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  1. Hey, Windows is up to date, Rift S shows as up to date, no overclocks right now.
  2. Hey, So I'm getting crashes in any mission with a supercarrier in it. My install was working fine until I got supercarrier on the free to play weekend. I liked it and bought it, but now any mission with the carrier in it will crash at random times in VR. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason, the crash is a game, freeze and hten the warning window "DCS has crashed" pops up. I tried updating my drivers, uninstalling DCS and reinstalling. This morning with a clean install of Caucasus, F-18 and NO supercarrier I could do the carrier landing instant action just fine. Installed supercarrier and a crash now every mission. River run mission without SuperCarrier works just fine. Any help would be appreciated dcs.log-20210228-183339.zip
  3. I'll check out the hyperthreading. I don't know that any other programs need/use it. I think my motherboard is crap. My original Asus died last year and I had to settle for a pretty crappy bottom tier Gigabyte, it's all that was out there. Maybe I'll get a good back to school sale on something. Doesn't seem to matter how much voltage I throw at it, 4.4 crashes under about 10 minutes of stress. 4.5 is an instant crash with Prime95.
  4. I was having the same USB not found problem. A powered USB hub fixed this for me. No problems since.
  5. Thanks for the tips guys. I replaced my ram with an upgrade to 32gb of 3600 and got my CPU OC'd to 4.3. The difference in the RAM alone is night and day. Strangely - the carrier bogs me right down and the hornet and tomcat both are way slower than the Mirage/A-10c/F-5e
  6. Hey guys, I'm struggling to get good frames in DCS and I'm not sure why. I've done the optimisation guide with new VR shaders and use all the recommended settings... My system is as follows: DCS on an SSD I7-6700K at stock Nvidia 2070SC 16gb ram Oculus Rift S Any thoughts?
  7. Hi, I've got an oldish set of Saitek rudder pedals. For a while they worked just fine but I booted up the other day and the toe brake axis (both left and right) are not recognized at all. They show up in Windows Joytest program - when I click on the pedals in the test page it shows them at half axis and then they go empty and neither registers a press. The Z axis works just fine. I've done some reading and it sounds like if it was just one axis it could conceivably be a wire pulled out but what're the odds that two wires pulled out at the exact same time? Or does this sound more likely to be a sensor or board issue? I have zero electrical skill or knowledge...
  8. I have both, and love both. The Mirage is more versatile, and more capable as others have all mentioned. The F-5 is a blast to fly and will make you a better pilot. No fly by wire or autopilot means you HAVE to learn trim. Energy management can be a pain in it. 3rd gen technology for everything from Nav to bombing means you have to learn old school methods which will assist you in modern fighters, rather than relying on technology to squeak through.
  9. Other extensions should work - but theirs are really high quality - I got them and couldn't be happier
  10. I fully expected to, but so far no customs bill has shown up and I've had it for a month and a half so I'm thinking I'm in the clear at this point.
  11. No, mine is one higher than this guys. Difference is probably 20-25mm
  12. PM'd you, but for anyone wondering the distance is ~30cm from top of the table to top of the T-50 base on the lowest "rung"
  13. Happy days, my Mongoose and deskmounts arrived today! Finally got everything setup and wanted to share my thoughts so far... I ordered 2 deskmounts + the T50CM Flightstick. Order was placed Dec 14, and arrived today (January 19th) Shipping notification came through on Jan 4th. So ~ 3 weeks for processing and 2 weeks for actual delivery. The processing still baffles me a little bit, but it is Christmas so I'll cut them some slack. Canada Post provided tracking information throughout the whole journey. It actually only arrived in Canada on Tuesday so getting to Alberta was pretty quick. Unpacking - I would've liked to have seen it ship in one box instead of two taped together but it made it here and only looks mildly beat up. Everything inside the boxes was packed very well, no damage to anything inside - it all looks great. This is the "old" setup - Saitek X55 sitting on my desk: Virpil on just a base for comparison The New setup! So my initial thoughts. Desk mounts: I have one with the TM mounting plate. My X55 is too wide for it but with some zip ties it'll work until I make a better adaptor. If I could make one recommendation here I'd ask them to drill holes so at least two of the X55 mounting holes line up with something. Wouldn't cost any extra and I'd imagine there are a fair number of Saitek flyers that will upgrade eventually... THe other deskmount of course has the VPC base. I was surprised at how far out it puts me from the desk, I'll have to do some rearranging and maybe move the monitors up a little bit. I get why they had to do it, just caught me off guard. Build quality on the desk mounts is superb. They look good, feel sturdy, I'm happy. THe base: Base appears to be heavy and solid. I haven't opened it up yet, don't know if I will in the near future or not but the gimbal moves perfectly in it. My only complaint on the base so far would be the length of the USB cable. It could use another 2 feet in length. Extensions: I ordered the extension kit. For my purposes I think I would've been just fine with the 100mm so the 50 and 75 will gather some dust I think. Extensions are machined metal and feel and look fantastic. Supplied connectors look to be good quality as well. Grip: Grip is high quality plastic, feels great in my hand. It's actually much smaller than I expected. Ergonomics are good, all buttons within easy reach and I don't have huge hands. Buttons provide nice tactile feedback, same for two of the hats. My bottom hat however provides nice feedback up and left and no feedback down and right. The buttons register as pushes so at least it's working. Will send an email to support in the morning. Second trigger - I'm not sure what to do with this, it gets in the way if you don't flip it back up - anyone have suggestions as to what to map it to? I also find the button press a little soft on this one. Wheelbrake lever & button 19. Haven't had a chance to use the brake lever axis yet. My first impression is that it's soft. I think it could use a stiffer spring. Looking at the VPC configurator it appears button 19 lights up at a 50% pull. To me it feels too soon, but maybe I'll get used to it with some time. Feel: So once I had everything kind of setup I fired up DCS and took my Mirage for a rip. MAN THIS THING FEELS GREAT TO FLY. My gunnery was immediately and noticeably improved, same with fine control on landing. This on a stick I'm not used to yet!! I am REALLY impressed. Overall: I am pretty happy with this, if I can get the issue with that bottom hat sorted without too much brain damage I will say I'm thrilled! I left my X55 stick plugged in for comparison and there is none. I was flying last night thinking "This isn't so bad, maybe I should've saved my money" No such regret now! On top of the obvious improvement in the stick, having a center mount with extension makes an incredible difference from a desktop stick. It's more comfortable, accurate, and just plain feels more natural. Hope that helps anybody considering the stick!
  14. Not really answering your question - but have you tried simply lowering the resolution on your monitor? I may be out to lunch but I thought Nvidia had a feature that would lower a 1440 or 4k monitor down to 1080 and use the extra pixels as kind of an enhanced anti-aliasing... might be worth looking into rather than buying a whole new monitor.
  15. Awesome! Got my tracking number yesterday morning and am now very eagerly awaiting delivery ;)
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