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  1. 1) Ah right. Those are FARP spawns. As for starting at the blue AB, I forgot about double clicking Multiple Slots to pick my aircraft. My bad! 2) Thanks for the insight. I think I'll try more groups with fewer vehicles instead of fewer groups with more vehicles since they have a 'herd speed' limitation. As for the AI getting bogged down in built-up areas, I guess not much can be done currently. Perhaps mission design for "Blue on Defense" could avoid built-up areas when selecting travel routes for enemy ground vehicles/tanks. Thanks!
  2. Ver 1.2.0 Issues 1. I am not understanding the standard game format for non Blue on Defense mission. It seems to have changed. For example in Vegas Tour or Dubai Tour, using 'Multiple Slots' in the generator, the client Apaches now start in the enemy zones instead of at the blue AFB like before. Blue FARPs also show up in the center of these enemy zones in the ME but not in the game. See screenshot below. Is this correct? The previous version made more sense. Am I missing something? 2. I tried Nevada Vegas Tour with Blue on Defense. Doubled up on the enemy ground forces to overwhelm blue at Alpha. But they all get stuck in the residential areas before Alpha, the tanks running over parked cars causing fires and then just sitting there looking to buy property, lol. They do take the roads and sometimes go off-road as well, though I noticed the force off-road option has been removed. But the enemy vehicles travel a lot slower now compared to pre v1.2.0 and changing their speed in the ME (for this mission) doesn't make a difference. Seems Blue on Defense still has this type of problem when the enemy tanks/vehicles travel long distances through densely built-up areas. Still a fun generator though. Any tips? Thanks
  3. Axis curves like 15-30 and saturation Y at 80-90 are commonly used for the Apache unless you have a good extension for the cyclic like in a real helo. I watched a YouTube vid of an ex Gazelle pilot fly DCS gazelle and he uses a saturation Y of 60. Reason he said is that a standard hotas stick is short and roll/pitch inputs are thus exaggerated when compared to a real cyclic stick which is long. But the (DCS) Apache is more unforgiving. I flew the sim Huey yesterday for the first time and found it noticeably easier to control - no sudden snap rolls or spinning. So give it time.
  4. You can just do a trim switch left again (ATT hold) or down (disengage all) to disengage ATT hold. In a stable no yaw hover, there is always some left pedal. So I think when you reset trim, the pedal centered and there was no more anti torque and so you started to spin. Did you check your controls indicator (RCtrl + Enter)?
  5. Even with the 2nd detent (RHG LRFD), you'll need to hold the trigger down.
  6. Just did some testing. For me when it has problems... PLT NVS MODE OFF TEDAC Display: a) FLIR (Sight TADS) BRT, CON - working LVL, GAIN, Polarity - not working After mission restart: All working now. Bug? FLIR (SIght C-HMD) BRT, CON - not working (but this works when Sight is TADS). Bug? LVL, GAIN, Polarity - not working (could not replicate) After mission restart: Same as above but LVL, GAIN, Polarity now working. Bug? b) TV BRT and CON - working LVL, GAIN, Polarity - not working (not meant to work I guess since they are for FLIR only as per manual) After mission restart: No change, same as above. Working as intended. PLT NVS MODE ON IHADSS View LVL, GAIN, BRT, CON, Polarity - all working, no issues here. TEDAC Display: a) FLIR LVL, GAIN - working BRT, CON, Polarity - not working (could not replicate Polarity fault) After mission restart: Same as above but Polarity now works. Bug? b) PNVS - LVL, GAIN - not working BRT, CON, Polarity - not working After mission restart: Same as above. Bug or working as intended?
  7. Seems to work on my end. I don't have pedals though and use a throttle hat (L/R) instead. Just to check, when you release your pedals, does the white diamond in the controls indicator for your rudder go back to the previous trimmed position? (In my case I have to move my L/R hat deliberately as the diamond always stays where I last moved it, meaning it 'trims' itself, unlike the cyclic stick.)
  8. I'm curious to try ATT hold for hovering. My understanding of ATT hold comes from jets where you keep moving forward in the same attitude. So in a helo hover, ATT hold just stabilises pitch, roll and yaw albeit without the need for forward movement?
  9. So I maxed out the enemy groups per zone but they seem to get bogged down at Alpha nonetheless. I have now added like 7-8 vehicles per group to overwhelm Blue and will test to see if they can make it to Bravo.
  10. Yeah ROE color in manual and sim are mixed up. As of now green is weapons free in sim.
  11. Is the splash damage effect shielded by the trees completely or does some of it pass through?Yes I now use the ME to reposition those hidden tanks.
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