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  1. Honestly, apart from the recent MB-339 I gave every aircraft at least a little spin and test run, after purchase. The MB-339 is still to be flown, but real life is currently eating most of my time, so it's not the aircraft. I liked the free mod of the MB-339, quite well. That said, there are only so many aircraft you can fly at a time and stay somewhat "current", anyway. For me it's also about support for the developers and the option pick up any module whenever I feel like it.
  2. Exactly this. Such a major change will need thorough testing and I wouldn't be too surprised, if it takes a couple iterations in Openbeta to go through that transition. We need to manage our expectations. Fingers crossed. It is definitely a major change to a better ressource usage, but at the same time a massive change to the core of DCS. Looking forward to this, though. It is the way DCS needs to go and keep up with the hardware. Thanks for the info and heads up.
  3. Yes, of course the damage taken is a direct relation to the damage effects. And, yes, as there is no system modeling with ray tracing to determine components hit for a couple hundred ground units in realtime... There is a very basic "simulation" of damage effects. One very noticeable is mobility.
  4. The first time I noticed mobility damage effects on vehicles was when NTTR was the only other map, than Caucasus... Just saying.
  5. Just because you see a health bar doesn't mean it is the only "damage" modeled... Ever wondered, what that "critical" in the BDA overlay is for?
  6. There was a very true comment on managing expectation. Because in the end there is a technical limit, to the "want this", "must have that" and "we need those". A real life flight simulator for civilian pilot training cost more per day of operation, than the total of most of our combined PC, controls and periphery. It has a small Datacenter attached that powers the calculations and simulating the aircraft system, weather and effects on the aircraft. It does not calculate hundreds of units fighting, dozens of projectiles ballistically flying through the air, damage effects and AI for all the other planes and ground units... Despite easily 5-10 times the compute power of our average PC at home it does only(!) aircraft systems, Flight Model, weather and visuals. DCS, a Combat flight simulator for a single home PC, handles aircraft systems (often quite deep, with avionics, electrical system, hydraulics, fuel etc.) in an impressive detail. A pretty good flight model for most modules, weapons, ballistics, damage to your own aircraft, other aircraft, ground units and environment, the AI and interaction of all of these AND on top some pretty good weather effects, including basic turbulence, wind, moisture, temperature... and pushes the limit of the hardware most of the time, already. Of course it would be possible to improve the weather and atmospheric effects, but then we need to balance against something else. What could be removed? A combat flight simulator without combat? Or with a limit of 8 AI aircraft and 10 ground units? Or like in the early days, learn to live with single digit FPS? The real challenge for a good PC combat flight simulation is to manage a good balance of all these aspects in a way that it still performs on most customer's hardware. So the request to transform a combat flight simulator into a flight and weather simulator with thermals and up/downdrafts, I've only seen in a specific glider simulation, is maybe a case of excessive expectation on your side? Not that I think the weather/atmospheric effects simulation is perfect as it is. Of course not. There is a lot of room for improvement. But the current balance of all aspects relevant to DCS as a whole vs the compute power available is close to the best we can expect at the moment. And if your focus is on just flying and feeling the wind and weather like in a glider there are indeed other simulations that focus on these aspects and neglect the combat part. Last but not least, despite a focus on realism and simulation of aircraft in incredible detail, an important part of DCS is the "game", be it PvE or PvP, scripted campaigns. And at least for me DCS does a pretty good job at balancing all this into something I can enjoy at home, with a single PC.
  7. In the game manual. It is located in Program Files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS World/Docs/ The mission editor part is buried after the whole installation, menus, setup etc. stuff. It is missing a lot of the new triggers and actions, but explains the basic priority system, referenced tasks etc.
  8. A good source for starters, would be the changelogs. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/
  9. Es gibt einige Gruppen und Server, die sich quasi ausschließlich belästigen lassen. Schau evtl. mal in die entsprechenden Threads.Spontan fällt mir die Open Flight School ein, oder Gamestar - Serious Uglies. Die waren eigentlich immer ein guter Anlaufpunkt für Einsteiger.
  10. You can copy DCS from your old PC. You will lose the Start Menu Entries though. There are 2 places DCS stores data. 1) The Program Files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS-version- folder (this is the main DCS program, with the modules, maps etc.) 2) Under your user profile/saved games/DCS-version- is all the settings, configuration and individual stuff, like shaders compiled for your hardware and missions you created You can basically copy both folders to the new PC. BEFORE! Starting DCS do a DCS repair and delete the fxo and metashaders 2.0 folders in saved games/DCS-version-. That should take care of the new graphics hardware. Now, unfortunately Windows will generate new USB-IDs, so you need to import your "old" Joystick/controls configuration to the "new" joysticks/HOTAS... But that's well documented on the forum, or in the /Program Files/DCS-version-/Docs/ folder. Edit: and you need to add the launcher icons to the desktop! Needs to point to "program Files/DCS-version-/bin/DCS_updater.exe NOT(!) DCS.exe.
