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  1. Thanks, will pay attention next time to teh BRC call.
  2. Hi everyone, is there a way to obtain the course data of the carrier? (for e.g. by radio?; not talking about via editor) Thanks!
  3. Hi all, anyone know what affects the kind of cloud artefact in the pic below? It was taken at AA x 4. If I add SSAO, then the striped become less pronounced but don´t dissapear. Thanks!
  4. Thanks. I already tested all "res of cockpit display" options. The pic below is taken @ 1024 every frame = max. Still the rez of the mirrors is low.
  5. Hey guys, The resolution of my mirrors is very low. Tested in multiple modules (F-18, A-10, F-15). My display resolution is 3440 X 1440. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Thanks!
  6. Hi Bignewy, Is a update of the stable version penciled in? Thanks, A.
  7. For me AA did not work properly since the release of nevada - MSAA or SSAA, And looking through the forum I was not alone. Thats why I was wandering what changed.
  8. I´m currently on MSAA, I havnen´t tested SSAA.
  9. Why does AA work again (since couple of updates ago) on 2.5 non-beta? Just curious, AA did not work properly in the last more than a year? What happend now?
  10. Switzerland is not per default assigned to any coalition (as one might expect :)..). When in mission editor, you must first assign Switzerland to either blue or red (this setting can be found in one of the upper left buttons in the editor.), then you will be able to select Swiss F-18's.
  11. Thanks Dflippink. :thumbup: I´m giving Reshade with SMAA a try now. I´m on open beta. Looks like a good compromise for fps/quality for the starters.
  12. No. Just go to Nvidia control panel / antialiasing -mode and select "enhance the application setting"
  13. Can confirm that only the "enhance" option works in the nvidia CP. Meaning you have to have some kind of AA enabled in DCS (MSAA or SSAA). In the old days (pre 2.5) AA by nvidia CP gave better fps.
  14. For AA (main Fps lever) it´s either: Option 1: DCS MSAA x 2 + Nvidia "enhance" AA for e.g. X 2 .. X 8 it doesn´t matter Option 2: DCS MSAA off and SSAA on 1.5 with Nvidia setting application controlled (slightly more fps than option 1) Setting AA in Nvidia control panel on override does not work.
  15. Hi Winterz, I have also a 970 although a different model. Try my settings and tell me if it´s better. Regards, A
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