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  1. That plane is irreparable.
  2. Make sure you are adjuting this with Special Options "HMD render eye" option and not VR tab "mirror eye source". They do different things... See my post above.
  3. Options> Special Options> Select A-10CII> HMD Render Eye> select Left, right or both. Works fine for me on HP Reverb G2.
  4. Check and double check that the cable is FULLY inserted into the headet.
  5. I hear there's a new squad looking for members. The "Roving Karens". Karen it's not a name. It's a rank you earn...
  6. Trying to run DCS in VR... for some reason it is starting steam vr now. It never used too... How do I fix this? Reverb G2. DCS non steam.
  7. Gone West (Updated): One Of The Best Of Us... Dale 'Snort' Snodgrass | Aero-News Network RIP
  8. Yeah, I've had people tell me (after trying VR flight for the first time), that they could feel the g-forces or pressure changes on their ears... lol. It is immersive!
  9. Thanks for the new map! The map looks gorgeous. Beautiful coastline etc. Unfortunately on my pc (in VR) it is a low fps, stutterfest. Unplayable. For reference in Nevada with same settings I can fly down the strip at low level and it is buttery smooth. I look forward to using this map at a later date when my hardware catches up. My pc i7 9700, 2700 super, 32 gb ram, Reverb G2. Cheers.
  10. We've got a 4k 43" monitor. When it's time for Simulation the VR HMD come out (Reverb G2 & Rift S), and the 4k gathers dust. There's a place for pancake monitors in gaming... but those days are long gone for seated simulations. VR for the clear win. imo. YMMV.
  11. Rift CV1 no flickering during loading screens. Reverb G2... mind numbing flickering during loading. Please fix. I'll also add that DCS is the only program I run with the G2 that has this problem.
  12. Did you try updating or rolling back to a previous Nvidia driver?
  13. Tips HP put out this info yesterday. Shipping info and user tips: HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset – Shipping Update For the users that have received their HP Reverb G2 headsets and are new to WMR, here are a few links from Microsoft that should help you get setup. WMR Enthusiasts Guide: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/win...husiast-guide/ Reverb G2 FAQ: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/win...e/reverbg2-faq Questions on the SteamVR + WMR Bridge? https://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetDoc...e=4AA7-5433ENW Questions about the controllers with your SteamVR games? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/win...on-controllers Specific recommendations for ideal Tracking conditions: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/win...racking-system Link for WMR Feedback: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/win...iling-feedback.
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