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  1. On about 3 Windows 11 Pro updates ago, my Track IR 5 was undetected in windows booting from the update. I thought the hardware went B/O as nothing was detected after trying every USB port. I contacted NaturalPoint, who helped me out pretty quick, just had to delete all sources of TrackIR 5 and reinstall from scratch.
  2. Sn8ke


    Release it, release it now!
  3. Where do I install both files? When a drag and drop the S300 folder into mods/tech, DCS won’t start
  4. Are you still working on the VMFA-323 skin?
  5. If you guys are having trouble finding the tanker, try using radar and/or datalink contacts or the fail safe radio menu /, AWACS, ‘Vector to tanker.’ The reason people are having difficulties finding the real world answer on this is because its not something that is supposed to be widely known and understood. We are creeping into the grey area or security protected information. We got to keep our tanker brothers safe when forward deployed.
  6. Sn8ke

    ALQ-184 Long

    In justifications sake EW performs the same across the board in DCS as it is basically an “Artistic” representation of classified military hardware with little to no publicly available information.
  7. I can not say for certain with the LITENING Pod, however I have hundreds of hours operating both the IR, EO (Day camera i.e. CCD) and blended modes on both FLIR 380 HDc and Wescam MX-10 pods. I was a law enforcement tactical flight officer on helicopters before I became a commercial airplane pilot. I worked night shift and was airborne about 6 hours a night on the pod. On those systems, white hot/ black hot were completely separate from the day camera, since they were literally different camera systems inside the pod. The adjustments (Gains and Levels) or brightness and contrast in the A-10 and other platforms take hours upon hours to master. A combination of using white hot or black hot on one search is common dependent on the surface…i.e. trees, brush, vs a big flat roof of a shopping mall building. We also had focus adjustments in addition to gains/ levels, which would be adjusted continuously as the auto focus was never the best. On black hot, under no circumstance is a hot surface going to come up as bright white as in some of the images above. One thing to remember is infrared technology isn’t a thermal sensor, it senses differences in frequencies of light.
  8. IRL those infrared brightness/contrast settings will change from one place to another due to environmental factors.
  9. This is not an issue on gains and levels, aka brightness and contrast. Simply said, it is an issue of how textures are rendered. I just hope we don’t have to wait an entire month+ for a fix…
  10. I attached a track of my last mission showing a-lot of what your screenshots show in a similar post in the bugs section. Looks like they released new FLIR before the majority of vehicles even have FLIR-rendered textures. Also issues in BHOT mode with vehicles showing white hot.
  11. Not sure if related to recent updates, however the textures in the ladder door are so dark you can barely make them out. This isn’t consistent however, sometimes clearly visible, sometimes very dark.
  12. I'll look further, if that is the case, that is very realistic
  13. This is likely due to some vehicles not having IR textures assigned yet. However, in BHOT, vehicles came up very hot white, the same ones which weren't rendered white or black in WHOT. Attached is a link to my mission track. Otherwise, I have seen great IR renderings. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sv_Txnm4V0HGr1HiZMsiN3M7sTGUUMlo/view?usp=sharing
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