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  1. Many thanks to you guys for pointing me in the right direction. I needed that help to get me to the right place.
  2. Hi, Would you be kind enough to walk me through the command prompt instructions to go to the DCS install directory please. Thanking you. I can find my way to the bin folder then I am stumped.
  3. I reported this on this link a few weeks ago and the replies I had suggested that some guys have had this problem which can appear and then disappear. One solution I was given was to move the throttles to the idle position and then to Fuel Cutoff before switching anything on. I found this to work although not a suitable solution really. Hope this helps.
  4. Go to DCS and to the Downloads section and download and run the DCS World 1.5 installer. The file name is DCS_World_Web_Installer.exe. It will copy files from your existing Beta version then download any other required files from DCS.
  5. I have DCS World 1.5.2 open beta and 2.0.0 open alpha installed. I removed 1.2.16. In order to have the final version of DCS which will include 1.5.2 and 2.0.0 do I have to reinstall 1.2.16 and update from there. many thanks for your help in this matter.
  6. DCS 1.5.1 will not update to 1.5.2. It just does not see the update.
  7. DCS World 2 When DCS World 2 comes out would it be best to do a fresh install or to just update the present version.
  8. F16 SEAD aircraft I have noticed for quite a while now that the F16 SEAD aircraft have their pods detached from the fuselage and are positioned beneath the nose of the plane. Thought it would have been sorted by now which is why I have not mentioned it before. Am I the only person seeing this.
  9. I do not seem to be able to rearm and refuel when playing in game mode. I was able to do this in previous versions of dcs but in 1.2.10 it is not possible. However it works okay in simulation mode. Am I missing something
  10. Yes I have and I get modules for purchase or installed ones such as Su25T, but no sign of where to get my A10C and FC3 again.
  11. After a mobo and CPU upgrade I reinstalled DCS and then went to reinstall my modules but the screen I get shows me modules for purchase or the ones that are installed with DCS. I deactivated the modules before I did the upgrade. Any help please.
  12. I have updated to 1.2.8 and I cannot fly the free Mustang. I have tried in Instant action, Create fast mission and Missions the game loads up to the point where the aircraft appears but nothing works after that. I cannot get into the cockpit or even cancel out I have to restart the computer. I have A10-C and FC3 and they all work fine. Has anyone else seen this problem. My apologies it seems Mustang will only run in simulation mode and not in game mode.
  13. Thanks Home Fries, that is good to know.
  14. Thanks guys I did have to reactivate, but I did not have to deactivate first as there was no change in the hardware.
  15. After recently installing a new SSD i reinstalled Windows 7 and DCS with FC3 and A10c, I had deactivated these modules before the harware upgrade. Then I had a BSOD which resulted in my having to reinstall everything again. Can I just install my modules without having to go through a deactivation process. There has been no change in the hardware. Thanking you for any help.
  16. Hardware update Thank you kindly sir for your response. Much appreciated.
  17. I am planning to fit an SSD Drive to my computer alongside the original HDD, but will be deleting everything from the HDD and installing OS and DCS on the SSD using the HDD as a data drive. Will I have to deactivate my DCS modules from the HDD before I can install them into DCS on the SSD.
  18. OK thanks I will try that as I was at a low altitude.
  19. I am trying to fly the A10-C mission The serpents tail. I would like to use CBU 105's but when I setup the profiles I get an 'invalid fuzing' message appearing on the HUD. I can fly another mission using the same parameters and all is fine. Is it just the mission is not upto date. Thanks for any help.
  20. Recently installed DCS and purchased A10-C and FC3. Everything worked fine for a couple of days playing mostly on training and create fast mission. However this morning when I clicked on Create fast mission nothing happened. Training and Instant Action works fine except the training missions for the F15 have disappeared. Uninstalled everything and reinstalled and the problem persists. Can anyone throw any light on this problem please.
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