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  1. Apologies if this has been answered already... but this is a n 82 page thread. How can I set different graphics settings for VR and non-VR launch?
  2. Hi everyone, what is the difference between the Aggressors and Red Flag campaigns and which should one buy/do first?
  3. I don't know if this has been covered (I didn't see it anywhere) but should I de-activate (the starforce DRM) first or does it not use one of your activations because you're reinstalling on the same PC?
  4. Has anyone compared these alternatives to TrackIR? TrackIR would have been first prize but it is not currently available locally. I could try import it but it is a bit of a hassle so I am trying to figure out if it is worth it to try import it or whether something like FreetrackNoIR with PS3 and possibly homemade IR lights (like delanclip) is just as good?
  5. Firstly, thanks for the mod! I seem to have a problem downloading it though, I am trying to download the DTAC version but the download keeps failing. I don't suppose there is an alternative download?
  6. We have a local supplier here (South Africa) which supplies NaturalPoint products (like TrackIR) which will be bringing some baxed copies in, I think they are waiting for the shipment to arrive. Failing that I'll buy the download version from here, but I wanna support the local guys
  7. Hi guys. I'm sorta new here but have posted a few times. Recently got LOMAC, and I reckon I'll get FC as soon as it is available here. Still doing training tracks (with keyboard mind you!) and having fun just doing that. Once I'm a tad better I hope to be seeing you guys online, so while I can't say whether it is or isn't dieing, I can say that for a 2 year old game it seems to be doing quite well to me.
  8. Thanks for the tutorial. That's quite excellent, thanks. Would using the map be cheating, or is it concidered AWACS aid or something?
  9. You said this was in a training mission? You checked that perhaps auto-pilot or altitude hold weren't on? I had the same thing and it was confusing me for a while till I realised that AP and AH were on.
  10. Hi, Thanks for the post, quite informative. I've tried searching for "advice" and "newbie" posts, but it is often difficult to know what to search for and to find them. Thanks for the help, I'm sure it'll help plenty of us n00bs :)
  11. $30 !!! Gosh, locally LOMAC is available as a "Ubisoft Exclusive" title, can be bought for the equivalent of $10. (though I'd have paid $30) Though no printed manual is included. Second, why put the A-10 on the cover? I'm sure an F-15 or an Su-27 would sell more copies :D
  12. Hehe, few things I didn't know when trying to take control of the training. Autopilot and Altitude Hold. Didn't know about these, so tried to take control and things just didn't work. Wouldn't pitch up or down, then when I pushed up all the way the plane jerked around. Till I finally discovered what "H" does. The training mission had enabled altitude hold, but I didn't know about it and trying to control things just wouldn't work properly. Gazehound, yeah, the Su-25 does look like a tough jet since it lacks most of the "refinements". Perhaps I'll leave it for later, thought it might be easier though than the fighters. Cheers.
  13. Ok cool. I'll give that a try then. I'll do some of the instant "Fly" missions, and then progress to the campaigns, the A-10 and Su-25 do seem like a nice place to start. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. Thanks so far. Seems http://www.flankertraining.com is under construction, but I did come across http://flankertraining.com/ironhand/news.html which works and I am assuming is the same site? As for online, I live in South Africa, so my ping/lag to most non-local servers is terrible, but once I have some more experience with the game I'll join a local squadron and hopefully grow from there. My main concern though is offline, basically should I jump into the campaigns or first do the single missions. Also, which campaigns should be done first or doesn't it matter. BuzzU, thanks, didn't know that. Still have to get to Top Gun, thought that was general techniques for all the jets. Thanks guys.
  15. Hi guys, Got LOMAC recently, and busy going through the training in the order they are presented. My questions is though, what comes after that? Should I go straight into campaign, or should I do the individual missions first, or perhaps the battle planner? Also any recommendations of which campaigns to do first, i.e. easiest to toughest or are they all roughly equal? Ditto for the missions. Basically I'm just asking for recommended play order, where do I start and where do I go. I don't want my first mission to throw me in the deep end before I've even practiced evading a missile. So far the training tracks have been going ok, but I wish they were more hands-on rather than like watching a video. Would be nice if they were broken down into smaller parts or steps and we could jump back and forth. Anyway, seems some stuff seem to be lacking in the training. Like no training for MiG or Su-33 (and carrier take-offs/landings) don't suppose anyone has created training tracks for these? I'd also appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction to getting some extra tutorials and guides (not necessarily in-game). Can someone also explain the Pilot Logbook for me as well, at the moment it is a mystery, what's it there for? Sorry for the long post, I appreciate any help :icon_pidu
  16. The game itself generally works perfectly, and this error doesn't always happen, nor is it a showstopper. Only reason I mentioned that everything else works fine is because I really doubt it is a hardware error or failure. First this only happens with the Hog, second other testing like 3DMark turn up fine, temps are in line. I just think it is the current drivers which have a bug or two. I will wait for the next set which will hopefully be better. I don't think this is a fault of LOMAC nor EDs directly, though if they could put a word in to nVidia it would be nice. The latest Catalyst drivers seem to have specific LOMAC optimisations, I wish nVidia would do that...
  17. Hi, I see the exact same thing happening with the cockpit on occasion, doesn't happen all the time. My card though is an eVGA 6800 Ultra, drivers are 77.72 The fact that it happens on 3 different machines, as well as on mine, also counting that there are no other problems in any other game/environment lead me to believe that it isn't a physically damaged or faulty card. Perhaps just unlucky combination of chipset drivers and system settings. Also, for some reason it only seems to happen with the A-10, no other jets for me. That the same for you?
  18. It looks awesome, can't wait for release. Those actual in-game shots or photo-shopped.
  19. He said "rec.aviation.military" It's a newsgroup, you can use Outlook Express or Thunderbird to read them, or you can use Google Groups. They are basically like forums, but not web-based, and don't require registering etc. You should be able to set up your choice of newsgroup client to retrieve and post to the groups, your ISP should have the necessary settings and details. Not every ISP carries every news group though.
  20. Gosh, And I just saw a video of a Su-27 plane crashing into a crowd at an air show in Ukraine in 2002. Apparently the pilots managed to eject and survive but have been sentenced to quite prison sentence as well as fined very heavily.
  21. Yeah, I wish someone could improve the afterburner effect in-game.
  22. Well, v1.1 Flaming Cliffs itself is an add-on. So yeah, there are add-ons for it, and by the looks of it, quite a few mods and skins by the community as well. See http://www.lomacfiles.com As for the dogfighting question, well I'm very new to this myself, so I'd also like to hear what people say.
  23. As far as I know, you need the original Lock-On : Modern Air Combat. The demo though is stand-alone. What I'd like to know is if one installs Flaming Cliffs, if full functionality of normal v1.0 LOMAC remains. i.e. if I can still fly the original campaigns, missions, training etc?
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