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  1. Has anyone been using the new FPS lock facility with this update to get more stable performance. I have an index and you can now select a lower fps target within the video settings. Question is does this use reprojection to hit the FPS target. I was trialling DCS at 60 fps and it seems smooth without the warping from the reprojection technology. Just wondered if anyone know how it works? Also does the additional prediction slider do anything - not sure what it is for? Thanks for any help Kevman
  2. TBH i dont think that 24 Gb Ram will help much with DCS or any game. The reason I bought a 3090 is because I did not want to reduce my ram to below my current 1080ti. The 3080 should have been at least 12gb in my opinion. Sure I could have waited for the mythical 3080ti but the 3090 came up on NV website for the RRP of $1499 so I was like what the hell. The 3080ti is likely to be a better deal but I am not sure when it will come out plus it will be in strong demand so it could be well into next year before I could get one. Sometimes time (and not waiting) is more important the money. AMD also looks promising but I am locked in with G-sync and decided I dont want to give it up. I plan to make the 3090 last at least 4 years and skip the next gen (so having decent ram is more important). As long as I dont get tempted by higher res displays (currently running index and 3440x 1440) I think this is completely reasonable.
  3. Managed to snag a 3090fe today - should be here on Monday aswell.
  4. Really not sure why people are disappointed - sure its not the unicorn values of 50% better than the 2080ti but it is still MUCH better than what we got with Turing on a performance to price front. I mean the 2080 was no better than the 1080ti on release for $800 - complete joke. I agree that it would be difficult to upgrade from a 2080ti though - but the ti upgrade is the 3090 (or awaited 3080ti)
  5. In the UK we have been at ~ 1$ - 1£ on electronic goods for so long now. We also pay 17.5% tax so are used to these high prices.
  6. Would be useful to know how much ram DCS actually needs during VR gameplay. It may just fill up the coffers when it is available but only use half of it.
  7. Dont think it is that straightforward - 2080ti has only just saturated PCI-E 3.0 x8 https://www.techpowerup.com/review/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-pci-express-scaling/7.html "We are happy to report that the RTX 2080 Ti is finally able to overwhelm PCIe gen 3.0 x8, posting a small but tangible 2%–3% performance gain when going from gen 3.0 x8 to gen 3.0 x16, across resolutions. Granted, these are single-digit percentage differences, and you won't be able to notice them in regular gameplay, but graphics card makers expect you to pay like $100 premiums for factory overclocks that fetch essentially that much more performance out of the box. The performance difference isn't nothing, just like with those small out-of-the-box performance gains, but such small differences are impossible to notice in regular gameplay."
  8. Evga cards are up on the website now - unfortunately they look dreadful
  9. Yeah it was odd that they did not show it on the graph - on paper it will only be about 20% faster than the 3080 so probably not gonna be worth the extra cash unless DCS can use that Ram
  10. 3090 sounds like an absolute beast at over 30 tferaflops Think I am gonna wait out for the 3080ti model or 3080 with more ram than my 1080ti. All good news out the outset though - pricing seems reasonable. 3070 > 2080ti
  11. It's difficult to judge because the reviews will say circa 50% uplift but you just can't tell with dcs. 2080ti was 35% better on pancake than 1080ti but not sure this was the case for dcs vr
  12. My last 4 gpus have been with evga so will be keeping a careful eye also. Sounds like quite a few of us will be hoping on a few dcs players picking up a 3090 a watching the results come in (with popcorn)
  13. Well 3080 is unlikely to offer more than you already have with the 2080ti. I would also say that you would only see any benefit from the 3090 if you were running pancake 4k. Currently VR is definitely a sacrifice of graphical fidelity and frame rates vs immersion. If the first two a more important to you then as Dburne says you may not be wholly satisfied. Maybe pick up a cheap CV1 and just crank up the pixel density to see if you get into it?
  14. Looks as though the 3080 will only come with 10Gb of ram so I dont really want lose ram with the next upgrade. DCS seems to at least allocate most of the Vram of the 1080ti. Maybe wait for the 3080ti which may come out after the AMD cards
  15. I skipped the nvidia 20 series and am thinking on going big on the 30 series this time round - currently running 1080ti. Just wondering with all the CPU limitations in DCS whether anyone who is thinking about the nvidia 3090 reckons we would see a decent performance uplift. Or will the DCS engine just hold back the GPU? I do play other VR games so it would not go too waste but DCS VR is my prime reason for upgrading.
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