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  1. Right now our Naval F/A-18C group is pretty full and we're bringing new guys up to speed on tactics and systems. Doesn't mean we are closed to accepting new Hornet people, however we would definitely welcome more dedicated F-16C drivers if interested. The 111th have become real masters at A2A and sneak attacks and they study and know the aircraft systems inside and out. If you want to learn from some super dedicated Viper pilots, here's your chance!
  2. You guys aren't alone. It's happening to a lot of people in our group too. I've been told it's worse in VR. I'm using TrackIR and it seems like the time of day or shadow angle has a lot to do with it. I was taxiing at Kobuleti and it was happening so bad, 75% of my screen went black. BigNewy posted in another thread that they have reported internally that this problem is present. Hopefully there will be a fix for it soon.
  3. OK, thanks. I may message one of the guys tomorrow and get some confirmation on coming updates.
  4. I thought that the ATFLIR was already part of updates already done. That's not the case?
  5. Absolutely, it seems like it has something to do with the auto focus under certain lighting conditions.
  6. OK, so we've been struggling with this problem for awhile now, and this can't be the way that this pod is supposed to perform. I understand the zoom part completely. It doesn't have anywhere near the range of the Litening pod. But the clarity is just terrible in certain conditions. In direct daylight without clouds, the images in the pod look great. Add some low heavy clouds in morning or evening and it just becomes useless. In some conditions the ground vehicles are so fuzzy, they just look like blobs of white, almost like bushes at a distance over 10 miles. What is going on with this and is this going to get addressed? Or is it something we're not getting about the pod? You can see that close it it's crystal clear, but if you're out at 15-20 miles it's just useless.
  7. Thanks for everything Wags, happy Birthday!
  8. I've updated the link on the other thread in the main recruiting section so it's persistent to our Discord server now. It's temporary permissions when you join our Discord channel so it can't be abused by trolls, but the permissions can be changed when anyone with admin privileges is on.
  9. Yeah, we're going to use this solution as well MTrenda. We've kicked it around for awhile and it's really the only option at this time.
  10. RGR Pikey, I was hoping that someone had played around with the LUA and knew how to modify it. I'm guessing that it's buried deep in the code and not accessible through just the general LUA files.
  11. RGR, we know it can be done that way but I was looking for another solution.
  12. Is there a way to actually change the turning rate of the carrier or any ships for that matter? We have the carrier doing a box pattern in our missions and it's apparent that the carrier has one turn speed only, as quick as it can. So if the carrier is in a 90 degree turn the deck is pitched about 30 degrees. I'm just wondering if there's any way to alter that turn rate in degrees per second or however it's set.
  13. Love the P-38 and fully support anyone that would decide to develop it!
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