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  1. x2 If you're talking about Remote Desktop, it wont work with a direct x application running. Also FYI there are some Win 7 versions that do not have Remote Desktop. I've become a fan of Team Viewer, it works well (but you have to buy it for server OS's).
  2. I can confirm that it does work on regular Server 2003. If your going to upgrade I would suggest using a non server OS. It is easier to find remote operating software that you dont have to purchase.
  3. I went back and looked at the 159th Forums during that time period and found the answer. We upgraded operating systems, because we couldn't get the NSIS installer to work with Server 2003 WE. We tried what nscode had suggested and then even tried ripping an ISO of the DVD. Both attempts did not work. We did confirm that NSIS.exe worked on Server 2008 WE, if thats any help to you.
  4. We had this same issue with our server when it had Server 2003 Web Edition. I PM'd Chizh to let him know about the problem, however I can't remember what the work around was. I deleted the PM I sent him, maybe he might have it still? Have you tried rolling back the service pack?
  5. I think what we call agree on is the FC2 behaves the best and has the most stability when running it stock. No ATC, no scripts, no tacview, no server export, ect, etc. Especially if we are going to stress an already unstable platform with 50-60 clients its stupid to try anything else. Want I want to do is test FC2 within its own confines. Standby for dates and times. I've started making missions to see exactly what our server and the software will and will not tolerate. We will also be testing staggered loadins by passing out the passwords in individual studs channels to see if that makes it easier for everyone to join. I think its safe to say though that LOCERF will remain as stock as possible until we iron out all other issues.
  6. The hope was that there was some stability/functionality gained in FC 1.2 versus 1.12 when hosting 50+ clients. We were proven wrong! The moderating staff now has to figure out what FC 1.2 will and will not tolerate. Most likely there will be some type of stress tests planned with different missions, triggers, etc. To sum up the event: The first failure was due to the server running both FC 1.2 and ATC (clients getting dropped repeatedly) The second faliure was due to IC issues. The third failure was due to a corrupt server config file. The fourth failure was a server.exe crash most likely due to the mission. We will work with the 104th to try and figure out the cause of the crash. Thanks to the 51st, =RvE= and 104th for trying to host this God awful mess of a Red Flag! EDIT One other thing: We need to treat the situation as if FC 1.2 was just not designed to have that many players in game at one time. We may have to return to a static map, few or no triggers with no moving AI.
  7. Briefings are posted on the 159th Forums
  8. Forgive me for posting in English. The teams have been assigned. The Russian pilots requested 8 positions. 4 lead by =RvAF=345 and 4 lead by =RAF=Nomad. I therefore posted the pilots on the blue team as =RvAF=1: Mig-29S =RvAF=2: Mig-29S =RvAF=3: Mig-29S =RvAF=4: Mig-29S =RAF=1: Su-27 =RAF=2: Su-27 =RAF=3: Su-27 =RAF=4: Su-27 I'll let dragony handle any further clarifications. Respectfully, Fudd
  9. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=922038&postcount=17
  10. TEAMS BLUE Fighters =DFA= Graywo1f: F-15 =RvE= Fusion: F-15 A.S: F-15 104th_Crunch F-15 104th_MoGas F-15 104th_Moa F-15 104th_Mac F-15 104th_Sparrow F-15 =RvAF=1: Mig-29S =RvAF=2: Mig-29S =RvAF=3: Mig-29S =RvAF=4: Mig-29S =RAF=1: Su-27 =RAF=2: Su-27 =RAF=3: Su-27 =RAF=4: Su-27 HiJack: Su-27 Ali: Su-27 159th_Moby: Su-27 Strike JaBoG32_Prinzartus: A-10A JaBoG32_Govinda: A-10A 104th_Tyger: Ka-50 104th_Gunny: Ka-50 104th_Manawar: Ka-50 SFJackBower: Ka-50 Svend Dellapude: A-10A
  11. TEAMS RED Fighters 3GO*CHN-405: Su-27 3GO*CHN-461: Su-27 3GO*CHN-479: Su-27 3GO*CHN-536: Su-27 3GO*CHN-414: F-15C 3GO*CHN-431: F-15C 3GO*CHN-490: F-15C =4c= Berkut: Mig-29S =4c= ZigZag: Mig-29S =4c= Kljun: MiG-29S =4c= sNip: MiG-29S =4c= Grom: Su-27 =4c= Jambo: Su-27 51st_1: Su-27 51st_2: Su-27 51st_3: Su-27 51st_4: Su-27 51st_5: Su-27 51st_6: Su-27 Strike =4c= Hajduk - Su-25T 159th_Pappavis: Ka-50 159th_Spetz: Ka-50 159th_TigGer: Su-25T 159th_Archer: Su-25T 159th_Nemesis: Su-25T Haril: Ka-50
  12. Extending deadline for STRIKE and CHOPPER pilots only (i.e. Ka-50, A-10A, Su-25A, Su-25T) New Deadline is Wednesday EDIT: Teams published, no longer accepting applicants. Squads may put pilots on reserve if there are cancellations or no-shows.
