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  1. 3 1/2 hours F-15E action at Lakenheath seen from the flightline! I bet the DCS servers airfields flightlines will look the same once RAZBAMS Eagle is released! Can't wait...
  2. The Viper... a true all-weather-fighter!!!
  3. I would absolutely love a family (D) version of both the Viper and Hornet!
  4. Thank you very much Flappie, this seems to have worked! Great support! Best wishes to you! :)
  5. If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated. Since the latest update DCS Open Beta - 30.03.2022 it seems my DCS install won't get much further than when loading the scene after pressing the "Fly" button, sometimes even earlier. I recall on the first CTD two days ago there was some message regarding shaders, though this message did not appear on my subsequent DCS start trials. Thank you very much for looking, attached ydcs.log-20220401-185735.zipou'll find the *.log file. P.S.: I forgot to add this happens only when joining MP servers, single player mode seems to work!
  6. In your *.lua file: Replace {"f15numbers", 0 ,"f15_numbers",true}; with this: {"f15numbers", 0 ,"empty",true};
  7. I understand this is a mod still in WIP... just a note to the developers of this magnificent mod (I love the 104), it seems the trailing edge flap in LAND position only droops down around 30° while it actually should be 45°. Positions beside UP (Leading and trailing edge 0° droop) are: - Take/Off: Leading edge down 15°, trailing edge flap down 15° - LAND: Leading edge down 30°, trailing edge flap down 45° Maybe this can be fixed with a future update? Thanks for all the hard work
  8. Happy New Year jocko417! Beautiful skins, very well done! I grew up in the vicinity of CFB Baden and remember the CF-104s flying from there well. I seem to cannot find the skins for '703 and '833 (1 CAD) in the user files, I would love to install them. Any pointers very welcome! Thanks for all the amazing texturing work! Best wishes
  9. Hello dear devs! I love your new sound effects from the previous update! I was very pleasently surprised you now can hear jets traveling faster than sound at high altitude when they pass above you as an observer at ground level! This brings back a lot of memories growing up in the 80's and 90' (cold war era) in central Europe where this sound could be witnessed every few weeks. I really love this! However, I noticed the sonic booms stops to be audible/ is no longer there when the jet is going faster than ~ Mach 1.2 Unless I am not mistaken, the boom effect should still be there for a jet going Mach 1.6 or whereabout, maybe even with a speed dependend time expansion between two boom sounds of the double bang? I attached a track file for reviewing! Thanks for looking and happy new year from a happy customer! Sonic_boom_on_ground_jet_at_FL310_Mach_1point1_and_Mach1point6.trk
  10. Is there any progress on this? Thank you very much!
  11. Wow, there will even be a F-1B, the dual-seat version? Wow... very exciting!
  12. Hello everyone, I am having a go at my first reskin trial on the F-15. For some weird reason, I cannot find the texture (*.psd) or layer where the USAF roundel displayed on the wings are located? When my wing texture (*.png) file does not have any roundel, the roundel (low-viz black outline) still appears in game/modelviewer. I succesfully replaced the roundel on the nose template, however there seems to be no layer for the roundel in the wings *.psd files. If anyone has a suggestion I am very thankful! Below is how the texture file ( *.png ) looks and how it appears in modelviewer/in-game. The low-viz version is on top of it, but where does it come from? Ahhh...
  13. I agree! Also a seperate keybind for activating formation lights. And a fix for the bugged main IP lighting please. And if this is ever possible... would be nice to be able to see the variable intake position of other Eagles (in MP)...
  14. As the title says, it is very much appreciated. I love it! Thanks for keeping updating the Eagle!
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