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  1. As per title: if you enter the hot start Huey, the Rearm & Refuel request is only acknowledged once you have switched the intercom from PVT to INT. It does not matter if you switch it back to PVT. After it was on INT ground crew answers in any switch position, with or without open doors. If you have not switched it to INT prior to opening the Rearm & reuel dialogue, the ground crew won't answer. (no "copy"). Tested and reproduced with "Quickstart mission Caucasus "Harbor Tour", but is reproducable with other missions. - To reproduce just enter a hot start UH1 Huey, open the comm menu (EN keyboard "\", DE keyboard "#") open F8 Ground Crew and F1 Rearm & Refuel, change fuel and/or loadout, click OK - observe no answer - Move intercom selector to INT and back to PVT and repeat the above - ground crew answers with copy - check again with doors open. - observe the same behaviour. ground crew only answers, after intercom selector was switched to INT at least once. Short track attached. HUEY_REARM-REFUEL-PVT-INT.trk
  2. As I said it is listed under the restrictions for the UH-60: Pitch in excess of +-30° is a prohibited maneuver, as per the UH-60A/L real life manual. Guess there is a reason for that.
  3. If you have the older beta 1.1 version without the installer and updater, no. The release 1.1 had an installer that included the updater and created respective entries in the start menu. So if there is no "Update RotorOps" entry in your start menu, you need to install the new version(s) that include the updater.
  4. Not surprising, considering it's explicitly mentioned as something NOT to do in the restricted/prohibited maneuvers section, of the real world manual...
  5. Yeah, but that's all fiction. There never was more than some training exercises and air patrol, air policing tasks, in real life. So it is not much different from pretending Cold war has gone hot in the Caucasus mountains...
  6. That's where the "Escort"-task comes into play. Also keep in mind, in real life missions there is usually a strict mission plan including exact TOT so mission package contains a Sweep that clears A/A threats before the strike hits, a SEAD package that suppresses SAM sites, and often an escort/CAP to deal with interceptors from enemy airbases. The strikers need to be on target in a specific window of usually a couple minutes, execute the attack and get the hell out of dodge. In aM xCAS (Close Air Support on short notice) scenario, there is either a consistent and uninterrupted CAP or blue has gained air superiority in a way, that it's near impossible enemy air can attack an A-10. I guess it is very(!) unlikely that you would have A-10 or bombers go into a still contested air space to execute a CAS or strike mission, without at least a thorough CAP overhead. As for a "mixed" flight, the only occasion I have heard of mixed flights is F/A-18 mixed with F-14. And it was common for Army helicopters to pair for example AH-64 with OH-58D in teams... but a mixed flight of A-10 and say F-16 doesn't make sense, as a wingman needs to support his lead at all times.
  7. Yep, but the Vikings were basically the forefathers of what is now known as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. So if you feel more like a Norse tribesman, than his western cousins, ok. Yep, funding seems to be a very old culprit...
  8. Thanks that was the missing piece! You need to have the HMD selected and NVS on to have the rockers change the FLIR. I was trying with TADS selected as sight and it did affect both the TDU and the HDU. So HMD must be the selected sight for the TEDAC rockers for brightness and contrast to affect the HDU.
  9. Actually he was Portuguese Italian and went to Spain where Queen Isabella funded his trip. Mixed that up with the other guy.
  10. Actually it's not, pemmican, jerky and certain nuts are... That were the Danes, or them known as Vikings... If you meant Columbus, he was Portuguese.
  11. AFAIK objects don't shield any of the blast damage. Never tested on Marianas map. Persian Gulf, last I looked, a bomb in a village kills all infantry in the blast radius no matter if there are buildings in the way or not. Splash damage script, just puts a second explosion on the impact point with adjusted splash damage, to simulate effects of fragmentation. It is not a guarantee to kill stuff, and especially the unguided rockets underperform considerably in DCS. If a a typical M251 HE rocket does not hit very(!) close to a target (especially infantry) it likely reduces some hit points and the guy shoots back as if nothing happened. With splash damage script typically the cumulative hit points at least kills some/most of the infantry. But the kill radius(!) is still not big. If you have TacView or go through the debrief log, you can see if the infantry actually got hit (the hit events are recorded, both in the debrief and TacView). If the trees really "shield" the tanks or other objects, there shouldn't be any hit events. To "kill" a tank you need either a specific AT weapon (Hellfire, Maverick), a HEAT or AP round/rocket warhead and a direct hit, or a bomb direct hit, or a near miss with at least a 500lbs bomb. So firing a couple dozen M251 at a T-55 may damage it, but likely not kill it even in the open...
  12. Splash damage script is included in the mission, by the RotorOps mission generator. It will produce a secondary blast over the impact of bombs/rockets, that emulates the missing shrapnel effects, in DCS. It's not a "god mode", but makes area effects against light or unarmed vehicles and infantry a bit more realistic/effective (aka you don't need to hit a soldier on the head with a M251 rocket to actually kill him). As GRIMM said, there is no way to see if there is trees, or buildings, or other map objects where you spawn units. You can determine water, land, road, IIRC, but not if there's trees or buildings in the way. So this is something the mission creator must do manually after the generator did its magic.
  13. You need to move the groups from the staging, alpha, bravo, etc. together with the zones. RotorOps looks for the ground units in these Zones and then tasks them to attack or patrol etc. with no ground forces in the zones there is not much conflict.
  14. So you select HMD look where the WP marker is, find the target area with eyeball mark one from that reference in about 3-5 seconds and switch the sight back to TADS which shows on the IHADSS now, is still max zoomed in, showing something different and blocks your view, then ACQ source to GHS (, can't do that before, as you need TADS selected as sight to have the GHS option and it reverts to FXD everytime you deselect TADS as sight). Now you slave, reacquire the target area visually, fighting with the zoomed in FLIR image in the IHADSS, deslave, flip the IHADDS aside and look at the TEDAC Display... So why is this the "correct" procedure, again? Sounds horribly complex and not very practical, compared to: Select TADS as sight, ACQ source as GHS and switch the TADS image in the IHADSS off. Now, simply look at something with the HMD symbology in place, slave and de-slave, look down at the TEDAC and fine tune, zoom and search for targets as you wish. If necessary look up quickly at another area, press slave, de-slave and back to the TEDAC without the FLIR image ever getting in the way...
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