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  1. Of course, but I wonder in 10 years' time whether all modules will become advanced ones with FC3 AC being phased out completely. On a sidenote, is there a way to make acquisition brackets move faster on hat switches? It's too slow as is.
  2. Picking up the tiny dots on the screen is a pain compared to how easy and nifty it is in the F15C, especially the TWS multi-targetting. Add to it the frantic pressing of the IFF buttons and it doesnt look to be a sexy option for MP BVR engagements.
  3. Any possibility of including newer maps since I pop in the server every now and then and would like to make use of those DLC maps just collecting virtual dust for yonks now.
  4. I don't think I'll be getting any more DLC maps since most MP servers still focus on Georgia, which has grown beyond tedious now. Maybe Nevada and the Gulf will pay off once dynamic campaigns become a reality.
  5. What's stopping me from getting more modules during sales is that MP just plain isn't accessible. Why doesn't ED host a few community servers for quick and fun modes that don't require too much time and effort?
  6. I can't get Twitch's HMS method to work, the 2A42 just stays centered in the default position. Please help!
  7. The Mirage is definitely growing on me, even though I'm not really interested in learning 70% of the simulated functions haha.
  8. I enjoy the map, despite the barrenness of the landscape outside the Las Vegas area. But the MP doesn't see much activity even on weekends. I reinstalled DCS 1.5 beta because of this, even though I got tired flying over the Caucasus. Any reason for such a lack of activity?
  9. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1713408 Is this mod still applicable in DCS 1.5?
  10. Can't you just enable flight mode so that the phone tethers to the PC's network only?
  11. Trinus has a fake 3D option. KinoConsole can duplicate images on the phone itself, and so does Intugame VR (payware).. Make sure you connect via USB tethering and not Wifi.
  12. I wouldn't play with cardboard VR in multiplayer.. but sometimes you want to play using the novelty of 3D/VR :smilewink:
  13. Doesn't trinus use windowed mode? Have you tried another streaming app like Kino? If your card is Nvidia you can use Moonlight for better performance. Can you please try DCS native stereo 3D and tell me if you can get the crosshair on the HUD centered without crossing your eyes?
  14. I have a serious problem with the DIY VR.. when enabling the native stereo resolution the HUD sight is not aligned (because each eye has a different angle) and it renders it useless. I know I can use a 3D driver but the native effect is much nicer. is there a workaround? Maybe making the HUD cursors 2D?
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