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  1. OK D-S, What the Navy guy sad was basically that in combat maneuvering, the power of the 29 allowed him to easily climb steeply away from the F/A-18 to where he could not follow. That was the gist of it. And yes, the Cobra is impressive, as is the tailslide. I have not seen American fightrers of the same generation perform either of these. Both the Flanker and the Fulcrum have been performing them for years. I'm a fan of fancy flying. If an aircraft can dazzle me, I like that. If others can compete, well fine. If not well that's fine too. I'm human so I'll choose the dazzler. So sue me for having my partiallities. D'oh! What's that about Lockheed_Martin you say? OK. I've had enough now.
  2. Sorry FF, different 99th (Redtails of IL2 actually). D-Scythe you mean Russian A/C being more agile than US A/C is not fact?! :D Wellllllll...maybe not. I once saw a program where F/A 18s went up against German MiG-29 in mock combat, and the US navy pilots had to give up the props. Maybe I just watch good propaganda shows and see their planes doing stunts ours can't. But I suppose you may be right. Then again, I wasn't exactly passing an opinion off as fact so much as I was bearing witness to what I see Russian operational a/c do as oppposed to what I see American operational a/c do. These's MK-1s say those Russian a/c are more agile. Flyby
  3. Someone trying to tell me that Russian top line fighters aren't as maneuverable as American top line fighters? Well I guess the stunts I see in videos are enhanced somehow. I guess I failed the old saw: " in God we trust; all others bring data" I got no data. Just excercising my "everyone has one" rights. But I see a lot of that here, so I don't feel so bad.;) Flyby out
  4. you have a good point, Pilotasso, but... my only point is that the MiG-35 is a high-agility fighter. I know the Falcon has been upgraded all through-out it's life. I guess the same is true of the Eagle. Hell, they're still beautiful planes to look at too. But I speak only of agility here. So I only have the one point: agility. I think the Russian planes own that category insofar as operational fighter planes is concerned. Surely we can agree on that one point?:smilewink: Flyby out
  5. so many advanced dogfighters here! I don't know cumquats from chicken squat about most of what you guys are talking about, But!! all things considered, I think any of you would rather take your chances in a new highly agile fighter like the MiG35 versus a last generation fighter, especially in a knife fight. America's best front line fighters are 30 years old. The newer models (F-22, F-35) are not as agile as the MiG-35. Period. I'm from the good old USA, but I watch the demonstration videos, and I can see with my own eyes which fighters have the better agility. As for offensive/defensive systems, none of these planes have been tested in actual combat. All else is specualtion. ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! there it is. Flyby out
  6. thanks for the replies, guys! :D I appreciate your taking the time (from beta-testing) to clue me in. I'm a fair prgrammer, but I'm better at not reinventing the wheel. ;) I guess I understand that you're implying that the non-disclosure thing prevents you from talking about exactly what controls are featured in the sim, from a program-the-joystick point of view. or someting like that. thanks again, Flyby out
  7. Hello Black Shark ED testers One more time for this question (and please, a better answer). Are any of you testers using the Cougar Hotas? If so, will you post your profiles over at Frugals/Cougar world once the sim is released? And can you share some details inthis thread about your profile setup? I did a search of this forum, and there's not much to be found on the topic; just me asking the question, and not getting very clear answers. So I'm trying again. tia Flyby out
  8. thanks Zaelu. Consider me schooled. Btw how's Mytzu? You know I used to be a member of the D13-th back in the day. I loved flying with that sqaudron in IL2, and learned to love flying in "Full Real" mode thanks to Mytzu, and the boys (NoVolume, etc) Flyby out
  9. just thinking out loud... I know it would be less challenging to make a movie like what I'm about to propose, (and maybe ED's nd rules won't allow it), but just a simple movie about BS in action with no glitz, no enhancements of any sorts, and maybe even shot in black and white? Sort of like recording a mission track? It wouldn't need to be very long to suit me. Just a takeoff, maybe forming up with a few other BS helos, and assault a worthy opponent, all seen from inside the cockpit(outside views disabled) to really showcase the TIR 6dof? Something like that would really put us in the pilot's seat if only for a few minutes. It would hold me until BS came out (not! I'd want m ore to be honest) just thinking out loud, Flyby out
  10. I'll toss in that one of the most enjoyable experinces I have in IL2 is in using the full mission builder for creating online coops. So I hope I'll be able to say the same about BS when it comes out. I hope mission builder will be up to the BS hype. If not, I'll try to cope anyway.
