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  1. but wait! there's more... hey dudes and dudettes, can we get this thread back on topic? I'd like to know the answer to the original question: what kind of conflict for the Ka-50? I think the discussion of technical pros and cons is interesting and informative, but I, for one, still want to know. What can be divined from looking at the U.S Apache presence in Iraq is that the Ka-50 could be of use as a close air support craft when combating insurgents in urban areas, especially if someone on the ground is designating targets. I once saw a video somewhere that said other craft designating targets for the BS was how it would be employed. I guess troops on the ground could do the same in tight urban areas. So I wonder if special forces will be modeled in BS, for such designating duties? Then, I suppose the traditional armor-busting duties will always be there too. But who will be the armored enemies in BS? Oh as for using the datalink abilities, will the Ka-52 be modeled as an AI targeting command vehicle? This would be similar to an Apache Longbow designating targets for the A models. ( at least I think that's what it can do). Anyway, back on topic! Use that imagination! :D Flyby
  2. hey guys, can I assume that the performance of the Ka50 makes it ideal for mountain terrain? If so, then the mission builders whould have a ball! :D What do I mean by this? Somebody make up my mind for me.:megalol: Flyby ps I', really looking forward to team tactics online with Black Shark. No turrets, but mutual protection and high SA might decide who comes back from a good mission.
  3. I'm still good to go. Don't know what changed, unless the webmaster worked some fine voodoo. Impressive. ;) Flyby
  4. that Viper guy! quick-witted if ever there was one!:P
  5. of movies and Mantises Hey GA, I hope ED has not problem with you making a "free flight" movie of the BS flying in BS_land. But maybe even ED would take the time to produce such a goodie? Viper I have decided to call off the Mantis. Such an affinity just isn't natural!:megalol: Flyby
  6. uh-oh! looks like we're deteriorating into fly humor! :D May a praying mantis find you appealing!:lol: Flyby
  7. say what? Fly like what? Fly like the pilot in the video?:pilotfly: Flyby
  8. GA, Are you catching this? I second this motion asking for such a video. Nothing to blow up, nothing to defend against, just some good low flying by the Black Shark in Black Shark land. "over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go..ooo...ooo".
  9. arneh... yep, the gun on the Apache swings pretty darn quick. Excellent link btw. I watched several clips of gunships. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....hapy guy here. thanks for posting that, arneh. have a beer on me:drink: Flyby out
  10. Day 2 and I am still remembered! I feel as if I've been cured of the plague! :D Flyby out
  11. about L2 cache I've been trying to find an answer to that question. maybe this link will help us understand http://www.cyberwalker.net/columns/dec99/091299.html Flyby out PS obviously it's quite an old article. ;)
  12. Looking good, XLR8. If you loaded LOMAC on that system, did Starforce interfere with your 16x dvd+rw unit? That's a nice spec on your hard drive too. Fast, baby, fast! ;) Aeroscout I don't consider you taking over this thread. You ask a very important question. Some people think L2 cache is not an important factor, but I've that it is (read this on a tech site that was testing games, just can't recall the site). So I'd like a definitive answer as well. All are welcome to ask or answere here as it suits them. We who seek will only benefit from those in the know. Flyby
  13. S~ Zaelu, As I live and breathe I swear to put that crack pipe down for good!! By email I was notified of your reply. So I follow the notification link to here, andI see I am now logged on! I go to the general discussion and find I am still logged on! I come back to this thread and I am still logged on even as I write this reply. :D I don't know what happened, but it seems I'm now good to go! You brought me good luck Zaelu! The D13-th was always good to me. ;) Flyby out PS I didn't even have to log on after hitting the submit button!Whhhooooooooo-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  14. OK I tried FF's idea, and have to call no joy. I still have to log in, still am not remembered. Back to the conspiracy theory. :( Flyby out PS I know it must be something simple. I hope the webmaster replies to my SOS soon.
