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  1. saw that cable, but in the description i read that Public Test Channel must be off, i think needed to run dcs
  2. I saw that cable, but in the description i read that Public Test Channel must be off, i think needed to run dcs
  3. Hi, Could anyone recommend me a 2 meters cable (more or less) to link USBC Oculus Quest 2 to a computer with USB3.0 without losing performance? I live in Europe and i have searched for it with no convincing results. The official one is very expensive. Thanks a lot!
  4. What explains Catseye about a cable pinched, happened to my Thrust Master Hotas, it was in warranty and i send it to solve the problem, never happened again
  5. Hi, I have lost the e-mail with the shirt link and code, is it possible to recieve the e-mail again? Thanks
  6. Hi, I use Microsoft FF Sidewinder 2 and the solution for this problem is to click on any cell of the Joystick in Options and click on Force Feedback Options. Then try Invert Axis. I hope it helps.
  7. Your work is awasome Seth0s :yes: Thnak you very much!!
  8. You could include this awasome Tintin livrery :music_whistling:
  9. I diserve it because it will improve my flying skills ;)
  10. Thanks to CrazzyEddie, I now know how to add liveries to the B-2. Simply put these to the new description.lua livery = { {"02 - Default", 0, "C130_PANELS2-D.png", false}; {"05 - Default", 0, "AH64_HATCH_LARGE_LHS-D.bmp", false}; {"14 - Default", 0, "USAFORCE.bmp", false}; } name = "usaf grey" id = 1 countries = { "USA", } with the respective files in the same folder. Here you have the link to the B-2 with new Texture added. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21267449/B-2.rar https://imageshack.us/i/plGF4Yb6j
  11. Meanwhile if anyone want to try this skin just replace B-2.zip in "Mods\aircraft\B-2\Textures" directory and rename the old one to keep the desert camo skin https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21267449/B-2.zip
  12. In the B-2.Lua File, change line 75 and 77, don't edit it with windows notepad main_gear_pos = {-0.942, -3.609, 2.449}, nose_gear_pos = {4.913, -3.609, 0},
  13. Hello Everyone! I have solved the gear below the runway bug and i'm doing a dark grey fictional texture (it's too low resolution to make it real) for the B-2 but I don't know what to put in the new description.lua, I mean the first parameter. I anyone could help me.. livery = { {"Texture name param?", 0, "C130_PANELS2-D.dds", false}; {"Texture name param2?", 0, "AH64_HATCH_LARGE_LHS-D.dds", false}; } name = "usaf desert" id = 1 countries = { "USA", } https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1635x920q90/924/Z4o470.jpg When I solve the texture livery problem I will upload it Thanks for the post hawkeye!
  14. so when we are on the ground the moon should be bigger? it's a great simulator, small details :smilewink:
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