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  1. Hi. I have same hazy effect on windscreen. shader mods off and on makes no difference.
  2. Yes i can confirm this bug too. Its happens every time when i make cold start.
  3. And we are still missing dynamic weather too. No news about it for a long time.
  4. This looks like a really serious problem in DCS. 20 percent difference is quite a lot.
  5. Well, that's good. The Mig-21 definitely deserves an improved alepson cockpit. And maybe something more.
  6. Trim working fine in my Hind
  7. Unfortunately, there was never anything like that in DCS.
  8. Yes same behaviour here. Always after undesignate command radar autolocks another radar contat. Only way to fix this is unlock then press reset on right MFD.
  9. Flia


    The Yak 130 would be great but I'm afraid it's too modern for the DCS. Unfortunately.
  10. is ED planning a DLSS for DCS sometime in the near future ?
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