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  1. Well I guess I did understand what are you saying, but my personal experience is totally different. I don't see any problem with visibility. Somtimes there are reflections or sunrays, which can make some situations tricky, but I guess that's just mimicking real world problems. Still I try to offer you a solution, but it's very tedious task but maybe worth a try. I use a Oculus Quest 2, but use Steam VR, just because I can use reshade to make adjustments to my visuals in clarity and colors. Maybe you could tweak your vr experience, so you could enjoy it more with reshade. McDan out
  2. For people like me, who are flying simulators and rl, everything feels so natural and when we hear someone saying it's not possible it sounds so unbelievable...but guess what, we all have been on the same stage at a time. So don't give up and try try try... Most important in my point of view are following things: 1: understand the principles of the machine / aerodynamics (plenty of tutorials and explanations on YT) 2: control devices: Wags is the perfect example that you can fly helis perfectly without pedals, but if you can afford them and you are capable of using them, and serious about the hobby (passion) , get some. (also it helps to have quality input devices in general, but doesn't need to be top of the line) For alot of people, axis tuning, is very helpful, but it can be also misleading, take your time and try some suggestions for yourself. 3: don't go the easy way, using cheats and autopilots...the foundation of flying a helicopter is the hover...practice practice practice BTW: I still suck at transition into the hover and hover with the AH64 McDan out
  3. Yep I was surprised too, coming from the hind it's totally different, first few minutes have been a wild ride But I am getting used to it fast, already flying like I stole it and blowing up stuff, great times a lot to learn, love it.
  4. Sorry but you are missing out bigtime...
  5. Do you use Skate Zilla's DCS Updater??? its perfect!
  6. Does not matter...been waiting over 20 years for this Module...few more do not hurt
  7. She will be my CPG also in the AH-64 cant wait for the experience...
  8. George seems pretty capable from the get go
  9. Thank you, I guess I need to do some research, is there a guide somewhere, how I do this?
  10. Hey Rotorheads I know it may sound a bit trivial, but I just want to be sure... My Girlfriend and myself plan to fly the AH64 together, I do have 2Pits and 2Systems, so I guess I need another account for my girlfriend and need to buy the apache and the map we would like to use twice...I am assuming right? Thank you Kind regards Daniel
  11. I tried everything...shadow related every setting, I cant get rid of this problem.
  12. Hello fellow Simfriends Love DCS 2.7, it's a work of art! Thank you ED Team! Is there anything I can do, to reduce the problem which bothers me for some time now...it's visible in the raw video I made to show. The Transition from soft shadows to hard shadows is sometimes very distracting and kills the Immersion for me. Sometimes it depends on the zoom level, sometimes it looks like the surface has a influence... Best visible from 1:35... Can we do something against it? Thank you. McDan out
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