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  1. 1080/i7-4790K/16DDR3 Better tracking Better quality Better frames Better clarity
  2. Did some more testing and also included the newest vrperfkit 0.3. This is an absolute game changer for me! Even on my 1080 I have clearer view, better tracking, no shimmering. Still force reprojection on due to missions, but even when i have it disabled i can maintain a solid FPS in an empty flight. VR future is looking much brighter! Can't wait for my upgrade to the 4000 series end of this year! ( Going to try to do the same for IL2 )
  3. First testing looks very promising! Tracking is at least much better!
  4. What version of shader mod is now compatible with the new update? Kegetys and then apply Taz NVG fix?
  5. I'm confused with the different shader mods and versions what is now the best working one or combination to gain more FPS in VR.
  6. +1 Would love to see this to! I know ED is fixing on hand movements but most people still use the mouse
  7. Just flew IL2 Cliffs of dover, and reminded me of Bartheks Mod! Looks the best, even better then IL2 Bodenplatte
  8. Would be nice to see some before and after screens of all seasons :), Have no time to try it out till the weekend
  9. Very good, love all your work! Any chance for F16 in the future?
  10. That was summer, while flying in VR. Distance urban areas are lighter green
  11. @Barthek Not sure if mentioned allready, but when you are on altitude and you zoom in on urban areas the color of that urban ground texture changes. From light green to normal green.
  12. For some reason a scripts folder is being created on the "C" drive. This folder is also in the DCS World/Scripts folder as where they should be. Any one else noticing this?
  13. Update: By editing the namefiles off the kneeboard files by removing the numeric starts it opens the interactive kneeboard directly with a red bookmark. This seemed to solve it, dont know if Red is still ok though, I changed all numeric files to start with a "D" for Day or "N" for night.
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