  15. I'm using IE7 Thanks FF, But I'll try that and will see what happens. Maybe it aint a conspiracy after all. :P Flyby out
  16. he's an aerial artist Gozr thank you for posting the video link. Tell your friend it is a great video, beautifully done. Verona looks to be a beautiful place. I hope Black Shark' terrain will have such properly natural and beautiful colors. Flyby
  17. say it ain't so! So you guys are saying that I am the only one having this problem? Aw man...:( That just proves my conspiracy theory. "you scream and you holler...til your back gets soaking wet!" BTW, I said this was one of the few sites not to remember me. That's not quite true. This is the only site that does not remember me. But I am not deterred. This is a great site for satisfying my Black Shark jones, and I'm glad it's here. I hope the problem gets solved somehow, but even if it doesn't, I remain a loyal site fan. I'd be less than honest here if I didn't express the good and the bad as I saw it. I'll save that act for the wife!:megalol: shhhhhhh... don't tell her. I've switched to Olympic-grade sucking up so I can get a new pc upgrade.:pilotfly: Flyby out ps: hey Dostoevski let me say hello neighbor! SW Ohio here. I used to be stationed at Grissom AFB, south of Peru, in the early 70s. Man, I did not enjoy walking on those floating roofs of the fuel storage tanks to "stick" them, and it once got so cold (-52 wind chill) that the base shut down most operations. Ahhh... fond memories :)
  18. which processor, XLR8? great feedback, XlR8! Just the type of performance results I wanted to see. But what processor did you buy? Also, what's your power supply? Dostoevski, I am inpressed with your system too Also thanks to everyone for your replies. Good and useful info here. I encourage others to chime in with their upgrades and performance results in LOMAC, FSX and IL2 as well. terrific!!!! :pilotfly: Flyby out
  19. about the absence of hardpoints... Hardpoints cost extra! :D
  20. Hey Eagle Driver I too enjoyed the book "Flight of the Intruder", and became a Stephen Coonts fan. Of course I want to fly the Intruder too, or the Tornado. But going OT: in your sig you claim the Su27 has superior close-in maneuverablity. I asume you mean compared to the Eagle. I agree with you, only because I've seeen videos of the Flanker doing maneuvers I've not seem videos of the Eagle doing. Other than seeing videos I don't know what is really true. How did you come to that conclusion. I ask because I once made a similar statement on the Lockon/English forums and was thoroughly roasted for using opinion as "fact". Help a fan out. Flyby out
  21. OK. Deep breath. Here goes. I've written to the webmaster twice now with no reply, so I think I need divine intervention. Here's my problem. It's a logon issue. I come to this website nearly every day, making the rounds. This is one of the few sites that never seems to remember me, meaning I have to log on with each visit even though I check the remember me box. What's worse is, after I've logged on, I will sometimes have to log on again if I want to either start a new thread, or reply to one. Several times I haev written replies after logging on, then clicked the "submit" button only to be prompted to log on again! What's worse still is that when I log on again I find that my reply has vanished into the ether!!:mad::mad::mad: No, it's not my firewall. I go to SimHq, I go the Lockon/English forums, Firing Squad, Netwings, NASIOC, and other sites where I am properly remembered, but not here. I smell a conspiracy to deprive me of my last wit, and to aggravate my last nerve! Am I the only one having this problem?:furious: Somebody HELP ME PLEASE!! Flyby out
  22. thanks for the replies, all Good input all.:thumbup: The way I see it, my next system must also handle SoW_BoB well, and I'm anticipating the clouds in that one will be a cpu hog. So I'm hoping for the x38 chipset (the more board vendors the better on that one), and a lower-priced penryn quad core. Intel plans to release a middle line of penryns in duo and quad core sometime ealry next year. Also, I've read where the prices of DDR3 are finally starting to drop. So the longer I wait, the better. I've been an ATi fan and an NVidia fan as well (shudda bought the stock while it was in the high $20s) so I'm not sure which way I lean on the gpu. I guess the main thing is to get the right board than can accept cpu and ram upgrades. Imagine being able to overclock to 4+ghz just using a good cpu fan. That's the penryn promise.;) Tom's Hardware is spec'ing out a middle line system to run Crysis, so I'll follow the progress of that article to see what I can learn there. I've even read where one can enable DX10 graphics in Crysis to run on a WinXP system. No, I don't intend to buy Crysis.:P I'm also not in a hurry to upgrade to Vista until I see combat air sims that will take advantage of 4gigs of ram DX10, and Vista. This is a fun time to catch up on the new hardware, especially that which is in the pipeline. My old Pentium 2.8, and my trusty BFG 6800 Ultra gpu ran IL2 and LOMAC/FC well enough with the proper tweaking, but that was then. Well, gotta go and sell some more blood! later! Flyby
  23. wait and see?! Well I suppose I could. I've been trolling ExtremeTech,a nd Tom's Hardware and Firing Squad to try to see my upgrade path materialize itself. But it would be nice to have a target, hence I asked. Might as well sit by the pool and have a few while I'm waiting...:music_whistling: Flyby Ps I guess I need to find a pool
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