  11. Seems not at the moment. I thought it was, already... Sorry!
  12. As said before, with both already participating in the 14-day free trials, just check them out and have a look. http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com (...)"Try out each and everyone of our products for 14 days per product during a six month period. You can play each module sequentially or any number of them at a time. The choice is yours!"(...) For me it is definitely the AH-64D Longbow, but the Mi-24P Hind has its fans, as well. It is mostly about the mission profiles and eastern vs western doctrine, in my point of view. Of course the tech is very different, but that's the same for the usual jets, as well. It boils down to what you feel comfortable with. Cold war circuit breaker walls, analogue gauges and creative "moving" map, or Hi-Tech glass cockpit with digital tech galore.
  13. Do NOT store any login/password in clear text, please. This is horrible practice, from a security point of view. Even if there is no critical information connected to the specific login. Some people still use no unique passwords, may use their normal DCS account login for the server, etc. A file is at least better, but everyone storing a file with login credentials on a server, need to be very aware of the potential risk and take measures to secure them. Specifically for Azure cloud Key Vault could be an option: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/key-vault/general/basic-concepts#authentication
  14. Same here, I get the T01 notification in the IHADSS but no entry in the Target list (COORD), or a Symbol on the TSD or a new Target Point to select.
  15. Du täuschst dich nicht. Ist nur die Darstellung um die Tracks/Returns besser entzerren und darstellen zu können.
  16. Es gibt einen sehr guten Troubleshooting Guide, aber selbst wenn du keinen Bock hast den abzuarbeiten, ist wie Bignewy schon anmerkte, zumindest das DCS.log und insbesondere dessen letzte Einträge der erste Anlaufpunkt. Der zweite, wenn da nicht schon ein konkreter Hinweis drin ist, wäre das umbenennen des DCS.openbeta Ordners in "C:/Gespeicherte Spiele/...". Startet DCS danach liegt es ziemlich sicher, an einem Mod, einem korrupten Add-On oder simpel einem Schreibfehler in einer configuration Datei. Nicht wundern, der erste Start dauert deutlich länger beim ersten Start, weil alle defaults neu angelegt werden. Läuft es danach wieder kann man nun die Config Ordner schrittweise zurück kopieren(!) bis es wieder crasht und findet so häufig den Übeltäter. Läuft es auch mit frischen Defaults nicht, gibt es noch DCS-Repair und das am besten mit der Option alles zu prüfen und extra Dateien zu entfernen. So tolle Tools wie ReShade und Co. hängen sich nämlich gern zwischen Grafik Engine und DirectX, was dazu führt, dass es nach Änderungen der DCS Grafik Engine zum Crash kommt, wenn ReShade dazwischen funkt... Der Repair mit löschen nicht zu DCS gehörender Files im Programmordner sollte das aber beheben. Danach kommen dann so Dinge wie defekte Hardware z.B. RAM, bzw. wenn es beim laden einer Riesen-Mission crasht, zuwenig verfügbarer RAM... oder deine CPU zieht viel Strom und das Netzteil hat leichte Schwankung auf der 5V Leitung, oder, oder, oder... "Alles Mist! DCS crasht!" ist leider nicht genug Information, um gezielt zu helfen. Aber ich kenne die DCS Community eigentlich, als ziemlich hilfsbereit.
  17. Noticed this, as well. Static is no longer audible when dialing up the volume. Checked if squelch is already active, but the switch position had no effect. I noticed a short "static" noise, when I dialed through the range of the volume knob again, but couldn't pin it to a specific position. It only gave me a small burst of static, when dragging the volume knob with the mouse. (Can't better describe it). - MP mission - realistic comms - Hosted myself - no SRS or other external voice, only discord - no in-game voice chat To reproduce: - battery on - start up APU - mouse drag the Master Volume knob to full - try squelch switch positions to on drag the Master volume knob, set squelch to off again (no static) and mouse drag the Master volume knob, again. Edit: all audio is routed to the headset output, as stereo.
  18. It should ask in the dialogue. There is a checkbox.
  19. To my knowledge Caucasus is the oldest map, with the least modern objects, the least modern effects, terrain mesh etc. Persian Gulf is frequently used by large amounts of users AND has most/all new effects introduced with the 2.5 graphics engine upgrade.
  20. That's great, so I need to care only about alignment and constant speed. That's easier than I thought. Thanks for the info.
