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  1. The Rat Pack flew this mission today with 4 A-10Cs and found it to be the type of mission we are always looking for. Good mix of tasking assignments and targets to improve our skills and group tactics. The randomized tasking assignments will keep things interesting for future runs as well. This is a keeper and we will certainly be running it again soon. Thanks for your contribution.:thumbup:
  2. I am running an AMD FX 6100 CPU, GTX 650ti OC 2GB, 8GB Ram and SSD and am as happy as a pig in slop with NTTR with most graphics nearly maxed out. It gets a little choppy around Vegas but I'm not that interested in sight seeing anyway.
  3. The only way to fix it in 1.5 would be to re-do the terrain textures. Everything works fine in NTTR.
  4. We have one regular member that lives in Durban.
  5. If you go to your saved games/ dcs/ a10/config folder and delete the view folder every view will return to default.
  6. I only have the open alpha NTTR install loaded. It is a full install and will remain that way until 1.5 becomes 2.0. NTTR will then be a separate DLC module.
  7. THIS guy's videos helped me a lot. Feel free to jump in when you like. It's a casual affair so no need to wait too long until you think you're ready. For some folks that time doesn't ever come so they miss out on the real fun of DCS.
  8. I have a GTX 650ti GPU. Is there any way to know if this is one of the GPUs that needs this driver update? I would love to hear from someone with an older card like mine to see if the new drivers delivered any improvements in performance.
  9. For what it's worth, in 1.2 and prior versions I had always noticed a significant difference in visual quality and performance when changing the antialiasing settings. Since 1.5 and after I have not seen the same changes in visual quality or performance regardless of what setting I choose in DCS options. It's as though when EDGE was added, that feature was disabled. Just sayin' :music_whistling:
  10. All players must have the files on their PCs.
  11. Many thanks to Aries for a great job with the voice overs. Mission accomplished!:thumbup:
  12. Mission accomplished! Aries has done a great job and I no longer need anyone else to do it.
  13. Click my sig for something that may be of interest. Please read the ABOUT page. We don't need spectators so if you don't have the balls to actually jump in and try a mission, don't bother.
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