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  1. I agree that you should be able to do it via a key bind. It would be as if you told him to chaff over the ICS.
  2. Flaps up on a cold start causes the wings to un-fold.
  3. Writes a post with perfectly valid points. Gets dismissed because of feelings. Typical ED.
  4. No climbing in the stack. If you need to go up you’d depart, go out ten miles and then come back in and go to the top of the stack.
  5. I don’t think that it makes much sense that a property of the carrier itself would be implemented differently in individual modules.
  6. Can this get looked into again? The need to hold down a button to slew is the issue here. With the option unchecked the ground radar should be able to be slewed without holding down a button.
  7. A covey launch. Note 6 in the attachment. This is out of the speed and angels carrier operations guide.
  8. Yep, something with the pod. Can someone recreate it and post a track here so that they’ll fix it?
  9. We typically use MIDS A and B for interflight/squadron which frees aux up for monitoring other buttons.
  10. If it is working correctly then they should change the text to “Realistic maverick tdc slew” as it only covers that one specific thing. Pretty bad user experience if that’s the case in my opinion.
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