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  1. Same problem here with multicrew screen exports. So as the pilot I see the CPG exports and cannot see the pilot exports if I do not change the monitorsetup file. Which cannot be done while on flight. The viewport names are mentioned in <dcs folder>\mods\aircraft\ah-64d\cockpit\scripts\displays\MFD\device\MFD_device_IDs.lua. PLT_LMFD, PLT_RMFD, CPG_LMFD, CPG_RMFD (I believe, the center monitor viewport is named TEDAC) I think that the easiest fix would be having a to enable/disable exports just like in the Harrier and the Mirage 2000. How do they solve this on the F-14?
  2. Now that we have NASAMS, do your worst and give us NASAMS 2
  3. Whats with the airport at map grid WD29? I guess we should have a sub forum for the Syria map.
  4. The procedure has been changed. I do not fully understand it yet
  5. Is it just me, but do we now have to keep the SOI diamond in the HSI or the SA page for the WPTDSG to work as intended? I cannot get the litening to look at the waypoint if I do it the old way
  6. You can set the plane direction on ground this way: 1) place the first waypoint on the desired spot, set it as "fly over point"-type 2)place the second waypoint at the desired direction 3)change the type of the first waypoint to "takeoff from ground"
  7. Also the new JTAC -> CAS page integration makes finding targets a lot easier
  8. yeah but on an unmodded warthog you cannot keep the analog tdc pressed while moving it
  9. So How will the action/no-action TDC work with an unmodded Hotas Warthog? Can I keep some other button pressed?
  10. Most of the formations and especially the ON ROAD-formation should have a setting for tight and sparse formations. ON ROAD - SPARSE would cause the units to advance along the road but the distances between vehicles would be something like 100-200m.
  11. Haven’t seen anything recent about this. Would be nice :)
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no way in the Harrier to mark a point under the TGP cursor and save it for later engagements, like with the Hornets M1-M9 markpoints?
  13. Where and how this event handler should be ran?
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