good. Question: Why not make a scrolling system that would load textures in low when we get closer to the ground and in high when we go up in altitude, is it possible on the gaming plan? Because you don't do medium settings, it's a shame because it's an important resource thx
  5. Hello, I'm writing to tell you that I love flying this card, the feeling of speed close to the ground is really good. I had a big fear because at the beginning I had between 28 and 35 fps, my first reaction was: oh no I will not be able to fly on this card .... (RTX 2060 card) I put the terrain texture at the bottom (why not medium? why with only low and high?), and there!!! minimum 50 FPS and max 80 fps So fortunately you have planned with these textures at the bottom, it allows everyone to enjoy the map even if it is in a lesser extent. Too bad for terrain texture not available in medium I'm going to fly again ! edit: no in fact it's playable, even with high texture, I go down a little to 30 fps in big area but I go back up very quickly afterwards, really pleasant surprised of the map and finally of the fps on the global nullnull
  6. Hello, With the new CRUISE page it would be nice if all the streerpoints were at the right time for the TOS, right? I thought I saw in a lot of steerpoints that the arrival time was inconsistent, probably because when you made the campaign the cruise was not working thanks
  7. Hello, I would like to modify a mission that requires a "cockpit argument in the range" but that was made for the F18 for battery test, I can't find a value for the battery ON on the F16, I would like to replace the default command F18 (marker 416) by a command ignition of the F16 batteries to be able to start the mission can someone help me ? thank you what should I put in the two middle commands? image below is the mission for f18 (sorry for the english I am french)
  8. Yes it should have indicated a no rad
  9. Hello, (Sorry for my English, I am French) There is currently some information missing in the DLZ on the HUD for long range BVR shooting, like the indication of degrees to be able to shoot in loft when you are in maximum range, as well as the MPOLE indication Also, when I'm almost at range at 10,000 feet, pulling the nose up to 20 degrees has no effect on the DLZ which does not move forward any faster. Is all of this information expected, if so, a date approximately in months? Thanks
  10. When we are in ACM mode and we switch to BVR mode the radar always stays in range 10 and switches to 10 CRM instead of switching to a larger range
  11. Hello, I would like to adjust the display of the yellow cross cursor in the cockpit. When I don't move the mouse, the yellow cross stays displayed for about 6 seconds before disappearing, I love this function but I would like to reduce the display to only 3 seconds before it goes away, does anyone know how to do that? thhhxxxx
  12. Hello, I think it's a pity that the following buttons are already activated by default in the cold and dark startup: ENG FEED, C&I, AIR SOURCE, I think it would be better to leave them off and let the players activate them Thanks
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