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  1. hehe, good find! :thumbup:
  2. she's so god damn beautiful!
  3. hehe, still wonder why ED released thier templates in CMYK...:doh:
  4. 300 pixel per cm, wow, thats about 762 ppi, LOL. No even the best printer out there can print in that resolution :) (don't mix it up with fantasy resolution bullshit advertised by sellers/manufacturers, average printing raster is about 150 lpi)
  5. Why change resolution to 300 pixels/cm? Resolution should be 72ppi with width/height 512, 1024, 2048 pixel
  6. it's because they are saved in CMYK (and no one knows why a model texture is saved with cmyk LOL). Gimp can't handle CMYK
  7. Got some blue one for Mig-29 and Su-33/27 on my site Greetings, Mig-Mag
  8. [quote name= ... the picture here is the best... ... Blaze[/quote] :)
  9. In my case lomac 1.1 / 1.12a crashed with huffyuv lossless codec being installed. :cry:
  10. yup, i know this one. wanted to make another version by time....stay tuned
  11. This is the cover illustration of LindenHill's Decal Sheet "Flankers Of The North - Part3". I found that on the internet. Maybe someone does own this one an can provide me a quality scan of that snake-sign. Otherwise I'll have to rebuild it in Illustrator, but I´m a bit lazy, u know :music_whistling: Greetings, Mig-Mag
  12. Hi there! can someone provide me a good quality image of the cobra-sign on the image below? THX.
  13. Well Iguess you downloaded this skin? http://malcolm.verpeilt.org/lockon/skins/bilder/indaf.jpg This pack was written for LoMan, so I don't know howhow modman works. But all you have to do is to de-install the nomera-red.tga and nomera.tga. Or you can open the skin files with e.g. irfanview and save them as *.bmp in the bazar/temptextures folder. (without installing the skinpack with modman) Greetings, Mig-Mag
  14. Mig-Mag

    EA6B Prowler

    Hi there some "work in progress" pics: Greetings, Mig-Mag
  15. Mig-Mag

    EA6B Prowler

    prowler skin Hi there, little update here, bug2 sent me the model and I just started skinnig. It's great fun, cuz it's a great model...would love to post some pics but my server is unfortunately down for the moment (well my webhost gonna be killed ;) ) . Well, Greetings , Mig-Mag :icon_jook [EDIT] need some suggestions...which camo scheme you would like to see first? Post some nice pics here! greetings!
  16. Mig-Mag

    EA6B Prowler

    Well, may I have a try? :D
  17. well, it's a bug. The building, which you cannot see on the picture collapsed due to a bomb impact, but the explosion stayed on top of that building. I just moved the camera position to match the explosion with the horizon. that's all. (you can see that one MiG is behind the explosion):rolleyes:
  18. http://fox3.idv.tw/snitz_forums3405/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7865
  19. http://hirevsims.com/homepage/1products/1fltcntls/01f18/dsktop/morepics/f18dtpics.htm
  20. Well, probably on my site :rolleyes:
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