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  1. Yea, even worse on planes like the Tomcat.
  2. Someone emailed Jello from the FPP on this as well: “Military power. If you happen to go into afterburner, so be it, but afterburner is not required.”
  3. Yep, agreed. Some folks found a few videos where ABs appear to light up on carrier traps, but many think that's just the force of the trap putting them into AB by mistake.
  4. I created this over on reddit and wanted to see what people here thought: Just this weekend we were doing carrier traps and I noticed our flight lead didn't use afterburner when catching the wire, I joked with him that it was a cut pass, he said you don't use AB when trapping.... a few of us were rathen taken aback and were SURE that we were supposed to and in fact remembered Jello telling the story of his cut pass and how he didn't use AB. Even my twitch chat had a few people saying AB should be used. Turns out we were totally wrong, I looked up videos of all sorts of carrier traps and AB was not engaged on trapping, in fact I think the Jello story was that he DID engage AB and that is why he got his cut pass. We looked up chuck's guide as well as official documentation and... other than extreme cases... no AB is to be used. https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/uhx6o9/what_were_you_the_most_confidently_wrong_about_in/ Lex has a carrier trap video where he also says full mil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5GIW7ZVma0&t=759 So, anyone have a concrete answer on this?
  5. It's a bug report, ACLS should work with the carrier moving at 25 knots.
  6. Newy, we think it may be due to this, it seems if there are two hornet groups it screws with ACLS, client track also below. And here is the client track link: https://file.io/MkSEkgGJd64t
  7. Attached mission file and track file, carrier was moving at 25 knots. The ACLS was drifting left, at one point it will try to correct to the right a bit but not enough, then just gives up with you too far to the left. Track file: https://www.file.io/ssP1/download/uzilWcEjb87U nighttraps.miz
  8. Hey @Asto you got a shout out from the devs in the file now, that's pretty cool. This is is implemented in the hotfix.
  9. Thanks VERY much for this. Pretty much just a plug and play in the code for me.
  10. Totally agree. Liberation shows us how much the DCS AI drags everything else down. Even if ED came out with the dynamic campaign today... the bad AI would really drag it down.
  11. From what I am seeing it is "partially implemented" on all ED modules except for being fully implemented on the Apache. Word is it should hopefully be fully implemented in the next big patch. As far as 3rd parties.... I think they have all enabled it now? Someone put this together with images from a bunch of modules: https://imgur.com/a/8OxkB4I
  12. I use dark mode, that's why it originally was grey, I changed it to a darker grey.
  13. I edited and made the text white, hopefully that helps? Not sure how that would have happened.
  14. Hey all, we found this out while toying with the apache in MP, this was done in the hoggit training service with tons of other folks, so it should work pretty reliably everywhere. Map page set to attack phase (this is so when we create mark points they appear in the threat coord page. Slave the TADS to your general attack area either a waypoint you set ahead of time or a mark point as mentioned above. Create a mark point while lasing on the target you want to destroy then slave to that target. Confirm with your pilot that he sees the same target as you. For some reason slaving to targets seems to undo/reset the desync. Set your aquisition source as the created waypoint, if you set your map page to attack phase this should be in the threat coord page. Laser while still slaved to your markpoint, confirm with pilot he sees you lasing, if he doesn't then unlase and lase again, if that doesn't work cycle the laser from the weapons utility page. Fire hellfire once parameters are confirmed with your pilot (large box, sees laser, etc). A few other random notes: - We also found that things seem to resync after rearming the aircraft, so you only need to do the above steps if the nasty desync demon starts to show it's ugly face during your flight. - If at any time you get out of the aircraft alot of things need to be toggled in order to resync them. Laser in the wpn util page, possibly laser codes, channels, radio squelch, etc. - Best to start from a cold/dark aircraft. Don't touch anything until everyone is firmly seated and buckled up.
  15. Things like this are why I really wish ED would add more to the newsletter... not necessarily asking for everything to be in detail but just a little comment that work continues on this or that, because to us that don't have insight to the inner workings of ED it can almost look like something has been "abandoned" or that devs were put somewhere else and the item isn't important. This would at least put minds at ease.
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