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  1. In reply to your post, I have yet to receive my shirt. Would it be better to email you with my main email, or the one that my paypal is linked to?
  2. Oh, it is coming from Poland? Okay, that explains why mine hasn't come to the states yet. I will keep you posted when it arrives.
  3. I don't get what this talk about the Viggen not having radar missiles is about. It was able to carry the Skyflash missile, and is also the only plane in existence to get radar missile locks on the SR71 when they were on their return leg, despite the ECM jamming. (The targeting computer was fed data from ground controlled radar. This would happen pretty regularly and it is believed that had a missile been fired, it would have hit.) I personally can't wait to fly this beast.
  4. Hello, I recently accidentally messed up a script for the mig21, so I decided to uninstall the Mig21 module, thinking that I could reinstall it. Now the Mig21 module doesn't show up in the module manager, and there is no option to reinstall it. No popup saying I can. It doesn't even show up in the store in game as an available module. Please help and tell me how to get the game to reinstall a module. Edit: I restored the folders that I manually deleted, and uninstalled it through the manager, then it showed up for reinstall. I guess I missed a file.
  5. Open up the game, click the 4 little boxes at the top of the screen to open up the module manager. It will then install all of your modules.
  6. I am loving this plane. I personally cant wait for the ZA version with the autocannon.
  7. I probably did something wrong, but I was doing a practice flight today, came in for a landing, dropped my gear, and went to drop flaps, but they refused to move, no matter how my times I pushed the button. Is there something that would lock them into flight position?
  8. I too would love to have a recon flight ability with the L-39. Really, the more I can do with the L-39 the better. Heck, I can't wait until we get the ZA version with the auto cannon, so I can set up a few missions where you chase down drug runners. (Based on a video I saw of some South American jets splashing a drug runner plane)
  9. I would love to beta test your campaign. It definitely sounds interesting.
  10. Ah, okay, thanks. I just finished installing 1.5
  11. Hi, I just purchased the Albatross, and when I went to download the module's beta, it takes me to a page that says that the file is not available. How do I download what I just spent money on.
  12. Am I missing something with the Mig-15Bis? I just looked in campaigns and there was nothing for the Mig-15. I then decided that I might as well learn how to use the plane since I couldn't figure out how to use the cannons in my shakedown flight, and there were not tutorials either. Both campaign and tutorial didn't even have a tab for the Mig-15, just my other planes.
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