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  1. I'm really interested in F-4 Phantom ll and this aircraft have a lot of variants and I'm wondering... why the HUD on F-4 looks so small?? did it become lager in later version? how F-4E fire AGM-65 without any screen or display? can F-4E fire AGM-45/88 ARM?? how F-4G WW fire AGM-88 HARM without MFD? and I apologize for my awful English :P
  2. hello guys here are some problem that I found, and still not working after the last update 1. Autopilot system (ED tell us that we may need to delete our input file to reset, which I've done, but not work for me) 2. Power up/down command (Num+/Num- key) 3. endless refuel(not sure) I found all these problem in multiplayer(I haven't test A-10A in singleplayer, so I don't know if these problem work in singleplayer or not in this moment) does anyone have the same problem? I really wish that we can fly a solid A-10A just like A-10C thanks, Charlie
  3. Totally agree!!! every time I searching target in A-10A, my eyes is going to pop out of my head 0.0!!
  4. FC3 is not an add-on for Lock on FC3 is an add-on for DCS world so... Why do we need LOMAC installation to install FC3? because ED & Ubi have a contract for Lock on FC3 will detect whether the Lock on is installed or not during the FC3 installation if the Lock on is installed, you should be no problem during the installation if the Lock on is not installed yet, the FC3 setup will tell you that the LOMAC is not installed, install LOMAC before install the FC3 What we do is... 1. install Lock on(wherever you what) 2. install DCS world(of course, wherever you what) 3. install FC3 into DCS world folder(DCS World folder should be the default path of FC3) there you have it:) note: do not install Lock on into DCS world, or install DCS world in to Lock on folder do not install FC3 into Lock on folder Lock on is completely stand-alone, you can remove it after installed DCS world & FC3! if you are not clear with it, i apologize for my bad English:P
  5. +1 haha...I've done the same thing, I spent a lot of time download that freakn training video, after I finished the download, I was really really shocked :shocking: and then, I found that ED have upload these training video on the Youtube... here Yeah, I agree that ED can create a much better training "Mission", not just these low resolution video but I think ED just don't want to do it all over again
  6. appreciate it the release mode control knob always set at off this bug has not been solved I hope that ED have noticed about it and fix it as soon as possible and btw, there's a graphic error in the F-15C's after burn
  7. Solution(Simplified Chinese): http://www.insky.cn/bbs/thread-60368-1-1.html Although this is a English forums, I'm still going to post this in case users of other languages have the same problem(especially Chinese users)
  8. Once you lock on the target Press and hold weapon release button for at least 2 second In a Russian fighter, launch the missile after the "LA" symbol appear go to ED's FC training video, to learn more about operate F-15C's radar pretty useful :)
  9. Hello guys, Originally, I install DCS World+FC3 on 32-bit XP, it works fine, but there are some problems, like when I join the multiplayer game, it crashed and I recently found that DCS seems work better on the 64-bit system so I move it to the 64-bit Win8 pro DCS world works just fine and all the problems are not appear on this 64-bit system but after I installed the FC3, I can't enter the game anymore I mean, the DCS world can still opened, but when i press "FLY" the software stuck on the desktop and stop response I have to force to shut it down I don't understand that why it works fine on 32-bit XP but failed on 64-bit 8 and I don't think that I did something wrong during the installation does anyone have this problem? should I turn off the UAC or anti-virus software during the installation? Thanks for helping!:smilewink: Charlie
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