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  1. Hes right, I got Scud 2 strike mission, briefing picture 2 had missing texture, when I started it did infinite loading screen, so never made it to engine init. I tried skip mission and I got Scud 2 strike again, tried all the same again, infinite load, skipped again. I just got to Scud 3 escort mission this morning. Missing texture in brief, infinite load. Same as Scud 2. dcs.log base_mission.miz
  2. Yeah I remember playing way back in 2015 with a10 I think you could. Don't even have an option here. Manual says if you reload and refuel they will too but I think you're right about SC, just takes them to park. I just tried to send them rtb and they decided to fly out over the ocean into infinity. So 6 years on I can they've really made great strides with ai.... lol.
  3. Ok so SC handles that? Yeah, I'm trying to get them to rearm but they disappear pretty quick, I guess I'll try the rearm and refuel radio command. Only played SC for a little bit.
  4. Question when you have the time, loving the campaigns and engine, you guys rock BTW! Ok so I would like to play out the entire 2-3 hours of a mission, say I complete my task and I go back to SC to rearm, my ai boys always despawn. Ok so I know the despawn option in configuration but I'd like to keep the other ai clear. Is it possible I don't know if it's engine or mission side, but if it's mission I imagine I can add a run script advanced with an if player group =*, don't despawn. Can we do that? I don't mind editing in the planner screen if so. I imagine it's an ez option to end to the backend and throw in an option on the campaign config. That'd be a cool feature. Thanks for you're help guys! Good job.
  5. Holy crap, its 2021, Im playing F18 and trying to figure out loadouts with campaign stuff and I stumble on this. I see Wild's loadouts and go hey..... So I look up user files, ITS MINE. lol what a gem to find, I dont even remember doing this crap haha.
  6. I wonder how the models are rendered in DCS. In Arma, or more accurately VBS (I used to work for BIS) each model has a thermal map that would separate it from the environment. It makes it extremely easy for thermal optics to pick up objects. https://manuals.bisimulations.com/vbs3/3-6/devref/#How_to/AMHT_Thermal_Imaging_How.htm%3FTocPath%3D2%2520How%2520to...%7CThermal%2520Imaging%7C_____1 I wonder if this can be done in DCS or they already are in a different way that just doesn't seem to be very effective..?
  7. Currently just finished up mission 5 of the campaign. It is slowly progressing. Its looking like playtime for each mission could be 2 hours at the least, and some I am imagining will be 4-6 depending on the number of tasks.
  8. I'm sure the runway has different lods like any other model, and these could be widened. Problem is they will have to do a lot of testing at each airbase to verify they look right and dont overlap other airfield objects as their lods change. So there might be a small chance of some change like this being done, however if you think about it realistically it would not be worth the time and effort for ED to invest. Its not a bug and not a showstopper of any kind. I welcome the opportunity for someone to come tell me I'm flat out wrong in all respects though. I may even invest some time into checking out the runways in a model viewer to see if anything can be done.
  9. My download has been running for around 24 hours. The last 20-30Mb's are not there. Considering peers is bouncing between 20-30 and I have seen my bittorrent connect up to 120 connections for one seed, I'd say the master is non-accessible. At this rate it might be done tomorrow if it can find the seed.
  10. Once>time more(1)>flag off(1)......etc Although mission start triggers have been working for me in beta... I've used them to add F10 options.
  11. Ok so we all have come to appreciate the lack of detail put into airfield procedures for DCS. But regardless I'm playing with it to see just how far I can push to get at least close to desired results. The problem: Place some AI flights around airfield with land waypoint and two flights on ramp with takeoff waypoints. The ATC will allow the ramp flights to takeoff while making the airborne flights wait to land. The desired result: I want flights to mix, so we have aircraft landing and taking off in mixed traffic. I want the player to see active traffic and have to wait for incoming packages. The question: How does AI ATC process incoming/outgoing flights? Does it weigh any calculations or make any compares? If there is a lua which define the behavior please point me to it. I want to see if there is a way to force the ATC to stop letting aircraft takeoff so others may land, what calcs are done and how I can levy the simulator against itself to complete my goals. I will be running some exhaustive tests today to see if I can achieve any better results based on what the incoming AI's fuel loads look like, and so on. If anyone has any knowledge on how to get traffic to mix better I would appreciate it. Right now I have four incoming flights and 3 outgoing and all 3 outgoing have time to start and taxi and even leave 1 minute gaps between when they taxi and are ready for takeoff and none of the 4 incoming can seem to slot into the frame while takeoffs and taxiing are proceeding. Maybe its just the airbase im at. Thanks for any help!
  12. There is no respawning. Once a unit is dead its gone for good. What we mostly do in this scenario is create many groups on the map and have them activate only when told. So I would have a radio command that turns on flag 1. Another trigger that is switched condition or continuous that checks for flag 1 on. If flag 1 is on its add +1 to flag 2, then turns off flag 1. ex: switched condition>flag is true(1)>flag increase(2,1), flag off(1) make sure you have a standard state flag at mission start for all to return to zero, cause we dont trust ram. mission start>empty>flag off(1), flag off(2) Now a whole list of group spawns. Save you have mig29 2 ships. You have 10 waves. You must build 10 waves on the map and use the late activation switch to activate them. As flag two counts from 0 to 9 using flag 1 on/off you have the spawn triggers: Once>Flag equals(2,0)>Group activate(mig29_group1) Since this is a once trigger it will only process once. So you can count up. Once>Flag equals(2,1)>Group activate(mig29_group2) Once>Flag equals(2,2)>Group activate(mig29_group3) Once>Flag equals(2,3)>Group activate(mig29_group4) Once>Flag equals(2,4)>Group activate(mig29_group5) etc. This is the pita way of doing it, theres also this: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=120325&highlight=cap+script that may work better for you. A couple things you should know, having a ton of AI aircraft waypoints eats computer ram. So while you can start each wave in a different location and a different way in you will have to test exactly how many aircraft you can have before mission lags out. Even if they arent activated they hold a heavy load. Maybe 1.5/2.0 improves on this, don't know. But the point is limit the number of waves, and the amount of waypoints each wave has.
  13. Wild Bill, I'm currently just finishing up mission 2 of a campaign, no idea how many missions it will be. The first mission took 2 weeks and the second took 2 days. I have to do some heavy testing this week to smooth it out for consumption. However, my campaign is your basic russia vs US campaign because I don't delve too deep in stories. With that being said I originally made http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=78749&highlight=border+patrol and went on to a squadron where I built much larger missions. Now I'm back on my own just piddling around. Anyhow I love realism myself, I am interesting is hearing what ideas you may have so I can incorporate them into some of my missions. If you'd we could discuss here or by PM but perhaps you can explain some of your ideas and we'll see what we can do.
  14. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=78749 I'm not really new, but yeah thanks, you too. Have fun with it.
  15. Here's a beta mission for you folks on the first run. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2556756&postcount=28 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1550189/ Version 2, took away the two tracks for the tanker, as if you switch the tanker during AI aar it bugs and they wont leave the nozzle under any condition. So now the tanker stays on the same orbit and speed at all times. V3. Removed a tanker track message I put in at mission start. Adjusted the clouds to be not as thick, but still plentiful. Made sure all vehicles that were supposed to be hidden and shown are, adjusted some of the AI's loadouts. Enabled fog of war in map, whatever that does, didn't notice any difference probably because I have most units hidden. My mission run time was 3 hours tonight. But I destroyed every last enemy vehicle. You dont have to wait you can send in the ground units before completing Tusk's tasking at any time. I also refueled once, and landed at Guadata twice, once to rearm, and the second to repair.
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