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  1. Indeed. Sometimes Apple opens the door and then gets run over as everyone follows them through. This is why I sold my Apple stock, about 4 years ago, and bought Amazon and FB with the proceeds.


    OT: Ahhh, good old Amazon. I remember debating picking up some of their stock in the 90s, but then thought "Selling books on-line? Yeah...like that's gonna go anywhere." :doh:

  2. I'm glad you posted this, Fragbum. If they have intentionally taken away the ability to turn deferred shading on and off, I guess I won't be doing any more updates until they get it to actually work. I've got a really good machine now, and one of the first things I did was to turn deferred shading on to see how much "better" it looked, since I figured I now had a machine that would handle it. My first impression was that I had made a terrible mistake in deciding to upgrade my hardware. It became slow and choppy. The images became fuzzy and jagged, like I had suddenly fallen through a worm hole and had somehow gotten my old Commodore 64 back. The colors? All I can say is that I haven't seen colors like that in the real world until the last total solar eclipse we had in the central US. I was relieved to find out that it wasn't a bad choice in hardware upgrades, but a "feature" of the sim that doesn't appear to work the way it may have been intended.


    I would also like to suggest that ED maybe make a link available to the download of older versions of the sim, so we don't get stuck having to wait for the next update after a major detail gets completely porked and makes the sim unplayable. Who can forget the update that completely overlooked that it might be useful to have some visible buildings? We got stuck with that until the next update came along. Granted, it was only about a week, but the timing was terrible. It just happened to also be the first weekend in months that things had been calm enough for me to finally start getting some sim time again. I was really looking forward to it, the "update" threw a wrench into the whole thing, and there didn't appear to be any way to backload to a previous version.

  3. with software updates that throttle performance/speed of older versions ;)


    Yup...and even after they get busted, they still won't fix the affected products. :megalol:


    I don't have much faith in anything Apple makes being even remotely useful to any of us for DCS, but hopefully its an indication of where the rest of the industry intends to take things.

  4. First of all this is an awesome sim/ game and especially in VR, but each update seems to bring more challenges for this payer base and I'm yet to see update that's released focused on optimising or improving our VR performance.


    I wonder what the future is for DCS VR support in general?


    I can tell you from the perspective of a recent, progressive hardware upgrade that upgrading my video card from a GTX980 Ti to a GTX1080 Ti made the biggest difference in my VR experience in DCS. A couple of weeks after that, I upgraded my motherboard and processor and found a sweetspot with overclocking at 4.2MHz. I get all the detail (all of the detail that is actually noticeable anyway), smooth framerates, and the ground rush is incredible. Looks like you've got a good rig, but the GPU might be dragging you down a little bit. Just going to the higher level card was enough in VR to make the A-10 go from feeling like a lumbering dog, to the dancing, bobbing, weaving combat aircraft that it actually is. Other than that though, I agree with you that it looks like there isn't as much focus as there maybe should be on optimizing things to make the VR experience better for a wider base of customers.

  5. 3. For one more time: this is Open Beta, it means WIP. And you can still choose 1.5 if 2.5 is not working for you. (or not if you have DLC terrains)


    Yes, I think most of here understand what an Open Beta is. It was made that way so the community as a whole can take part in the work in progress by voicing criticism and maybe even throw an idea or two out there for consideration. People have different things they focus on in the sim, which is what the 5 pages of discussion is about. As PeaceSells pointed out, the trees still pop in and out, even at 100%. In VR, where I fly exclusively, its VERY distracting, and the devs aren't going to be able to fix something if we don't tell them what we think is broken. It was just an idea, dude, no need for anybody to get their blood pressure elevated over it. :D

  6. How about a switch in the graphics settings that lets you toggle between the old trees and the new ones? That would be a good way to provide the best visual experience depending on whether or not you're flying a helicopter (where you're down so low you can't see very far anyway and 3D detailed trees would make for a better experience), or a relatively faster/higher fixed wing aircraft (where the new trees are more of an annoyance than a benefit). Would that be possible? :book:

  7. I've had good luck with just hunching down and forward a little bit when I start DCS World. When you sit back up into a comfortable position, it'll be just about right (but not very realistic), and you'll have difficulty seeing all of the information on the HUD if you're too far away from it. Just remember, the A-10 is a huge plane, but you're pretty much shoe-horned in between the panel and the seat.

