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  1. I've noticed another issue with slewing the F as well. If you assign TDC control to an axis (instead of just a direction switch), it causes the mav slew to jump around all over the place. It works fine for radar, but when you try to use an axis to slew the mav...it's completely messed up. Hoping for a fix soon :)
  2. Here is the best BVR advice I can give you for the M2000C: Don't get in a BVR engagement. We (hopefully) didn't buy this module with ideas of taking down Eagles and Flankers. As with many things in like, pilot skill can make up for a LOT of technical disadvantages, but the technical disparity between the current implementation of the M2000C and the simplistic FC3 aircraft is a huge gulf. I am also a fan of mountain engagements, but even here we M2000C pilots are at a big disadvantage. I absolutely love Russian aircraft, I have probably spent at LEAST 50x more time in Flankers than I have in Eagles (probably even more than that). While the SPO-15 can reveal a surprising amount of information to those who know how to use it well and have enough experience to fill in a lot of the gaps it won't provide, the RWR on the F-15 and the Mirage is way superior. As a software engineer who spends hours painstakingly making user interfaces easier to use, I also have to wonder what the hell the designers of the SPO-15 were thinking.
  3. I recently bought a 4K monitor, absolutely fantastic move, DCS looks stunning.
  4. Does anyone know the benefits of TrackIR 4 vs 5? I was recently looking at them and couldn't really tell if there was much of a benefit. Personally I am using an IR plugin with FaceTrackNoIR with a hat I made that has 3 IR LED's and it's working fantastically well, I can't really imagine TrackIR being any better than my solution (which was totally free).
  5. I am a mac user primarily. I write OS X and iOS software for a living. I even used to work at Apple. But I don't think that Eagle Dynamics should waste their time porting DCS to OS X. It would be a nightmare project. They should continue doing what they're doing and spend all their time on Windows. There are a few reasons. OS X can't use DirectX. Most macs have wimpy GPU's that simply couldn't run DCS very well. And most importantly, you can easily run Windows on any mac using Bootcamp. So there's really not much benefit.
  6. Honestly I am glad that they stopped doing 70% sales. I prefer paying the full price. They work hard to make this stuff and they deserve every dime. Besides, maybe if they make more money they can make cool new stuff faster ;) Perhaps a wise business decision would be to pick a several Flaming Cliffs aircraft like the Su-27 and put it on sale every now and then on Steam to attract new players. But I think they should always keep modules like A-10C at the full price.
  7. Yeah IR SAMs can be a pain. I would agree that the most important part is to stay up high. This has several advantages. 1. Many IR SAMs don't have a long enough range to target high altitude aircraft. 2. SAMs that are fired at you will produce a visible exhaust trail which is easy to see. I am always on constant lookout for these. 3. Since you are at a higher altitude, there is more physical distance between you and the launch location. This means the SAM will not have as much kinetic energy by the time it reaches your location. You can shake it off much easier when it is low on KE. You also have more time to react. In the real world, most pilots that get shot down never even knew it was coming, statistically speaking.
  8. I live here in LV and can confirm the large number of maniacs and idiots on our streets. You wouldn't even believe some of the accidents/incidents I've seen just driving to work/uni. Taxi drivers are actually great compared to some others, lol. Loving 2.0 so far, it's actually a lot more stable than I thought it would be.
  9. I bought a 4K display recently, a B286HK which was only $320. It's actually a pretty good display for a TN panel. I value resolution much more than any other aspect of a display so it was a pretty good deal.
  10. Honestly never ask a database/software engineer how much RAM you should get, we will generally recommend 2x to 4x more than what the average gamer really needs. :lol:
  11. Does anyone know if having quad-channel RAM (4x4GB) is any faster than 2x8GB? You would think it would be. Personally I originally just had 2x4GB but over time added two additional sticks. Only problem with it is that if I ever want to exceed 16GB then I have to remove one, which is a bit wasteful. EDIT: Looks like even with 4 sticks it's still dual channel on Z87 boards ;)
  12. I'm running two ASUS GTX 970's STRIX in SLI, runs DCS like a champ at all maxed out settings on 4K. I actually only meant to get one. But the card I ordered was back filled after I bought it so I called Newegg and cancelled and bought it from another source. Of course within 24 hours both cards had shipped. When I looked at my computer, it said "put it in me", so like any good red blooded Murrican I put both cards in in SLI. Better than an entry level Titan for most games. Although sadly I rarely ever play games these days. I mostly decided to keep both cards so I could run much larger deep-learning neural networks.
  13. I currently have a single GTX 760 2GB. Do you guys think I would benefit in DCS from having two 760's (identical) in SLI if I bought another? Would it improve DCS? My gaming rig exists solely for DCS.
  14. Is it possible to obtain location data for the location of your own aircraft on the map in DCS World? If so, what form is the data in, exactly? Thanks! - Brad
  15. Redbat, those access violation issues, in my personal experience, are usually caused by two main things. First, if you have buttons on your joystick set to control freetrack, and then you unplug that USB device and then try to open freetrack, it will give you an access violation and won't open. Solution is to plug that USB device (usually the joystick) back in. Second most common cause is scaling. Right click on desktop, click to change resolution, and click on the option to "make text and other items bigger or smaller", and play around with the scaling options to see which ones FreeTrack likes.
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