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  1. Hi everyone, Have hit a problem.. trying to use 2 modifiers (1 switch, 1 lever) and a joystick button. This is in A10C-II with 2.7 Latest Beta. I have no conflicts (no error messages in config screen), and have mapped all the Lighting Panel knobs to joystick buttons. So some of them work, and some don't respond but in the config screen, it detects them all correctly and shows you which function it is mapped to. Also I have my CMS Fwd + Lever mapped to Accelerate Time, but it activates when I'm using the 2 modifiers + CMS Fwd as below.. is this an issue as well ? eg. In UI : ["d53pnilunilcdnilvdnilvpnilvunil"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "JOY_BTN15", #This is the CMS Fwd ["reformers"] = { [1] = "JOY_BTN4", #This is the Warthog Throttle FLOW R toggle }, }, }, ["name"] = "Time accelerate", }, In A10C Real: ["dnilp1365unilcdnilvdnilvpnilvunil"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "JOY_BTN15", #This is the CMS Fwd ["reformers"] = { [1] = "JOY_BTN17", [2] = "JOY_BTN4", #This is the Warthog Joystick Lever }, }, }, ["name"] = "Auxiliary Instruments Lights Increase", }, Thanks, Andrew 20220406 - A10CII.diff.lua 20220406 - UI.diff.lua
  2. I’ve noticed it too.. managed to make it repeatable if you go into the controls edit screen and scroll your mouse rapidly though the controls list in VR.. it triggers the head tracking to glitch and freeze. Screen locks up for a couple of seconds then is OK. Like there’s some contention between mouse and head tracking. I also had a really frustrating time with frequent SteamVR crash and restarts of DCS after 2-3 minutes in a single player mission with the latest SteamVR but I then tried reducing my 1080ti clock and memory speed by 100Mhz. Had some sim time last night and seemed to be stable again.. touch wood !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Just got back into DCS World after a break and noticing that every time I enter the cockpit, none of my key mappings (as defined in A10C Real config) seem to work properly. For example I use the lever on the flight stick as a shift key to map my mouse buttons to DMS (left/right). Then I can use this to flick buttons in the cockpit without reaching for my mouse. The workaround is to hit Alt-Tab twice, and then all the buttons work properly. I have "Sync Thrustmaster Warthog" enabled, but I'm wondering if the problem is somewhere else ? ( Oculus Rift, DCS World latest beta version, Vaicom Pro/Voice Attack, Virpil / Warthog Throttle)
  4. Feedback on the T-50 Base I received my T-50 Base last week, and have given it some sim time, and also swapped the springs over. It definitely is a step up on the Thrustmaster base.. even after I polished up the TM.. the Virpil is better especially with the extension tubes (which were much better quality than I was expecting) and stiffer springs. Really feels smooth, especially around the center. I only got 1 pair of springs with it, and have had issues with the threading on the internal frame mountings being sub-par. Nothing I can't fix without my own workshop tools but it was a surprise to find the threads in poor condition. If I have to take it apart again, likely have to recut threads. The internals are brilliant and robust. I'm really impressed by how sturdy it is. Hope it holds up to years of use.. In the sim, rolling in and lining up a gun run is completely intuitive and faultless. A real big change! Will try in-flight refuelling next
  5. I just did the stiction fix on my Warthog, including using fine/super fine sanding pads to really polish up the gimbal surfaces and pivots. Found a really easy way to get the plastic rivets out. Slide the short end of a 2mm allen key into the hole , then slide an 8mm allen key into the gap and slowly push it towards the rivet using both hands. No need to hammer it ! Feels amazing that I can fly with the smallest of inputs, and it feels like my hand and joystick are really connected to the controls. Ordered a VPC base but this is really a huge improvement.
  6. Use modifier keys.. I use the pinky lever, and the 2 top warthog throttle switches as modifiers. Dcs lets you combine modifiers. Eg my left toggle up - vhf am, right toggle up - vhf fm and both up - uhf. I then use my trim, tms, dms, cms joystick to set my radios ! I use pinky for mouse , scrolling, and other controls. No need for mouse as all controls are mapped to hotas. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Enjoying the new beta release, but there are 2 other issues I've noticed not discussed yet (menu at startup, view and tracking): 1. Did a random mission at dawn, and had the VR change the overall brightness depending on where I looked, in discrete and noticeable steps.. Kind of like changing the brightness of a monitor depending on where I was looking in the cockpit 2. I get a random control event usually not long after take off. It only happens once or so per mission but I'll be flying along towards my IP and suddenly there will be huge control input and the plane usually flips, or goes into a big spin. If I'm at altitude this is recoverable!
  8. Thanks for the inspiration ! I went down to my local hardware store and use some 4.5mm thick shelf brackets.. Then bent the S-shape into it so I could mount the joysticks and throttle. I recommend using Sail Track if you want to slide the shelf bracket under the desk. I can completely remove the throttle and joystick if need be. Now just to make it look nice and weld a brace so it's rigid. As the bracket is not braced, it does wobble a little bit - not very noticeable in game. Thanks! Andrew
  9. Help with VAICOM and Radio Keys Hi, I've got VAICOM/Voice Attack running with the 'remap' Thrustmaster mic hat macro. It all works but the buttons map to external views. Wondering if someone can help me to configure DCS A10-C so that the sim doesn't change to an external camera view every time I hat the mic button.. I've been through the config of DCS to remove Num0 Num1 Num2 Num3 from the key mappings, and there are no external views mapped. Wondering what else I should look at ?
  10. I kept upgrading my Mac Pro until I realised the most powerful GPU you could put into it was a GTX570 due to the fact the PCI-E extra power supply comes off the mainboard and not directly from the PSU. Too much power load (>200w) here fries the cu traces on the mainboard (not good! There aren't many external PSU solutions around for graphics cards, so I just found it easier to buy a new i7 machine with a 780Ti and go conventional PC. I still have the Mac Pro but use it as a private gaming server. Having 8 or in your case 12 cores doesn't help with the game per se, but it makes it an awesome back-end server !
  11. DerekM, Thanks so much for that manual. In about 1/2 hr I've managed to get my Dell 2240T working almost perfectly. I notice that trying to use the radio frequency buttons doesn't work too well. The numbers scroll too fast, and go out of sync with the sim.. Also the numbers go to 20 :) Any suggestions on where I can dig around to try and fix this up ? Otherwise, a huge time saver. Much appreciated !
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