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  1. Solved this by reverting to 21.3.2 version of AMD drivers and putting the ASW mode in Oculus Tray Tool to 45 (non-forced). Wobble is gone and smoothing works without that nasty ghosting...
  2. Yup, 6700xt here too... waves, distortion & strange ghosting/lag with Oculus Quest 2 ASW on, while let's say, doing a standard test... rolling your plane while looking to the side at a populated area... When ASW is off, the waves & distortions are gone and the ghosting too... but there is is the lag & jumpyness of a nonn-smoothed VR experience... Must be some AMD driver thing... Which VR hedset do you use?
  3. An EdTracker has perfect pitch/yaw sensors (gyros, accelerometer, magnetometer)... and it's axises can be directly mapped in DCS... https://hobbycomponents.com/electronics/440-376-diy-head-tracker-bundle#/126-kit_options-pro_micro_mpu_9250_switch_custom_edtracker_pcb_and_enclosure
  4. Thanks on the kind words Miles... and of course, on producing an amazing addition that brings us closer to our dreams...
  5. Spent some time yesterday... dancing on the aerobatic server... in this gentle giant... Such a joy tossing it arround... and then plunging down for that speed demon pass over the taxiway pointy nosed flyboys... It is all I ever imagined flying the Hind would be... Not in one moment was I surprised by some quirky flight model reaction or similar... It was worth the wait... just 25 years... from my first direct modem connection in Digital Integration Mi-24 with a friend (pilot/gunner)... ...till today... pure... DCS Mi-24 Hind awesomness... Well done ED!!!
  6. Noticably better performance in VR here... 4790K@4.5GHz, 32GB DDR3, Quest 2 (at highest in Oculus Link 1.5 setting), 2080Ti
  7. Also VR user here... great performance improvements... You buckle up and just can't stop saying "was this like this before, omg... beautiful..." for anything you point your eyes at... Simply amazing...
  8. Aries

    A-29 Super Tucano

    What do you mean "wouldn't mind"? It's a real PC-9M Livery... the one for reaching 50000 flight hours...
  9. Aries

    A-29 Super Tucano

    In the works...
  10. Aries

    A-29 Super Tucano

    To User Files? Link?
  11. Aries

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Great mod! Had some good fun in it last night!!! It's actually a first of this kind that I remember, here in DCS... modern turbo-prop multirole/trainer/aerobatic... Well done! Is there a Livery template somewhere?
  12. Aries

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    That is the problem... Quest 2 simply can not be pushed by old hardware... I tried on 4790K@4.5GHz & 3070... was also stuttery... Then I got myself a 2080Ti and downgraded to V24 of PC side of Quest software (Link) and all worked fairly well... But... when I tried same settings on a modern medium range i5 10400 on H410 chipset... It all went smooth with that same 3070... The new hardware is simply able to push everything more fluenty... Time to upgrade... And maybe, just maybe it's about the video ram... on 3070 the 8GB were all the time maxed out in DCS, so don't push textures to High in VR...
  13. My crusade... has an actual epilogue... Although I was unable to source the original photo scan... The photo has direct Grumman origins... as in, taken by their internal photographer for promotional purposes at the time... I managed to contact two legendary people from the F-14 Tomcat Association Members... David "Hey Joe" Parsons (author of the book "Grumman F-14 Tomcat: Bye - Bye Baby...!" & Dorian Dogaru, a photo sourcing expert)... The kind men pointed me at the Natonal Naval Aviation Museum (Pensacola, Florida, US), where my inquiry was directed to an archivist. I actually got back some really nice scanned Tomcat originals... even one black & white photo of the bird I was looking for... the VF-32 160919. In the meantime I managed to find a pretty decent internet lowres version of the sought for photo... of course not good enough for a poster re-creation... and also with some text on it... I cleaned the text, and... this is pretty incredible... FOUND A NEURAL ARTIFICIAL INTELIGENCE NETWORK for image upscaling: https://deep-image.ai/ The results are amazing!!! Here is my google drive folder with the NNAM images and a folder in it with the AI enhanced photo... There is multiple variants cause the upscaling service has certain options (quality enhancement, artifact removal). Tomcat VF-32 160919 & NNAM Scans That's it from me... next post will be a photo of the huge poster, hanging again on my wall... Aries out!
  14. Aries

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Exactly... Can you imagine? It works more stable over wireless connection in Virtual Desktop than a direct USB 3 cable... Incredible...
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