  11. I think I'm just killing time waiting for BS to be released. Updates are fine, and are appreciated, but I really just want to get my hands on BS. Here's good fortune for ya: I'm fliping channels on cable, and come to the last five minutes of a program on Russian military helos. What do I see? The Ka50 Black Shark. Nice! :D Flyby out
  12. Hey GA, We all know you put a lot of time and heart in your movies. It's much appreaciated (all the kidding aside). Flyby out
  13. GA, Stop fooling around, man! You got no time to be repyling to every Tom, Dick, and Flyby who writes to this thread. You need to get that movie to the drooling masses ASAP. Now buckle down and lean into it! :D Oh, you can email (only) me a sneak preview, 'cause I'm special and (only) I will appreciate it. ;)
  14. Hurray for GA!!! :D a better good sport never orbited a brighter sun! (well at least none that lived to tell the tale, that I know of! :) ) you're keeping us on the edge of our seats, GA. Best movie yet? omg!! Flyby out
  15. if it hasn't been mentioned already GA, please add scenes from the cockpit where you are stalking a convoy, perhaps, then unmasking from behind some trees, and targeting lead vehicles, then those in the rear; all in a mountain pass. maybe make the attack on the convoy a team effort, no solo work unles that suits you. basically demonstrate BS from the cockpit view, attacking while using the terrain to mask your approach. that'll blow my shorts off for sure! :D Flyby out PS be sure to add convoy defenses too, maybe even some nuisance manpads? ;)
  16. Huh! I thought that black rectangle was a very large pixel! ("That's huge!!") :D
  17. GOZR, You're gonna be disappointed in most of waht you expect. The 6dof is for the Black Shark only. Those rotorheads among us can live with that. Sure we'd want more, but it is what it is, and not bad for an old graphics engine (not a new one like the ones you mentioned). I think the trees might be new, but I can't be certain. Wait for the expected July update. I guess if it don't suit you, we won't be seeing you online? Flyby out
  18. Geier!!! "Chins up"!! :megalol: that's really funny!:lol: Oh, I don't believe for a moment that BS is vaporware. But I would not be surprised of it weren't released this year. I will be surprised if it is, though. Maybe the wife will let me upgrade my rig to a core duo. Maybe she'll save God the trouble and strike me dead first!:D Flyby out
  19. you have to believe that BS won't be (the dreaded) vaporware! I think I'll live long enough to see it's release, but at 57 ya never know. I could get hit by a meteor, or even a bus, or an old lady who didn't see me mowing my grass when she lost control of her really big truck, or shot by a robber who mistook me for someone with money, or (dare I say it?) maybe God will finally get tired of my **it and strike me dead with a well-aimed bolt of lightning. Or, it might be just my luck to do a "Mama Cass" and choke on a ham sandwich. So sooner rather than later for the release of BS would do me nicely. ;) Flyby out
  20. I can wait. My system ain't going anywhere. When the info comes, it'll be here. I hope it comes today! :) just kidding! Come on July!!!!!! Flyby out
  21. thanks man Airtito thanks for the reply. It's much appreciated. Flyby
  22. AirTito, how about some info on what life is like for a pc trying to run BS? I'm interested in what frame rates are like in the ground war aspect with lots of helicopter and vehicle activity, plus the various weapons going off. Basically what tends to bog the pc down? This has probably been adresssed before, but fresh input is always welcome. Flyby out ps I can only imagine how hard it would be to model a two-seater gunship. MP play in that format would be very challenging, I think.
  23. Thanks Blaze I'll have to see what I can do. Hopefully ram prices are down a bit. I already have two sticks of 256mb of Kingston HyperX sitting around. Hard to sell, ya know. Still, more ram must be better for LOMAC, and IL2 (my main two flight sims). Flyby out
  24. thanks mate! I read you loud and clear!:thumbup: Flyby
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