  21. Exactly this. They need to move so there is a radar return that is different from the ground that's reflecting the radar, as well. That's why the mode is called Ground Moving Target. The computer can identify radar reflections that move against the returns from the background. Basically a vehicle standing is perfectly notching your radar from any available angle...
  22. As you already did the usual RAM checks/swaps, another helpful thing to look at, is the Windows eventlog, first thing after a BSOD/Reboot. If you look at the timestamps there should be an error pointing to the "abnormal shutdown". Look at events, especially errors shortly before the crash. I once had a weird erratic crash problem and an error code/message and a bit of web search pointed to the PSU (power supply) either being faulty or at its limits. For me it was the old PSUs voltage constantly falling enough to starve the CPU. Another thing (unlikely, as other modules seem to run just fine) could actually be heat issues... Though the crash would reliably happen under load. Anyway, if nothing else pops up it doesn't hurt to check the heat management. Airflow not obstructed,suck-cool and push-warm, as in fans should suck in cool air from one side usually the sides or front, or the (unobstructed!!!) bottom and other fans pushing the hot air out to the back or top. Air flow over individual components e.g. CPU fan not sucking in the hot air exhaust, from the GPU. CPU cooler not blowing hot air on the back of the GPU. Finally omit placing the PC inside a desk or similar, that obstructs the airflow leaving the system. Don't place the back with all the cables too close to a wall or other surface. ...and yes, there are things out there, you cannot imagine. I've seen PCs in a closed (!) cupboard, cables in cable management cover that blocked 80% of the fans in the back (because the cables look so ugly), a PSU fan dying a gruesome death as it had sunken into a fluffy long haired flokati rug...
  23. I think, at least according to the manual this thread mixes two different types. The M229 HE (the 17 lb. enlarged warhead) has the M423 (PD) Point Detonating "on impact" fuze and the M433 (RC) Resistance Capacitance delayed "after impact/hitting" fuze with a fixed delay time. That's basically the big brother of the standard M151 HE. Then there is the M282 MPP mentioned that has a hardened tip optimized for penetrating light armor, bunkers, maybe buildings etc. with a "modified" M423 fixed delay fuze? The not yet(!) implemented M261 MPSM and M255A1 Flechette should use the variable time M439 fuze, that allows the pilot to control the submunition release, similar to the HOF in the CBUs. If I looked it up correct, non of the rockets used on the AH-64D at the simulated period uses a M429 proximity fuze. EDIT: I am pretty curious to see the M255A1 Flechette. From what I've read the timed delay in conjunction with the desired "spread" requires some coordination and precise parameters, to ensure the rockets burst at the planned distance.
  24. Agreed. There's even more. They mostly hit you after you passed the target, which at least I learned during Anti-air training with typical MG on vehicles, you do NOT, as you need a computer calculating lead in realtime to put bullets into a flight path of an aircraft flying away(!) from you. The AI has no issue estimating speed, distance, vector and bullet trajectory to match, a feat a human even with years of training would have learned is wasteful with the ammunition. My guess is, everything that has a "laser" for ranging and "optics" listed as sensor in the vehicle definition, has these in-human sniper abilities. Also for this aspect, there seems to be no impact from the skill setting. That still mostly seems to influence detection times until you are "spotted".
  25. That's what I meant, there were already a lot of smaller updates and improvements over the last years. The rockets are far from useless, especially since with the introduction of the Apache there (finally) was a fix to the incredible resilience of infantry and ED fixed the "armor"/health. Now, rockets work as area weapons, against infantry, they deal noticeable damage to unarmored and lightly armored vehicles, resulting often in kills for unarmored stuff and damage to armored stuff, cumulative and up to the point where a 4-8 rocket barrage has a more realistic impact. This combined with the random critical damage effects, like immobilisation etc. gives us pretty believable effects, without a direct hit. Though to have an instant kill, you still need one or two rockets actually hitting a BTR, M113 or the like, or cumulate enough damage, through multiple rockets landing close. The problem with the hyper accurate BMP gunners is still valid, though. The positive thing is, though it is a painfully slow process, there is work done on these things in the background. Unfortunately these are often introduced silently, without even a notice in the Changelogs. When I tested the infantry path finding a while ago, to check on some issues, not only was the path finding way(!) better, than years ago, but my jaw dropped, like in a Tex Avery cartoon, when I noticed the Infantry in line abreast formation using basic fire and maneuver tactics with bounding overwatch. 8 rifleman group, 4 hold and fire, while 4 advance, then switch. I had tears of joy in my eyes... and it wasn't even one line in the changelog or newsletter. Again, I am aware, there is still lot of room for improvement in the damage modeling and weapon effects, but we have progress and the current results improved considerably, to the point where rockets and aircraft guns(!) now do their job.
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