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  1. Problem with wind indication confimed on my side. Looks like it indicates to which heading the wind is blowing, related to YOUR HELICOPTER bearing, 000 being your 12 o´clock, 090 being your 3 o´clock, etc etc, it doesn´t indicate from which geographic bearing the wind is coming, as it probably should
  2. Thank you VERY MUCH, now I can really FLY and not constantly fight the rudder pedals
  3. Hello there ! I do not know if it is a bug, or something that is accurate on the real Apache, that's the yaw axis sensitivity, It is now days I try to properly set my rudder pedals yaw axis, I tried everything, curves (I tried +40), dead zone (30 and +), and that's always the same result: the helicopter swings energitically its tail like a happy fish, which results in loss of control and crash everytime I give even a very small input on the pedals.
  4. For condition "bomb in zone" or "missile in zone", please add an "any" selection, so you do not have to choose which missile/bombe model to trigger the action. Because if you want to make a sandbox mission for all playable aircrafts/helos, that becomes a NIGHTMARE to add a trigger for each type of bomb/missile that can be loaded on every playabl aircraft/helo
  5. To me, chances are really GOOD that the mighty Apache will be released wednesday. Why ? Wags said previously that it might be released even if not all tutorial videos are uploaded on YT, and cold-start video have been uploaded yesterday, so, to me, these are green lights. HOWEVER, if update there is, it will not be ONLY for the AH64 release, there will be updates for other modules, the extension fo Syria map etc etc, so if depends on these as well.
  6. Yes, next week is a reasonnable and plausible expectation
  7. Hello there, A concern I have regarding the map background on the TSD, will we really have the map background as it is shown on Wags' videos ? Although it is OK for "high flying" aircraft like the A10 or the F18, it might not be practical for low flying helicopters when looking for terrain details like elevation lines, rivers, roads, crossroads, forests etc etc. For that, in my opinion, the background on KA50 ABRIS would be a much more convenient for helicopters in top of trees tactical flight (Looks likes it is basically the F10 map), as you can every reference/point of interest on the terrain
  8. Thanks Wags and Casmo, now it becomes much easier to understand ^^
  9. I'm confused as well with this I-beam thing, that looks a LOT different from what I am used with KA or the Hind, which is straight-forward for firing rockets. But I guess that will be more evident and easy to do with practice From what I understood, to use rockets you MUST have something locked with sensors, you can not "CCIPing" them like the KA ?
  10. For me, the cyclic will be my brand new Constellation Alpha from Virpil and the collective will be the Thrustmaster Warthog throttle. I have as well a second screen to fit my thrustmaster MFDs and a Xbox controller I will use for the TEDAC
  11. Maybe put weapon selector on "off/msl", align what you want to shoot at with the fixed reticle small inner circle, "beeeeeeep", and shoot
  12. Hello, Everything is in the title, because keeping the buttons pressed when looking down and not seeing where we go is just terrible. I am surprised these key mappings were not added at the beginning, as doppler is the way to navigate from A to B in Mi-24, and these key mappings exist since years in the Mi-8
  13. Hello there, Something I have just noticed, APU air pressure gage (on APU start panel) shows no pressure when APU is started and running. Do you have the same ?
  14. Hello there, I use the doppler navigation system to navigate from A to B, but is there a way to remove the metallic bar that obstructs the lateral offset indicator view ? Honestly, I can ben my neck in all direction, I can not see anything (see screen cap)...
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