  8. Although I haven't attempted a conversion of a military helmet for computer use, I think you might also need to add an in-line amplifier for the military mic. I've converted lots of them for civilian aircraft use...just not sure computer audio is the same.


    If that turns out to be the case, here's a good source for getting one.



  9. Hi mates,


    The cross that is in your vision is it possible to turn it off or make it less obtrusive in the view?


    I have the Rift, but this part should work the same in the Vive too. If you go to the VR tab in DCS, there should be a "Use Mouse" box. If you check that box, the cursor should only be visible when you're moving the mouse to click on things. I like leaving it off because I find I can click buttons faster by using the headset as my pointer. One other thing about using a VR headset is that you might lose control of the sim if your mouse ends up outside the game window, so hitting Alt+Enter when you enter the sim will make it full-screen on your monitor and you'll no longer have to worry about the mouse getting outside the window.


    EDIT: DOH! Just saw your edit, but I'll leave this reply here, just in case someone else might have the same question.

  10. u also don't need to update to Windows 10. Just Windows 8. Pedantic, yes, but really what's actually holding you back from updating to 10 anyway - especially when it was free for so long.


    Not to mention the fact that Windows 10 is leaps and bounds ahead of Windows 8. Its definitely worth upgrading. If he has Windows 7, Windows 10 is pretty close to it in how it operates, and opens up a whole new set of possibilities. An OEM version of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit can be had from several legitimate on-line retailers for about 140 bucks now. Microsoft is still offering the free upgrade to people who use assistive technology on their current system. Not sure what, if anything, is required to qualify for that, but that could be an option as well. For anybody upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, sometimes you might have card readers stop working due to lack of drivers, but there is a solution for that. After a lot of frustration and brain damage, I found that Windows 8.1 drivers work with Windows 10 for my card reader.


    Sorry to go a little OT, this is meant to help the guys who are on the fence about upgrading their OS. :D

  11. Here's my setup. I rarely use the smaller touch-screen monitor anymore though, since I'm mostly flying in VR now with my Oculus Rift. Everything is mounted on a 2'X2' power tool cart, so I can just unplug it when I'm done and roll it away into a corner where its out of the way. I recently added a small stand behind the touchscreen to mount my Oculus sensor camera.



  12. i cant remember well but i was climbed 20000 feet and he shooted i had overweight dodged 1-2 missiled and i got smoked im sure it was sa 8


    I've run user-created missions to learn the behaviors and limitations of several of the SAM systems in DCS so far, and if the SA-8 is all by himself, he hasn't been able to shoot at me if I'm above 16,400'. Maybe there's another variable we're missing. Which mission are you flying, FalconPlot16? I can give that a try and see if I get the same result as you're getting.

  13. Either way,

    Slap some IR LEDs on it and use 4 Point Tracking w/ Track IR Plugin, lol.


    Yup. Any kind of external reference would also work. Heh...I might try that when I'm using the CV1 to watch 3D movies. I get too far from the camera and it starts jumping around. Unplug the camera and everything is cool, except having to recenter the view every 20 minutes or so. Oh, and the Oculus software complains too, but that can be bypassed.


    Anyway, just a suggestion for why the unit in the article has a magnetometer in it.

  14. "But these HMDs use solid state gyros, and there's nothing spinning so gyroscopic precession error has no impact."


    We should pass that information on to all of the avionics manufacturers then. They still seem to think they need a magnetometer to back up their heading reference. ;)

  15. Feels about right to me. But, when I first got into the VR side of the A-10C everything seemed huge. I think its just because I had gotten so used to having an undersized HUD, at an unrealistically-long viewing distance on the screen, with the screen a couple of feet away. In VR we're getting a more realistic sense of scale I think. I spend a lot of time in cockpits every day, just not in the A-10, but it feels about right compared to those.

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