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  1. I haven't read every line of the latest update, but I don't think that it has been implemented yet.
  2. Is it generating a log file? If so please attach it so the moderators can review it I personally had ton of problems with the Syria map. I ended removing all the mod, and the Syria map , updates DCS and then installed the map.
  3. t_hedlund

    Dead Loop

    I have done a few loops in the AH-64, I believe that I pushed the airspeed up to 120 and pulled back and used the rudder to correct. I don't believe that I had any weapon on it. I did find this video, where the creator was doing a loop, but I didn't watch his parameters to see how he does it. Full disclosure, I'm no not a helo guy, I think that the AH-64 is a mazing machine, but I'm lucky if I can get that thing off the ground without playing lumberjack and cut down all the nearby trees and destroying it in the process.
  4. This is another one to listen to...and it is from BVR Productions also.... Air Combat Sim: Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #23: AH-64D Apache with Casmo on Apple Podcasts
  5. @[16AGR] CptTrips, I do find this very helpful. I could see it very help in something like the F-14 also, as I always struggle with the switch placements. I'm not sure if you planned to or not, but something like your quizzes could also be configured for start-up and emergency procedures. I the plan to uploaded and the SME could fill them out. I don't know anything about the code involved in this, but if there is anything I can do to help let me know. Thanks again for this.
  6. That is awesome, thank you! This would be very helpful for other aircraft also. I wouldn't mind helping if you choose to add other aircraft to it..
  7. Ok, thanks for re-enforcing the curve free lifestyle. I have gotten so close, at least 8 times, just can't seem to make it happen. I feel like I'm fighting it too much, I will try and fly it more with my fingers. I never messed with the tension on the throttle, and in my last flight I noticed that there is a little portion (1/8) of the throttle throw that it goes too loose. So I wonder how much that could be messing with me, as it is right where I spent most of the time while, now I have to find that little allen wrench. Thanks again
  8. One of my big goals for 2022, is to be able to AAR, I don't really care what plane. I have been practicing, I usually spend about 20 minutes every other day working on it in the Hornet. My biggest problem seems to be making the micro adjustments when I'm closer to the tanker. Anyhow, I was wondering if the other Winwing Orion users are using any curves? I really haven't messed with them at all since I started using the Orion. Thanks for any help.
  9. I think that ED, did a great job on easing the blow on the delay in the release date, but that video looked sooo good now I want to fly it even more....LOL. I think that just kicked on the afterburner on the hype train....
  10. As far as profiles, I just found this and haven't tried it yet, but if you launch SimAppPro, log in and click on the Key Binding Tab, there are profiles that have been loaded to their cloud, for all the modules from DCS. Neat feature!
  11. I think that should be implemented to all modules, I would also like it if we could ask our wingman/flight their aircrafts status, fuel level and weapons remaining.
  12. Ok, so I have been shopping for a new HOTAS for several months and I was actually leaning toward another brand, but the more that I looked at Winwing, and how theirs replicated the F/A-18 controller, I decided to take the plunge and went with the Orion stick and throttle. Please note that I intend to use this for all the DCS planes and Helo, not just the Hornet. Ordering and Shipping-No drama in ordering it and with shipping, it was set to arrive on the estimated date. I wasn't going to be home to sign for it, so I had it delivered to the Fedex store and picked it up the next day. Assemble-Once home, the assemble was pretty straight forward. The pin that connects the left and right throttle is a little confusing to install and the manual wasn't as clear as I like, so I did find a youtube video filled in the gap. Flying-It feels so good to fly with, it is so solid and the throttle response it amazing, and the AB dent is very nice feature. I have a little concern of the wires that go from the throttle grip to the base, but it is supposed be pretty tough. Time will tell.. SimAppPro-This software is awesome, being a Mfg Eng, to have the data as to how the computer is seeing input in real time, and I haven't noticed any frame rate drops while running. Now, I haven't had to deal with their customer support, and no offense to them, I hope that I don't ever have to. So many people are so quick to complain about products, from my experience Winwing did it right......Thank you!
  13. After downloading the latest update, the update keeps crashing, with an error about firewall anyone else experiencing this also? Thanks
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