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  1. M-2000C Helmet Texture As promised. Sorry it took a while.
  2. Hi FoxOne, no "photo" - 100% 3D scan only, thanks.
  3. Yes will be working on that. But only Throttle and Flight Stick only for right. can't guarantee Nozzle Lever, but will see what we can do to work with ED on this..
  4. If you start a flight and press RIGHT SHIFT P, nothing happens you didn't get an update. Or you got issues with the install and would recommend to remove and add it again. DCS Open Beta
  5. Open Beta Update yesterday [Right Shift P] Everyone thanks and Happy Holidays, be safe. Will be adding more features to it, something I don't think people have noticed, right now the G Suit inflates, subtle effect, noticeable if you are looking for it. This will also go for the M-2000C Pilot in the future too.
  6. Ok when it comes out, it will be missing patches that will come next update, and other secret sauces on him. Right now depending on which livery you fly there are 3 different versions; You have the "Olive Drab", "Desert", and "Pumba" Styles. I hope you guys like him.
  7. It has been uploaded to ED and awaiting the next OB update on Dec 16th.
  8. Real AV8B Grip on the left and TM F-18 grip on the right. Swapped Sensor Select and Trim the sticks are very close in dimensions. The real AV8B Stick weighs less.
  9. Yep, should be, not much more to go.
  10. Still working on it, getting close, still have to finish the flight suit stitching etc.
  11. Latest progress of the VR Pilot Body.
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