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  1. I understand. I thought you were talking about the George AI ability to fly the aircraft, but then I get it. It is still not what I want to do in this particular scenario, but it's nice to know it can be done that way if one wants. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I want to fly the Apache myself, so taking the CPG-function is not requested at this time. So I understand that the short answer to my question is that it is not possible to slew the TADS to a certain point or area through the Pilot HMD, and then take control of the TADS myself for continuous search and identification. Thanks.
  3. Hello. First; Holy moly what a module! Fantastic addition to the DCS hangar, and omg, the spinning rotor.... ED: Excellent work! Anyway; Being used to the TGP in the fixed-wing element, I am missing a function where I as a pilot without human CPG can take control of the sensors and get a visual overview of the target area. Specifically I want to identify the target area and then search on my own for targets to identify and prioritize them accordingly. Is it possible to slew the TADS to look at a specific area or point through the pilot HMD and then take control of - and slew the TADS in that relevant area as a pilot? Or is the current operation to slew the TADS to a specific location through the George CPG-AI and from there choose the targets he identifies? This is not a feature request, but more a clarification of its functions. If this is the way (no pun intended) it is supposed to work, then ok - I will adapt.
  4. I'm having issues reading any text in the MFD when the map is activated in the EHSD page. Everything is obscured by the background. Do anyone have similar issues or suggestions on how to solve?
  5. I'm experiencing something similar, where the smoke trail can stretch for a long distance when there's wind present
  6. Searching for "Tarawa" show the issue have been confirmed reported, luckily.
  7. I had this issue flying on the BlueFlag multiplayer server - Syria, yesterday evening, after the last patch was released. Petrovich seems confused scanning nowhere near where I ordered him to, and having difficulties finding the targets before I have to break off due to lethal distance. In singleplayer, this behavior is not present-Petrovich is scanning exactly where I point him towards, and he finds his targets relatively fast ("human" lag taken into account)
  8. Had the same issue on the "Low Level Hell" MP-server (open/public server). Parked next to resupply vehicle and also tried loading individual stations at Hatay. No drop-down menu. The day before it worked. Seems like an inconsistent problem
  9. I hereby request a livery for the Anubis C130J-30 mod, representing the C130J-30 Hercules fleet of the Royal Norwegian Air Force. Mod and template can be found here: DCS Super Hercules mod by Anubis - Mods and Apps - ED Forums (eagle.ru) The list of the fleet can be found here: Royal Norwegian Air Force C-130s Pictures of the lady can be found using a "simple" google search. I hope any one is up for the challenge. Thanks
  10. I am struggling with using the tool correctly. I adjust the values but it's either too much or too little. Is there a way to add some sort of reference-line or something to "aim" for. How do you "aim" for the correct settings?
  11. Any inputs on this? I am having the same issue. Left and right eye shows different reflections-effect in the propeller/rotor, windows and smoke.
  12. Well. To be frank, this topic was only to clarify how to run the HP-reverb to get the most out of it. No issues here, other than the need to understand what different apps to use with the headset. Oculus "needs" the Oculus Tray Tool, so i wouldnt say it's any more "click and go" than HP...
  13. Also, will I have to manually launch WMR, or will it run its settings in the background when launching SteamVR through steam?
  14. Most efficient response I've ever seen in the forum. Good job, and many thanks!
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