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  1. It does not require it. Just like with the old SoW server or with the other sim you can generate a Tacview file from a replay track file.
  2. 1. You have to hit the reset button just forward of the yellow emergency sweep handle once you've stowed it to return wing sweep control to manual/auto. 2. I think you may have your modes mixed up. VSL LO will show you the diamond symbology in A/A mode, but it's mostly a vertical sweep. VSL HI is the one where you don't see anything because the vertical sweep is entirely above the HUD line of sight.
  3. Respectfully, I disagree, and honestly don't see it as much different -- this is the server actively broadcasting entity position data in the clear for anyone to see, and despite not having a GUI built into the base game to view it for those without knowledge, it's there all the same for viewing in third party tools that have legit uses. Turn off the export and be done with it, and everybody goes about their day. The server is ultimately all the better for the disclosure.
  4. I don't think the way mirrors work is anything Heatblur can change. Pretty sure it's a rendering engine limitation, and nothing short of changing some or all of the fundamental rendering techniques the game engine uses will make them appear with correct 3D parallax in VR (like the other sim).
  5. I feel compelled to advocate for this guy. He could have taken advantage of the exploit without anybody being the wiser, but he posted about it publicly in a way that forced urgent attention and ultimately rectified the problem. You should be thanking him for his disclosure instead of vindictively punishing a member of your community that obviously cared enough to bring it to your attention. Just because you were ignorant of the loophole does not mean you can lay the blame on someone else -- would you have gotten mad if he advocated that players should turn on aircraft labels if you forgot to disable them in the mission editor options? Everybody playing on the server owes him their gratitude. Please reconsider the ban, as it sends the message that a player would be better off staying silent.
  6. Looks like BAH mode in the screenshot, which is one of the close quarters, horizontal auto-acquisition modes that locks range to within 10 NM. What you want is to return to Bar Search mode -- the one where you can change your range and play hunt the pixels with your cursor. You can always get back to this mode by using "Weapon SystemCMD Depress". If you use AFT it might work if you have an air-to-ground weapon selected (it cycles your nav preselect and ranging mode select on your PCA panel, but also puts you back into Bar Search). But if you have an air-to-air weapon selected AFT just cycles between BAH/BA2.
  7. Oh, I did not catch that. DCS has got a thing where inputs seem to freeze when you black out (eg. if you black out with your trigger pressed, it will keep firing). That's probably what happened -- the game thought you were still depressing the AP disconnect/Exceed elastic limit bind. It's kind of silly, but yeah, I think that's a DCS thing.
  8. Hey D4n, it sounded like the elastic limit was exceeded -- in the track you can hear the warning tone. Might be worth double checking the special options for the mirage in settings: Check that the "Elastic limit bind" is set to "Scale (unpressed bind scales axis)" and that your "Elastic limit axis position" is set to 80. And then ensure you're not pressing your "Autopilot Disconnect/Exceed Elastic Limit" button bind (in the HOTAS section) unless you want to exceed 9 Gs when you pull. I suspect that you might have the bind set to "Disabled (Full axis always active)".
  9. You have to hold the left mouse while you scroll down. In real life you have to pull those knobs out above the little gate and turn them to uncage. I think it's meant to simulate that. Would be nice if you could just hold left click and then drag mouse down.
  10. Hey guys, Just figured I should post in case this was unintended behavior, but since I've started to fly in the RIO seat online I noticed some strange behavior with data link tracks. For some reason, it seems that any hostile I hook, will automatically unhook after about 10 seconds or so, and it'll hook a friendly DL target without any input from me. Is this intended behavior and is there some reasoning behind the WCS doing this? Just to be clear, these tend to be DL only targets. Good example of this can be seen in this video (not mine): At about 6:10 a friendly DL track is hooked in ground stab, and about 10 seconds later you can see it just snaps to a friendly target. You can see this behavior a couple other times throughout the video.
  11. Here's a chart to show where I think you're going wrong. You can measure it from center like you're doing, but it gives you the new center of the needle -- not the edge. Hopefully this makes sense:
  12. I think you may be interpreting it wrong. If the instrument is centered, and there is a "needle-width deflection" it would be squarely in the black space between the two white marks. 2 such deflections would put it in line with the outboard white marks. What's more, every plane I've ever flown with a turn & slip/turn & bank/turn coordinator has marks denoting standard rate turns (3 degrees per second). Edit: In the rough diagram you made above, your reference point would have been the very center of the needle if flying straight and level, but you change the refence to be the outside of the needle once deflected. A correct translation of one "needle-width deflection" from center would give you the needles new center, and not its edge as you've depicted -- so it seems to me it should be right in the middle of the black space -- if that makes sense.
  13. 99% sure I did not, but I'll double check this next time I notice this happening.
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