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  1. I try to find some kind of shelter! House/hills/Buildings what ewer there is to Hide. Find the target! (In range!) (Open sea! well that is a little bit trickier) ;) Rise/Lock Target/Flares/Shoot/Missile incoming/Flares/Fall down..One more..Then split ;) NORMAL but it works pretty darn good ;) \\\MKC/// Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.61GHz Mainboard: ASUS M2N-SLI DELUXE ACPI BIOS Revision 0503 Chipset: nVidia nForce 570 SLI Physical Memory : 2048 MB DDR2-SDRAM PC2-5300 (333 MHz) - [DDR2-666]
  2. Säg till nästa gång du öppnar den!! Å fort skall det gå ;):pilotfly:
  3. yupp! Har ägt den nu i 2 veckor ;) Fyfaaaaan vad läckert!!!! Trot eller ej!! Curier mission!! Landade på båten på första försökte Skall prova och frappsa den med vegas! har alldrig provat ;) Bestregards:MKC PS: I'm available whole holiday
  4. Hi! I found this 2 for this problem! The first one worked for me. #1 /Config/graphics.cfg QUOTE... it is near and middle clip, change to this values, usually does the trick. near_clip = 0.1; middle_clip = 1; #2 This is a known issue with a few people, and it usually occurs when you mix new vid cards (nvidia anyway), new drivers, and try to run DX9 games with DX10. The solution: Force DX9 in DCS: BlackShark. The method: 1. Right-click on your DCS shortcut. 2. Select 'properties' from the menu. 3. In the 'target' box, rename the shortcut to include "-DX9". *example* "C:\1C\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\bin\stable\Launcher.exe" --console would now look like ---> "C:\1C\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\bin\stable\Launcher.exe" -DX9 --console 4. Click 'Apply'. This should run BlackShark in DX9 now, and as an added bonus, I get a couple extra FPS! BestRegards:MKC
  5. Hi I found this on other site! (related to blackshark) Config/graphics.cfg it is near and middle clip, change to this values, usually does the trick. near_clip = 0.1; middle_clip = 1; I have GeForce 8800 GTX It worked fore me. Bestregards:MKC
  6. HI! Is this procedure the same as a bow? In---->Config/graphics.cfg change to this values: near_clip = 0.1; middle_clip = 1; BestRegards:MKC
  7. Like the pilots sas... Wow Great work ! And thank you BR:MKC
  8. YUPP! Happy Happy Happy NeeeeeeW YeeeaR PILOTS....
  9. Hello again! I think I found the problem! ALEDMB ; When you talk t about TrackIR, I remembered that i downloaded the latest update 2 weeks ago, but haven't installed it yet, So! well well ;) Now it works just fine....1000 ThX for the replaying. Bestregards:MKC
  10. 1000 Thx To both of you, [Tusler] I'm already in Full screen mode...hmmm strange. Well I try to disconnect all goddis and Se what happens Thx Again M8's. Bestregards:MKC
  11. Oooopss aledmb 1000 thx Wow that wass it. Maby you can answer this Q: When I try to start Training mission! I can't use Paus/Brake button! to start a' training mission!??? + can't even exit back to main menu! I have to multitasking out to windows to close dcs.exe...then the main menu loads. Mission/Instant Action works like it should do...just press PauseBreak button and BS starting. Bestregards:MKC
  12. Hi all! I have just starting to fly BS Wooooow what a' SIM. Just installed it! And TrackIR works great....+ my HotasCougar with throttle!!! Some writers had some problem with throttle and had to asi it first to work. Well it works fore me without any configure, YET. Maybe you have to do that when you are using Profiles to HC!? I don't know yet. OK BUTT I have 1 Problem...;) I cant find my MICE/MOUSE to push all buttons in cockpit? It dossent shows up at all????? Anyone Know Way PS: I have look t' in to Option/Controller but can't find any thing. Bestregards: MKC
  13. WoW! That wass fast moving WooW:thumbup: this one is realy nice!! I wish fore some more Ide`s!! If that's OK with you? Take your time. YOUR thE Mana:thumbup:
  14. THX fellow friends! it helps me a' great deal!!! THX again....;)
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