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  1. LMAO! You'll never see that manpad ( or even RPG ) coming. Right now we all know where the AI AA Specialist are in the missions ( they're out in the open and don't even move ) and they're usually only maybe 2. Now imagine 7 or so HUMAN Anti-Air Specialists on the ground protecting an armor company, which is embedded in a town surrounded by woods and such. You better blitz the shit out of that town before you get near it. ARMA proved why you put infantry in with armor. There is no enemy more mobile or stealthy. You guys should google for the Arma mission "They Came from Above" and play it through. Its an ACE 2 mod mission that puts you in charge of a very well equipped Special Forces commando team. Commander, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Medic, and one other guy ( can't remember his specialty ). Show you what HELL a well trained, well equipped infantry squad can put down. Takes you about 5 hours to get through the mission as you take on a large terrorist group thats been firing grads on an American position. It would be great to see this in DCS as I could call for REALISTIC Human air support.
  2. Lol, hunt all the human tanks you want. Its not the tanks that are going to get you. Its the INFANTRY. That's why tanks are backed up by them. Can't understand why some people don't want a realistic successor to Arma. Its the future. Get over it.
  3. Yep. If you want to stay alive and make money, this is how you do it. Bringing in tanks and infantry will bring in the FPS / Arma crowds ( and their money ). It will also make the currently stagnant battlefield a lot more interesting. FIM-92 flashes past your Shark. "Jeezus ****ing Christ! Where the HELL did he come from?!! " Slam down on the emergency fire button.
  4. Steel Beasts is ok, but its age really shows.
  5. Its a World. You can put whatever you want in it. Space Shuttle!
  6. I just want to know if there going to sell this as a server.
  7. Start small and build up. As for players, if you get the Arma / FPS crowd coming over, you'll have players. Look at how many players MMO's handle ( thousands ). If they can handle it, we can figure out a way to handle it. I really want to see this sim turn into an MMOFPS/FLTSIM. What the original developers of Falcon saw for its future. The Electronic Battlefield. I saw it back in the late 80's sitting in a US Army Server Shack, watching the electronic wargames between hundreds of people going on. Its possible.
  8. CA has already been made. Were talking about a REAL tank simulator.
  9. Oh really? Arma blows ED away in sales...
  10. Yep, it is simply the worst AI I have ever seen. I like how someone said the infantry soldiers were dancing around in circles like ring around the rosie. :doh::lol: But hey, at least they moved somewhat. Most infantry and vehicles I see just sit there like lame ducks. Its bad, bad, bad.
  11. Yeah, I can remember playing Falcon 4 right after it came out. It was so immersive. I'm flying along with my 2 wingies, and one calls out "Strangers". A flight of B-52's fly past way out front heading east of me. And I think "I wonder where they're off too?" About 5 minutes later, I see massive flashes from 2000 pounders going off in the distance, right about where they would be. Talk about a hot war! Now THATS a dynamic campaign. If a 15 year old engine can do it, I don't see why DCS can't. Something to add.
  12. Definitely will not be buying till they correct that. Putting in fake controls, or putting them in incorrect positions totally kill any sale to me. If I want crap like that, I'll just buy Arma or FC3.
  13. No, you would just have people playing different stations, and then be able to move between them. Just like sitting at a cockpit being able to look off at people at the other stations. Only difference is you can stand up and move over behind someone else to look at their station, etc. Just like in Arma where you are walking around the ship.
  14. Yeah, we'll have to see how good EDGE is. But really, fixing the AI and making some better terrain / objects shouldn't be THAT hard.
  15. @mmaruda. Yep. DCS could and NEEDS to learn a lot from Falcon. Dynamic Campaign Engine is EXACTLY what DCS needs with far more realism on the ATC / SA side. Shouldn't be that hard to copy from a 15 year old engine. However, it also needs what Arma has, and it should do that just like the planes, with REALISTIC modules. That is what sets us apart from Arma in the first place. As for power, the hardest game to run on my computer in terms of needing raw power is Arma, and I run it on a $500 laptop. So when they bring out the REAL DCS: WORLD, I'll go buy a $2000 desktop and it should be plenty to run ANYTHING.
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