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  1. I think if AI aircraft are on the deck taxing the crew will ignore you. Copercobra is correct It is a bug
  2. Same for me, not sure what the bug is
  3. Check, in the Hardware Manger, the HID devices for Power management setting. I have found several controller devices with power managment active
  4. I believe JTAC is broken. I posted a thread recently and discovered JTAC will only laser on certain vehicles. And have now resorted to using Mist to get a reliable JTAC
  5. m9matt


    I would also like to see the JTAC improved, as I see it as an essential part of the simulation. I posted a thread recently and discovered JTAC will only laser on certain vehicles. It's a pity as it helps the whole environment of this sim. I wish ED would spend a bit of time producing a polished JTAC as a module like the recent Supercarrier Module. I would pay for an improved JTAC and one that works. One that has options of smoke or laser which ever the pilot would prefer. But I fear ED may not have access to information or the time as they are concentrating on other modules. I guess there are lots of things we would like, but there is limited time to produce with such a complex sim.
  6. So I did a little experiment and replaced the 2nd lot of enemy vehicles which were unarmed trucks and changed these to the same anti aircraft trucks as the first target and JTAC lased the 2nd lot as he should. So it looks like JTAC will not lase certain types of trucks/vehicles. has anyone else come across this? Is there a list of vehicles that JTAC likes to lase?
  7. I've added the Mission file now in my first post. Please feel free to see why it will not lase the next target. I think they are close enough, but the 2nd target is WP instead of lase for me.
  8. Hi everybody Did a bit of playing around with the JTAC predator and asked him to laser a target. Found this useful when using the LST in the F18 to find the location of a target. There were a couple of strange findings I found with this. 1. You have to point the hud towards the location of the target. Helps if there is a waypoint to get you pointed in the right direction. The window is small to pick up the laser, and I found it helps if you use the flir marker on the SA page and fly towards the waypoint. 2. JTAC will only provide a laser if you have laser guided weapons. If using other weapons it only provide WP (smoke marker). 3. Once the first target is destroyed, the JTAC doesn't realise you still have laser guided bombs left and then asks you to use the gun and provides WP (smoke marker) for further targets. 4. You can pick up the laser once within 15 miles, dependant on altitude. Does anybody know a way of forcing the JTAC to laser all targets even if you have different weapons, so we can use the flir LST mode to find targets? JTAC Mission : SoH FA-18C JTAC Bombing v1.0.miz
  9. :thumbup: Pleased you got to the bottom of it.
  10. The JTAC unit is hidden in the mission. You can unhide it in the units list. I tried the mission and JTAC does not come up if taking off from Nalchik in the F18 slot you have created there for some reason. I moved your test F18 to Nalchik and JTAC came up, so may be something to do with the slots you have created.
  11. With the TPOD being added to the F18 would it be possible for some work to be done on the JTAC in DCS. I love JTAC and the fact he can point you in the right direction, but he is very clunky in his current state, often calling ABORT, ABORT, ABORT. Things I would like to see improved. 1. The communication seems like quite a long process, IP inbound, read back, etc. Although this may be like real life, would it be possible to have a shorter version, which may reduce on the JTAC confusion/communication. 2. I'd like to see if we can change the laser codes in the mission editor for different JTACs. Instead of the default 1688. I often like to set up multiple JTACs for different players. But with only 1688, only 1 player can use JTAC a one time. I know we can use combined arms, but it is difficult to convince someone to sit on the ground, when everyone wants to fly. 3. I would like the Player to communicate with the AI JTAC and ask for a choice of laser or smoke, depending on what he would require. 4. In the future I would like to see a Reaper drone as module, so a player can fire missiles and see through a map / FLIR to assign laser codes. I would pay for it and I think it would be quite simple to set up, without a cockpit being designed. After all we have real drone pilots out there in current operations.
  12. I had a little play in the editor and tried bombing. Did move the bombing locations around and used different bombers. The AI reacts in different ways to what you expect. The Battle Of Murbah.miz
  13. thanks Bignewy, new folder in saved games resolved the issue.
  14. Hi, Is anyone having problems using FARPS. I load a FARP and it does not appear in single player or multiplayer. The heli parked there starts in the air instead of on the FARP as the FARP is not showing. Any ideas?
  15. Having the same issue. 1.5.8 needed to be refreshed a few times, then the servers showed. 2.2.0 does not show any servers no matter how often you refresh/log out and back in.
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