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  1. Haha! I'm so sorry man. Nowadays I've been away from my HOTAS only for 1 week. Some work thing. I have a congress to get through. Important for me. I'm working on some articles. Whenever my head gets hot, I come around here to relax my head. 🙂

    I'll let you know when I try. 🙂

  2. Hi people.

    I've just dived in to Kiowa sea and couldn't find a proper development plan frame.
    Could you direct me to the info? What's the latest news?

    I'm watching Cosmo's videos but they're from 1 year ago.

    What is Polychop waiting for?


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  3. Hi.

    I created a simple mission in Syria map; Put a few enemy units there, put a blue Apache on a base (Hakkari) and start. That's it.

    The problem is that after engine start (please be sure - I do proper startup), I'm waiting too long to see green confidence but can't see the green numbers. They're always white! Normally I get greens (in other servers or missions - not made by me of course) in 2 or 3 minutes.

    In this example, purposely I waited approx. 10 minutes to be sure there's something wrong with me. But no luck, no green numbers.

    Is there anything to put on the base (maybe near my aircraft) to connect satellites? 🙂
    What do I do something wrong?



  4. The solution, I believe, is on your side.

    1) The Apache is W.I.P (early access stage) and, in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with it for an early access module.
    2) X56 is a nice HOTAS. It works good I'm sure.
    3) The Apache's graphics are great. Also nothing wrong there.

    The problem starts on your side, as I said.

    Please check your selected options, axis controllers in Controllers tab. Don't use ED's default profiles for X56. There may be some doubled axis commands and that causes some ghost or wrong inputs for the aircraft. So, create your own profile: Clear all axis commands in Axis page and set your inputs and adjust them.

    Check YouTube videos. Everyone fly it very nice and interior and exterior graphics are great.

    See you.

  5. Hi.

    It's definitely better now. The aircraft is in more calm attitude. Last night I tested updated SCAS and it was the first time I've seen 3, 2 and also 1 knot while hovering. 🙂

    But yes, I've realized more the sense of that SCAS is fighting against you, but if you stop fighting SCAS, the aircraft immediately calms down and do what you want to do.

    Note: I'm still using curves.

    Love it!

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