  13. I need as many pilots as possible. I'll take submissions up until Wednesday 2000 GMT
  14. Please see here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=54309
  15. We just recieved all the submissions, A.S. I'll post a roster on Monday
  16. Bumpity Bump! Today is the last day for submissions! PM me here or at www.159thgar.com S!
  17. Submissions are due this Friday. Thanks! 159th_Fudd
  18. Try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUyLBA8mUUQ
  19. One word: Manpads, and lots of them. Also trigger base defenses. One of my favorites is BRDM's driving at 100km/h. They will always ruin your day, especially if they stop and spawn more manpads :D
  20. :megalol: ...only Panzer :D
  21. http://www.hulu.com/watch/149644/saturday-night-live-bp-oil-spill-cold-open
  22. Welcome to LockOn Community Exercise Red Flag 2010. This thread is an information thread only; It will be designed to disseminate information to the community about this mission LOCERF 10-2. PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THE GENERAL INFORMATION THREAD UNLESS YOU ARE A MODERATOR. Please be advised that the LOCERF rules have been amended and can be viewed here: http://www.159thgar.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=69 Post your questions or comments here: http://www.159thgar.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3522 LOCERF 10-2 will be flown over long distances. Keep this in mind when choosing aircraft NOTE: All planes (and all armament) are available. LOCERF 10-2 DATES: The next mission will commence at 1400 GMT on Saturday June 19th If you are interested in participating in the next RedFlag please PM me Fudd no later than June 4th at 2000 GMT You must include in your post: Number of Slots Requested The type of aircraft you request (for example: 51st requests 2 Su-25As, 4 Su-27s and 4 Ka-50s) Also if your squad has an available ATC, please let me know that also. Each side will be required to have 1 ATC with a maximum of 3 ATCs allowed. If you do not PM me (Fudd) with this information then you will not be considered for the next mission. __________________ All Lonewolf Pilots: Please PM with the same information. Unless you have already done so, you will be required to pass a checkride in order to participate in the mission. __________________ The number of pilots that will participate in this mission will be limited to what is considered maximum for server stability. IF YOU REQUEST A SLOT IN REDFLAG YOU MUST BE ABLE TO FILL IT!!!!!! In the past we have had teams who decided to leave or pull out of the mission at the last moment. Please be considerate of your team mates and realize that you are hurting your entire team by not showing up. This also includes briefings etc, make sure you represent your squad and yourself well and attend scheduled briefings and the mission. S!
  23. OT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stapp Or watch The Right Stuff Edit: I dont think his character was portrayed in the movie... its been a while since I've seen it. Still a good one to see, though!
  24. You can get a low profile video card for as little as $20.
  25. Its still not a necessity. We ran DCS 800 x 600 you just need to be able to push buttons. Also servman made most of the process autonomous so clipping didnt matter. Edit One other thing thats super important is the OS your using. I recommend staying away from Server OS's due to the fact that it takes a fair amount of tech knowledge to get the machine to perform as a desktop. Also some remote admin programs will not work on Server OS's without purchasing a license which will cost you $$$$
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