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  1. Assuming 8am Minsk time, that makes it 10pm Pacific Time. Not very good for a US timezone announcement. Try again at manufacturing more PR drama.
  2. I was playing around with the various monitor export settings while using a VR headset and they don't seem to affect anything. I'm curious if it's possible to have the main window be in VR and also have a second window set up like a snap view so that it can be set up as its own separate scene for streaming/recording applications such as OBS Studio. Basically a FOV (VR) view and a second "GoPro camera" view. Wouldn't need to be a full 1080p window or anything like that, I'm envisioning it as a background for a Picture-in-Picture window. Similar to what the StingTV used in their latest YouTube mission videos.
  3. Well, it was advertised as an Early Access release which means it would have been full of bugs since that is the nature of early access. I'd rather the time be spent to squash as many as possible prior to early access release, yet I am always sad when people assume early access releases will be bug free as that is very rarely the case. Definitely agree with you here. :) :thumbup::pilotfly:
  4. ${1} Love this little airplane. As an aside, I did some spin training over the weekend in a Citabria and the Yak 52 does a great job simulating spin dynamics -- it's a pity there's no way to have full body force feedback yet. :( Here's a clip from the real life spin training: ${1} :pilotfly::joystick::thumbup:
  5. Log files from my computer (server_debrief.txt) and friend's computer (client_debrief.txt). client_debrief.txt server_debrief.txt
  6. Yep! His auto generated log file shows both A-10A's that we were flying as clients as well as the F/A-18C that was flying as an AI unit. Maybe the server's log doesn't track client aircraft at all at server shutdown. We were both flying A-10A's My machine is both server and a client We both remained connected when I "Leave Server" from within the game to shut the server down We both own F/A-18 module (maybe owning or not owning the module changes whether the aircraft is tracked or not?) I am thinking server only tracks server's client aircraft (because it correctly logged me as KIA when I died in a prior mission but also logged him as KIA even though he successfully landed, parked, and shutdown) PROBABLY because the server disconnects all clients prior to shutting down and writing the log. So it is correctly writing out the 'state' of the world after all clients have been disconnected and the server has shut itself down; however, on a client the game writes the log once it gets a shutdown signal and therefore correctly tracks the aircraft remaining in the mission. We've only tested with two players, would be interesting to see if in a game with 3+ players if each client has a different list of remaining aircraft as they all get disconnect signals from the server and disconnect one by one hahahaha ie: Player 3 gets disconnect signal and correctly writes log that includes Player 3, Player 2, and Player 1. Player 2 gets disconnect signal slightly later, and writes a log that includes Player 2 and Player 1 (as Player 3 has already been 'disconnected'). Player 1 is server and after having disconnected other players, writes a log that only includes himself.
  7. For what it's worth - we ran into the "clients counted as deaths" issue tonight... but only from the debrief.log on the host machine. The client machine log correctly counted the client as alive.
  8. I'm running a GTX980 and have an i7 4770K - I think you'll be just fine upgrading your GPU. :)
  9. The current version of the Caucasus map only. New version of Caucasus will only be available in 2.5+ iirc due to requiring the new terrain technology.
  10. Ah yes, I missed the system specs in the signature - your machine only meets the minimum system requirements, which to be honest if you're able to run anywhere above "Low" settings smoothly with your setup you're getting better performance than advertised. Time to upgrade that GPU.
  11. And it should go without saying that Recommended System Requirements does not mean you can max out the game with those system requirements... just that they will give you an acceptable level of performance at a reasonably acceptable graphics fidelity (IE: 30ish fps with "ugly edges", as you said)... antialiasing is a particularly graphics intensive operation, in order to ramp that up you will unfortunately need to upgrade your graphics hardware. Since you are asking what to expect from 2.5, I would say you should expect it to run similarly to how 2.1 currently performs on your system as that is the closest version of the graphics system to what 2.5 will provide.
  12. Yep, logged in - found the other thread about the issue: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=196566&highlight=backer+page+blank so I'll just keep an eye there for updates. Thanks!
  13. Backer Section Request Serial Key Not Working Hey guys! Just went in to redeem my backer key for Spitfire and when I click the Redeem Serial Key button the page just goes blank. Does the same for any of the modules that I am able to request serial key for.
  14. DCS 2.0 only works with the NTTR Terrain DLC at the moment. So you'll need to purchase that to be able to use DCS 2.0. For now, if you don't want to purchase anything, use DCS 1.5 until they merge the two and the Caucuses region is available in 2.0. v2.0 / NTTR are considered Early Access. v1.5 is considered the current Stable version.
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