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  1. Got my new system yesterday. i9 11900K @5,3GHz RTX 3080Ti OC 64GB RAM 2x 1TB (M.2) 1x 4TB (SSD) ... Does anyone have recommendations about DCS-settings for good and stable FPS or should I try to max out everything?! 60FPS in 4K-pancake-mode is my target. VR-wise I know I will have to fiddle around a bit to get the best possible result, so no question about this at the moment.
  2. I always roll a nice fat blunt before I hop into my virtual aircraft.
  3. are you kidding? I haven't seen any useful feedback from ED for a looong loooong time now... I believe the last feedback from ED about performance was from wags quite some time ago... he promised a 50% performance gain back then! I think he even called it a "50% performance BOOST"! And we all know where this ended for many many users... right here in the (ignored by the devs) "game performance bugs" section of the ED forums. You can also call this a "dead end" as BIGNEWY did some pages earlier.
  4. ranting - does not help posting logs, tracks, bug reports etc. - does not help begging the devs for improving the core engine - does not help All you can do is buying the best hardware you can afford, tweaking it to get the best possible performance in DCS and hoping that it will be playable for at least half a year without major problems... which is more than unsure...
  5. Actually this is not a solution but a workaround for the mess the devs introduced with 2.7...
  6. http://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/axbrdz/asw_mode_30_fps/ for anyone using OTT (oculus tray tool) this might be a workaround if 45FPS is not achievable with 2.7 (at least it softens the 2.7 VR frustration a bit and maybe DCS becomes flyable again)
  7. You mean DCS by itself?! I'm sorry to say this, but if eye candy an cool new modules have priority over performance and the latter one keeps being ignored then this beautiful simulator will truly run into a dead end sooner or later.
  8. What BIGNEWY posted frustrates me even more... somehow makes me feel that 2.5.6 performance won't come back in 2.7... VR has died for many players now, I think...
  9. Did this help anyone? No noticeable FPS gain for me.
  10. Was there ever a ED-dev who tested things before releasing it to the public? Just asking, because with the 2.7 update it once again seems more bugs than features have been implemented... and some nice looking clouds for sure...
  11. Maybe this is going to be another HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT... as the 50% boost promise from wags was...
  12. This only helps if something was f***ed up before the update. What about me? Did a fresh install for 2.7 because somehow I already knew that everything will be fine in terms of visuals but not performance wise. And damn was I right again. ED doesn't know how to improve visuals without destroying performance. Sorry, ED, but this is somewhat unacceptable for us who spent thousands of dollars/euros on our systems to play your combat simulator. This is the most frustrating part of DCS. As a VR-player you get kind of ignored by the devs.
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