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  1. Hello! When starting DCSW I encounter the following popup window (pic 1). After I have installed the previously purchased NTTR terrain I gert another popup window (pic 2) anbd NTTR fails to activate even though I provide the correct activation code. Please help me resolve this problem
  2. The new update requires 60 something GB on my SSD... It looks like I have to uninstall modules to get updated :-(
  3. After an update I was confronted by a situation when the updater told me that the possibility of downloading an update to another drive and installing from there is no longer available. I don't think this is a good decision because a lot of DCSW users have it on an SSD and finding the extra space needed for an update can be a problem. I only have about 16 Gb free on my 256 Gb SSD and the update needed more than 20. I really had to think hard how to free up disk space...
  4. Thanks for the help! I have updated DCS and the problem is now gone :-)
  5. Every time I run DCS an activation window pops up, trying to activate the Black shark. After i press Activate it says "activation successful" and the activation window hust stays there - see enclosed screenshot. What may be the problem and how do i fix it?
  6. I thought it was mainly designed to counter pop up attacks from US helicopters on advancing columns...
  7. If a chopper, travelling at 60 mph to avoid detection, is being fired upon with an AMRAAM, travelling at 3045 mph i really doubt, that the pilot will have sufficient time to react. At a 10 mile range it would take the AMRAAM roughly 12 seconds to reach it's target - I do not think that this is enough to perform an effective evasion maneuver...
  8. I wonder if the Ka-50/52 can really do anything even if it is notified via RWR that a missile is incoming. I do not recall if the Ka-52 is equipped with chaff dispensers, though... I guess putting a mountain or a building between the chopper and a land based SAM is useful, but against an airborn launch it should be practically defenceless. Maybe that is why they did not use a RWR in the first place - if a radar guided missile is launched against a chopper it is dead...
  9. The DCS World\_downloads\.torrents folder takes up more than 7 GB on my SSD. As a result, I don't have enough space (60 Gb) to install the Persian Gulf map, which I plan to purchase. Is this folder only used for storing donloaded updates and I can delete it's contents safely, or it is needed for DCSW to run properly?
  10. Another vote in AN-2 favor - it will surely be a great addition for resupply runs and insertion.
  11. I'm not sure about preload radius - but this is what the visibility setting does to my system ;-) All other settings were set to low, running latest build of 2.5.4. AVG, Min and Max are FPS measured by fraps with the default Su-25 flying the same free flight mission over Tbilisi without any control input.
  12. Thank's for the answer thrustvector :-) I have created a mission with my Huey sitting on the ramp and placed one infantry unit and one manpads unit right next to it. During the mission I used the communications menu and there was something called AA Descent, i think. However - none of the units where there - this entry was empty. Even if I opened the doors of the UH-1H I couldn't issue the command for them to get in - is there anything I am missing here?
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