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  1. Hey Would someone out there tell me how to turn "ON" Nosewhell Steering ????? Thanks
  2. Hi VampireNZ I can't get the spoilers down would this stop the aircraft from have Nosewhell steering ? Where is the spoiler switch or what key command will lower the spoilers ? Thanks Chuck
  3. Hey guy's Iv'e tried everything but still can't get the nosewheel steering button #6 on aircraft stick to be Active. Chuck
  4. Hello I can't get the Nosewheel Steeriing button #6 to engage,it's not active. Can SOMEONE HELP ME with this problem? Thanks Chuck
  5. Is this problem on Ed side or the aircraft developer to fix it ??
  6. Hello I'm using a (MS) FFB Sidewinder 2 USB Joystick with DCS World and it functions real well. (Best Joystick I've ever used) but the problem is it's Taking out all my Mod's Trim controls. Anyone out there using a FFB Stick having Trim Problems ???? Thanks Chuck
  7. Hello. I just purchased a MS Sidewinder 2 FFB joystick and I don't know how to:, Quote " In DCS you have to swap FFaxis in "FF tune" in the Controllers option menu". This you posted a long time ago and I would appreciate any help you could give. Thank You Chuck
  8. Hello Would someone out there using a Microsoft Sidewinder 2 Force Feedback USB joystick tell me were I can Download the Drivers ? Thanks Chuck
  9. MSSFFB Joystick Drivers for Windows 10 64 Bit Hello Do you have a Link I could use to download Drivers for my MSFFB Joystick ? Thanks Chuck
  10. Hello Just purchased a MS FFB 2 USB Joystick from ebay , can you give me the link to Download the drivers for it ? I would really appreciate it. Thanks Chuck
  11. ZOOM OUT PROBLEM SEE ATTACHED Screen Shot of my System Options Settings. Chuck
  12. ZOOM OUT PROBLEM No matter what I try I can only Zoom out this far (SEE ATTACHED). Chuck
  13. I have triple monitors and I can't Zoom Out to get the COCKPIT out of my face and only seeing 1/3 of the main panel. I can move my head up/down to see the area I want to see but when I hit the Center Key I ONLY have 1/3 of the main panel on screen. I have my resolution set to 5760 X 1080 and I followed the instruction from a TrackIR Video on youtub in setting up the ZOOM View in Game but nothing changed, Has anyone out there with TRIPLE MONITORS running DCS WORLD have a Fix for this problem? Thanks Chuck
  14. BIGNEWY We're can you find what changes this update has made? Chuck
  15. Were can I download the F-86F RELEASE,my current versions of DCS World are and Chuck
  16. Hello BIGNEWY What's the deal on the F-86F out of BETA to final release, how can I upgrade my module ? SEE ATTACHED Chuck
  17. BIGNEWY I think the problem has been between the headphones all the while, I've been making my final approaches with to higha Engine RPM. I also turn off "Auto Rudder" and then made a couple successful landings. I'll try and change my landing procedure and see what happens. Chuck
  18. Hello Well since talking to you I changed my Landing procedure a little,well I should say a lot :-))) I notice I've be coming in with to high of Eng. RPM. I just made a couple successful landings by backing off the Eng. RPM and I took off AUTO RUDDER. So I'll work on my new Technique and send you a Track when I have a decent one :-))). Thanks
  19. So are you saying there a Crosswind and it's in the simulator program and can't be changed ????
  20. I've tried the Repair Option 3 times already and for the name of the graphics program I'll get back to you. Can you give me any Tip's on what I'm thinking about doing?
  21. I just thought of something I tried to ADD On to my DCS 2.0 NTTR a few months ago that might have caused this problem. I tried to install a third party Graphics Enhancer software program. I couldn't get it to work like I seen others ON You Tube had success. I screwed around with a lot of in game files so maybe that did it How involved would it be to deactivate DCS 2.0 NTTR + Modules and Programs then reinstall a fresh DCS 2.0 NTTR ? Chuck
  22. I have control of all 3 Axis ,Yaw,Pitch and roll on approach and I always make it to the runway. On the approach the torrian moves to the right and I checked in the Mission editor ,there's No wind set. Is there any where else in the mission were some wind might be set in ? I have all CH PRODUCTS ,Throttle,Yoke, petals , and have the controls mapped.The P-51D and TF-51 in DCS 2 NTTR are the only two with this problem.
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