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  1. got working i dont know what i did but its working now :megalol:
  2. i have tried this but problem remains First of all you should reset input settings to the original. You should rename or delete folder with user input settings (C:\Users\User_Name\Saved Games\DCS[OpenBeta]\Config\Input), then launch the game, open control settings, configure your input settings again and click “Ok”. After that a new user folder with current settings will be created.
  3. problem with fa18 that keyboard dont work, like auto starting engines (Lwin+home) or moving throttle from off to idle (Lshift + home) , x52 pro throttle dont work, it is just fa18 problem cannot fly at all :( i tried with a10c every keyboard commands works, closing canopy etc. anyone had this kind of problem ???
  4. i dont know is this asked but can we controll UAV like predator for JTAC, lasing targets above etc. ??? :P
  5. looks promising!! i have been waiting good tank sim, SB pro PE is just little bit too expensive for me :)
  6. DarkSoul

    Rfactor 2

    Rfactor 2 beta preview http://www.simhq.com/_motorsports6/motorsports_200a.html Cant wait to "get in" and drive to those 60`s formula cars ;D
  7. This tank sim looks promising, there isnt good tank sims except SB pro pe but thats too expensive, imho :thumbup: info: Available tanks to drive and manage 1) Soviet ‘T-62’ tank developed in 1960 with its real crew of 4: driver-engineer, commanding officer, gun layer and loader. ‘T-62’ machine has been used by Soviet army in Afghanistan, by Angolan and Iraq armies. 2) American ‘M60A1’ battle machine developed in 1962, which has been the main NATO tank until mid-80s and had the crew of 4: commander and gun layer, driver-engineer and loader. The tank has been used by Iranian army during the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988. GAME FEATURES - Dynamic campaigns with historical missions; - Large-scale tactical battles with real tanks, APCs, artillery, aviation and infantry. Destructible environment. Interactive landscape: ability to dig craters and trenches in real-time. - Realistic engineering: all the physics depend on the features of battle machines, ballistics, damage of steel modeling, work of the gun sights and observation devices, work of machine crews, tank battle squads and controls. - After-battle statistics that let player evaluate results of attacks and see received damages with vectors of missile hits. - Campaigns processor and mode-building utilities that allow modifying main elements of the game, add new machines, units, elements of interface and arms. - Encyclopedia of battle technics that gives one detailed review of characteristics and comparison of all the technics needed Homepage http://www.graviteam.com/games/210.html Videos:
  8. i got working psu for test, computer start with it then i tested my psu and it started with it too :S i dont have all hardware plugged in yeat Now booting takes long time or dont boot at all if i plug my second hd
  9. yesterday i started computer and electricity went out for few seconds because thunderstorm i think, now computer wont start, nothing comes to screen and no error beeps. I tryed that i plugged power chord for 30min that way i managed it to post but windows didnt start :cry: So i think psu is broken???
  10. jups!! voishan toi olla hauskaa aivan suomi porukassa pelata :music_whistling:
  11. well!! my download speed was around 350-490kb/sec, now its jumps between 30-100kb/sec :huh:
  12. merry xmas to all and may the force of gau8 be with you :D
  13. Thanks for profile, im "lazy" to do my own :D :worthy:
  14. DarkSoul

    Jet Thunder

    Air to Air mission test :music_whistling:
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